Friday, November 26, 2010

This place is gettin' high class. Nice job, Dog.


  1. Damn straight!

    We're the Refuge of wayward SR posters.

  2. Yeah, if you call not being able to speak proper English without dropping the F bomb every other word, it's getting real classy.

  3. What's up, K? How you doing? Hope all is well. Are you sober? If so, great. If not, that's too bad.

    I cuss sometimes. I don't see fit to censor myself just yet.

    Shame isn't my strong point these days. There is a time and a place for everything.

    Take A.A. for instance. Most A.A. meetings you/I/we go to, you can say stuff like Goddamnit. Try saying that in your local church sometime.

  4. Good for you. Both shame and guilt are wasted emotions.

    AA would be so perfect iffffff, if it were not for that religious aspect and if a bunch of people who've turned to substances to deal with life could just hang out and chat - about REAL stuff - like anger, loneliness, depression, current events, oh, and without some psychotic sponsor even crazier than me giving me the proverbial wisdom - go to a meeting, read the BB and call your sponsor. Egads. That addresses NONE of what I've mentioned above, as AA is so damned structured that, God forbid, we ever have an original concept and deviate from a "gratitude" meeting or an "I am a piece of shit" meeting (run on sentence acknowledged).

    As to your language, yes, my preference would be you clean it up. If nothin' else, it would make you appear to be smarter than you are. Oh, and I never go to church.