Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stinkin' Thinkin' lampooning Soberrecovery again

MA says,
Fun With Delusion

There is a thread in the works from the fun bunch over the Sober Recovery forum titled, “Why do some alcoholics continue to suffer?” It’s so far out, over-the-top, ’round the bend crazy; and the first two posts are so entertaining, I decided to post a link to it now, so you folks could enjoy the show. Get your popcorn…

Get your own popcorn, MA, and shove it.

This post may be entertaining, but not the first two. You pick on Boleo because he makes sense in a "A.A. works as a spiritual solution" sort of way. You have to dog Boleo because he answers your anti/XAer criticism of God and the "God of A.A."

You ask why God saves some drunks, but lets folks starve and suffer in Haiti? Because, that's fucking why.

It's ananda you should be eating your popcorn on;

The question in the big book is "god could and would if he were sought" or i guess it's a statement.

I question this....and I find it arragant of those who have recovered to assume those who have not simply didn't seek hard enough....if it works for you great...It is sorta like saying you recovered from cancer cause you believed and god cured you....it indicates those who don't recover...they just didn't believe good enough or hard enough.

If that's what you believe fine....but for myself, I cannot go there, never have gone there and never will....2 months sober or 7 years sober...or one day....I absolutely object to blaming the diseased person for their inability to get well. It may make some feel safer, but it's a total cop out to the very spirituality expressed in the 12 steps to say it was the human power, belief, willingness or honesty that kept them from sobriety....

Is your quality of willingness, open mindedness and honesty soooo darn high you can really look down (sure with "compassion") upon your fellow man?

I believe in AA and the 12 steps...but sometimes...I believe it gets distorted.
Copyright © 2010 - 2010 Ananda

She "copyrights" herself. How cute. Are you fucking sober yet, ananda? It's about fucking time, if you are. A moderator/greeter/ass-kisser with 11,562 posts at SR should have some kind of wisdom... should, that is.

You, ananda, fit the Stinkin' Thinkin' mold. In fact, you just might be the SR/ST double-agent that's been stirring things up.

What's my experience on the thing? I haven't had cancer, so I guess I'll cross that fucking bridge when/if I get there. I personally, think I'm too schizo to get the fucking thing anyway.  When I came back to A.A. on this last go around, I was told that there are many "will-nots" and not so many "can-nots".  The folks in the group told me that booze did something to/for me.  If I don't want to get and stay sober, I definitely won't.  This is a fact.  Suffering isn't always bad, but it is fucking optional.  That's right.  You heard it here first.  Write that down now, MA.  I know you fucking need me.  I feed you.  Now here's some more... Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.  I won't suffer fools.  Not anymore.

Maybe hairlips and retards ARE to blame. Maybe there's a Karmic wheel and there is reincarnation and if you're a piece of worthless shit A.A./religious mocker, you come back as a dirty mangy mutt and you get assigned to a mean abusive alcoholic with a small backyard and a picket fence.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Certainly I can't blame the alcoholic for being sick anymore than I can blame the cancer patient for having cancer. But I can blame,e either for not participating in and taking responsibility for their own recovery.

    Ananda is not a double agent, that much I know for sure. I know this from having spoken with her on the phone. She is just another alcoholic that insists on doing AA her way and getting the results. I also know that as of this writing she is sober.

  2. That's good. Maybe I've mistaken her for another...

    But anyone who refuses the spiritual path and argues the A.A. book and insists on posting in the SR 12 Step subforum is going to just love Stinkin' Thinkin'.

  3. One of the qualities I've gained is humility. I can now accept myself as I am. Other can accept me too. As I am. Not as someone who had to be the boss, the king, the smarter one, the big shot, the super hero, etc... I have also been given the gift of being able to see others in a good light. People no longer have to be perfect to impress me. Too bad the same can't be said of those fucks over at ST

  4. Yeah! In a humble sort of way.

    They trash the A.A. program and everybody in it. So thusly, they are trashing me.

    I know better. A.A. is alive and well and doing fine... even what some of us would call bad A.A.

    They act as if they corner the market on reason. We are all about reason, but reason only took us so far. It is that very reason that can block us from further ... states of consciousness. But they confuse the symbols with what they stood for, then they throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Anyway, my droid battery is about to expire.

  5. If you have some to offer, then by all means flaunt it. If you have absolutely nothing then you have no choice but to bash the other product.
    Something any retard is capable of.
    Way to go boys and girls at ST. Seems your "Just Quit" approach is working well. (among people that quit anyways) For those that can't quit (or won't) then AA bashing is nothing but sour grapes. Either way,, You Lose and your friends at ST will be behind you all the way.