Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We had a group conscience at the start of our meeting week before this last one. Someone posed the motion to make the meeting topic the following week about drugs. It was 2nded, and passed.

So, this last Monday, our topic was drugs. It's against our group conscience to discuss this, but we made the exception because we felt it needed to be talked about. We've got a group member who moved out of town and is in a very strong group elsewhere. He was doing so well up there... he got the girl, married, new house, baby (son)... and we recently found out he's been pillin'. He's in trouble. He fessed up to taking up to 20 a day. And the way he's getting them isn't good. He's got a lawyer helping him with the legalities of it now. At least he fessed up, let some people know and is dealing with it. He's "up for grabs" now. It's a bad deal and we dont' want it to happen to us. So we talked about it.

Since I've been sober, I've not used drugs in any sort of hidden way. I have my drugs of choice... Extra Strength Excedrin for pain and Excedrin Migraine for the bad headache/migraine which is very rare for me. I drink coffee too. I don't smoke weed, do speed, drink Nyquil, etc. In short, drugs aren't a problem for me.

We have a crossfire period in our meeting at the end where you can ask anyone a question. Our chairpicker asked one of our guys if he is taking antidepressants. He said, "Yes, I am." It went no further. All I can say about that situation is that he's our strongest member this year in terms of life improvement, all around life force, and being a good example of a sober happy life. He's been prone to depression and struggled with being "in" our group in the past and has struggled with his concepts of and experience with God, and has in the passed been pissed off to be sober and missed booze. But this year, he's been a good guy, great health, great job, doing lots of service work, taking care of himself, doing the work, etc. So... for him, I guess the answer is, "Keep doing what you're doing. I'm glad this chairpicker didn't suggest he put down the pills. I'm glad I don't need antidepressants... but that's just me.

I'm proud that we, as a group, didn't play doctor in this meeting... but it was a disturbing meeting in some ways, for me. Our new guy... I'm honestly not sure if he's alky. I really don't know if he is and I'm quite sure he's confused. We've gone over a bunch of 1st Step stuff and it's frustrating. We're seeing that he doesn't seem to be afraid of drinking again.

The meeting wrapped up with a discussion of the differences between the alcoholic, the hard drinker, and the drug addict. We are a closed A.A. group and we are that way for a reason.

We know what the book says about the spiritual solution. We get sick from time to time. Sometimes we need medicine. I personally am honest with my caregivers and let them know about my sobriety and that I'm in a 12-Step program for alcohol. I personally cannot take codine. Gives me a splitting headache. I had a shot of dilaudid right into my neck when I was testing to see if I needed my appendix taken out. I shot up to heaven and begged the nurse for another hit. She asked me if I was in pain, I said, "No... I just want another shot." She said no. If I'm in pain, I'll take a pill... or two. If the pain goes away, great. If not, I may take one more. I've not had to take more than two Extra Strength Excedrin for pain. But the frequency would be the next issue. My wife told me to not take more than 4 in 24. She said it can shut down your liver. I've not had to take more than that.

Being in pain sucks... I, for myself have done good with cold medicine, aspirin, etc., and read the container, followed the directions, and let someone know what I was up to. I've taken nightime Alka Seltzer with a bad cold before and my wife told me I was scary. She said I got so mean, she had to lock me out of the bedroom. I don't remember the incident. I was wacko crazy when I got out of my appendix surgery. I got into a bad fight with my mom and dad for the way they treated my wife (Gave her the "You call us when our baby is in surgery no matter what" speech). Then I gave them the "Don't you ever talk to my wife that way again" speech. I pretty much destroyed everybody's Thanksgiving that year. When I got home from surgery (which was that very night, because I was feeling so well... and was starving to death... I talked them into releasing me that night... and they did under the promise I'd be good and take it easy), I cleaned the house, vacuumed, moved furniture, etc. for two days straight. About 3 days later, the "medicine" started to wear off or something. I was in pain and down for the count for the rest of the week. I don't think I'm wired like most people when it comes to drugs.

As far as dual-diagnosis, IDK. As far as drug addiction, IDK. As far as chronic psychological problems and medicine for the alcoholic, IDK. As far as alcohol, I know.

What say you?


  1. What do I say??
    I'll tell you what I've observed.
    I have noticed that when anyone brings up drugs for any reason in an AA meeting all talk of recovery, God, steps and service stops dead in its tracks.
    Unless there's a strong chair who bangs the gavel and squelches all talk of drugs.
    I will have to second your knowledge of drugs and drug addiction. IDK
    Since I know nothing, I can't be much help in an AA meeting where drugs are brought up.

  2. Because they don't exist for the real alcoholic...ever... right?