Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pueblo Sucks thread on Topix

Some guy posted this on a "Pueblo Sucks" thread on Topix.  This is my proud home town now... so... but I laughed my balls off on this one;

Some Guy on Topix called DaHonkeyYouHate2Love:

Pueblo is a poor rat trap. I was attracted to it becuase it seemed non-yuppie and warmer than a frozen mountain town that I had been living in. What's good about Pueblo? Well besides last year's visit from the iceman, Pueblo is fairly warm for Colorado. I have come to realize though that Pueblo is a shithole. People yell at you from out their cars on occasion for no reason (same thing happened in New Mexico, although there they threw things...actually someone threw a rolled up newspaper at me while on my bike). If you confront them (like when a red light prevents them from avoiding you) and, they try to hide like the little ignorant babies they are.

I have come to the conclusion that Pueblo is retarded. It has a retarded music scene, a retarded business sense, a retarded mental hospital, and most people seem completely oblivious and retarded. All the young people leave here when they hit 22 (unless they come to the retarded CSU college or technical schools). The reason for all this retardation? I think it's cultural. The hispanic population brings the Mexican culture which is "siesta siesta" and "manana, manana".

Nobody wants to do anything today - just sit on their ass. They'll take care of it tomorrow ...always tomorrow. I suppose this is a great town if you're a chronic alcoholic or drug addict...but even those people never look happy. Everyone seems depressed and angry..either that or just "out of it". And there's not much of a sense of humor here either. I mean if you're that poor and miserable at least learn to laugh at your situation to lighten things up!

I thought people here would at least be humble becuase they were poor. But boy was I wrong! When I went to the soup kitchen the homeless people act with an air of entitlement that both perplexes and disgusts me. And God forbid you try to volunteer at a soup kitchen! They act "clicky" and look at you funny and say "sorry we don't need any help". No, I'M SORRY ,(for coming here)- hey dumbass you're not doing me a favor by me volunteering! And another thing: there are not a lot of services for poor people here (esp.for the amount of poor people here: poorest county in CO), and the ones that exist really don't help people . It's almost like they exist only for their own glory or something - wow we are an organization that "helps" people, look at us, Wow. There was a kid with no legs, no home, no real family who was kicked out of the shelter and we called every organisation and social service to try to find him a place to stay ~ nada, nothing. It was a pathetic statement on this "town".

 Then the next guy had this to say:

The next guy:

having been all over the world and moving here from midwest (Iowa) I can truly say this "area" has one of the nicest and friendly populations I have ever encountered. My perception is that this is in large part due to the diverse ethnic population and diverse in that there are so many people here who came from somewhere else. Now with that said, Pueblo itself does suffer from a low average income per person. Poverty never leads to good social aspects. I think it is naive to ignore the economic influence on the Pueblo society and then go on to place lame on ethnic issues. Finally Pueblo is the only place I have ever been where you can see a teenage "thug" covered in tattoos, dressed like a gangster, and yet be ever so quick to offer a "please" "sir" or "excuse me, I'm sorry".

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