Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiburron88 is back at SR as anaconda22

Tell me this isn't tib;

Doubting AA'ers Crediability Issue?

I have been thinking about going back to an AA meeting but have a HUGE problem. I simply don't believe many AA folks who claim long sobriety periods. I also have trouble identifying with others in the room. For example, one guy use to always complain about his stressful job and the car traffic getting to the meeting. I almost feel as if you still have a job and a car you aren't even a real alcoholic. I have been asked to leave a meeting for smelling like booze/drunk and accused of being aggressive? I also find the spirituality side of AA as being fake. If I want spirituality I will go to the experts at my local church. Anyways, should I try this Christian church program or give AA/NA another try?
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Okay thanks Dee. I will perhaps try both. First by joining the church program and going back to a AA meeting. I think I will not comment for a while though because I just want to be "in the shadows" until I get more sobriety time and my mind clears from my latest ugly bender.
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The thing I chuckle about is people who have to insist that they are alcoholics. If you don't have the real "war stories" and stuff what the heck are you doing at an AA meeting? I wish I went to meetings back in the 1940 or 1950 at least I could relate better. I don't count peoples sobriety time that aren't even real alcoholics to begin with.
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I agree Daytrader but the fact is I just feel like I fit in. Why bother dragging yourself to an AA meeting if a person still has a good job??? I mean instead of offering me a ride to the meeting why can't one these AA'ers get me some work? I read in the Big Book that folks back then even offered a place to stay a while to get back on ones feet? No one has ever offered me that. If I have to go to these AA meetings I feel like they owe me something ya know?
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Well metitade while i never "groped" anyone at a meeting I am a "shifty" character. I often smell like booze when I use to stagger into an AA meeting in downtown Chicago in the afternoon. I was used to seeing the upper class and would bum a free lunch. That's the thing about AA every one is "shifty".
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... Tib didn't even make it to the 2nd or 3rd pages of his own thread before it closed in a firey crash.  Well... he hurled some insults, but they got removed before we could see them.

Pass the popcorn.

Good goin', anaconda22.  Good to see you back.


  1. What the hell is wrong with you people over at SR? It's obvious the guy suffers, and you go and post this on your blog like some public humiliation. Grow up, get some ethics, and get a freaking life!

  2. Also, if I am not mistaken, the guy is dual diagnosed. For you AA retards who may not realize what that means, it means both an SA issue ALONG with a mental health issue. Your little AA group is in no position to address psych issues. Honestly, this is why I can't stand people of your ilk. So stupid, petty AND uneducated.

  3. Definitely Tib. Maybe Kathryn is Tib too.

  4. Tib is a Troll in every sense of the word.

  5. Oh, please, I am not Tib, but I read enough of his comments to know you were WAY over your heads. The guy has psych issues and you want to cure it with "God." Give me a break. It's like the blind leading the bling.

  6. Or I meant to say blind.

    You people are nuts. You're like a Baptist version of whatever thinking you can cure a brain disease. Why aren't you all sitting around blood-letting or shoving lobomities up someone's brain while you at it?

  7. Hey guys and gals! What's up? Just got of my second job today! That's right! Got two jobs now. I feel like a fucking Jamaican. Rasta-clot ya blood-clot. The livin' Goonga!

    Plus I had to turn a job down at the Steel Mill. But I am still on file.

    I am burnt.

    Anywho... Kathryn Kathryn. "ilk"? Do you think you're some kind of a Scottish Bostad or something?

    You... me lass... you sat in the grass... and a big hairy worm grew up in yer arse.

    You... me lass... are a lowly dirt squirrel.

    You sound like Mona Lisa or some geek-girl from Stinkin' Thinkin'.

    Anyway, in my group, we don't do "dual-diagnosis". Either you're alky or your not. Just alkies. The problem with "dual-problems" is when the heat is on, they just jump to the other problem.

    Don't like A.A., get the fuck out. A.A. sucked because you were there. You left and we cleaned up and it's all better now.

    Have a nice day. Fuck someone. =)

  8. Kathryn, you think you know Tiburon88 aka anaconda22 better than we do?

    Go back to the June 3rd thread if you'd like. Let's rehash some Tib, shall we?

    Let's see some Tib-isms, shall we?


    I believe I'm too sick for AA and had to be "escorted" out after my last meeting.

    I don't think I meant it but I actually said that I wished everyone in this room would relapse. Yes I was sober too.

    ">People don't take me seriously anymore & to tell the truth either do I.

    I received 3 broken ribs because I implied I had a weapon when I dialed 911. I accept that because they treated me okay & were just doing their jobs. I was overjoyed at that result because I knew I would receive pain killers.

    I admit I hate myself but I also have a strong dislike towards you. You probably hurt more newcomers in recovery than help them.

    Why don't you brag about how long you've been sober? I'm sure that will make you feel better than other folks around here. -tiburon

    Hey everyone I'm still here and usually drunk as a skunk. I hit a new low. I know, I know the advice will be: see a doctor.

    On a side note if I just drink mouthwash is that considered a relapse?

    I got some meds to help me detox and will be doing it soon.

    "10 years of Alcoholism and still going"
    I have to pick the right hospital. A few know me and label me as a "drug seeker" and will refuse to see me for any reason. I'm not even kidding about this. -tiburon

    Why should anyone care about me? I certainly don't give a crap about a single person in this world right now.

    I know when I was a kid my dream was always to be a alcoholic/drug addict. I also dreamed of become apart of AA. At least I have achieved my goals huh? Thanks everyone for reading.
    I obviously need more than AA and Sober Recovery offers.

    Have any of you stayed up for days thinking of ways to get rich with a "plan"? How about wandering the city with a police scanner and badge ready to bust drug dealers?

    Now give me the "tough AA" responses that I so desperately need and want.

    I believe it is the doctors job is to make my withdrawal easier. Otherwise, I will just continue to drink.

  9. part 2

    Ativan works best for me although I'm on Klonopin right not.

    so he keeps me on the Klonopin. It helps some but I think I need an increase in dosage which I will ask next time.

    That's typical of American heath care though.
    I need to concentrate on my animosity towards ER doctors and nurses.

    When a patient asks for a certain drug that's what he/she should get.

    The consumer is always right. Why should I pay a $1500 hospital bill if I
    didn't even receive the correct services?

    usually request 4mg of Ativan in an IV. I usually get it too because the docs don't want to get me riled up

    Once in a while though I'll get a doctor/nurse who refuse to give me what I need.

    I even threaten to sue them.

    Call me a baby or whatever but I admit I'm very demanding when I need to detox. -tiburon

    Originally Posted by suki44883
    When you get serious about living sober, let us know.

    Tiburon: When you dispense some helpful advice let me know.

    Side note by McGowdog: HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was funny! suki is
    all (((((((((((tiburon))))))))))))))))) mushy mushy kissy. Then after
    that little remark, suki's thinking, "I'll cut your little raisins


    Now back to Tib...

    What opportunities? You know my life from reading a message board? The right to destroy your life isn't a luxury but sometimes destiny. -tiburon
    No AW I will bash the program from now on.


    Keep up the good work!!! Your fortitude is absolutely stunning and you're an inspiration to all those that try to achieve sobriety.

    You Pinkcuda are a perfect example of why I don't listen to AA folks.

    You must enjoy relishing in other peoples misery. I believe u are a very unhappy individual and will put u on ignore. Please do the same with me. -tiburon


    Tib is like our tragic entertainment. I think it's just an act. I'd like to see some videos of Tiburon88/anaconda22.

    He should have a youtube channel.

  10. Wow, I could not read all of this, but I will. Tib is a guy with serious issues and you will never get them. I am American, FWIW.

    You are an idiot, OTOH.

    I went to my first AA meeting in 1977 and so that tells you something of my "background" with AA, I rarely post at ST, as quite frankly, they are too damn smart for me.

    So wrong on all counts. I just "get" Tib and your public humiliation of him makes me want to PUKE!


  11. One thingI noticed is that a guy who is drunk, stoned on every pill imaginable, all but brain dead from his drug use has impeccable typing and punctuation skills. I've been watching for a couple years and never once has there been a typo, poor sentence structure,incorrect punctuation, capitalization or whatever. It's flawless.
    Not bad for an uneducated dropout who was left on the Firehouse Steps at birth and forced to eat massive amounts of klonopin just to stay alive.
    Sorry, this dude just ain't buying it.
    Tib is a Troll.
    It wouldn't surprise me at all if he was really Orange incognito.

  12. In 1977, I was starting the 6th grade and rode an RM 80 Suzuki. I drank Little Kings and I chewed Kodiac with a shot of Yukon Jack thrown in for flavor.

    I listened to Montrose, Aerosmith, Kansas, Head East, Styx, and I was afraid of weed. But we smoked tomato buds trying to get high.

  13. Tib, Ananconda, whoever the hell he/she is, is definitely a troll.

    He/she plays the good folks at SR like a fiddle. either elicits sympathy from the mushy-mushy ones or "go drink" from the hardliners. Hell, I'll admit that heshe had me going for while.

    Looks he/she has you going as well Kathryn. Tib isn't anymore dual diagnosed than this coffee cup I'm drinking from. Maybe he/she isn't even alcoholic.