Saturday, June 22, 2013

4th Step and Institutions

In my cyber-loneliness, I've decided to borrow one of Paw's posts from SR and post it here. It's my understanding that we list people we were hurt threatened or interfered with, not in fear of... that comes later. I don't have a BB handy, but anywho. Music's post was condescending and useless. Tom's post was sterile and goodie-goodie. My experience is how do I react when I get a letter from my bank? VISA? Master Card? Water Bill? Gas Bill? Phone company? Verizon? How about junk mail? Spam? I don't have to be a criminal thief or have bad credit to have a resentment against an institution. But if I owe them money, that's an easy fucking amend. Pay back the money. What about credit card debt? Pay it off? Well no fucking shit. East to say from a keyboard, hard to do. Something to put down in the fear column too. More about this in the comments hopefully soon.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A.A. meeting format?

I saw a thread on SR started by our very poster UncleMeat aka Paw about this topic.

My meeting/group has it in our group conscience to do steps yearly... starting on about September 1st and having amends all done by Thanksgiving ... and so we share our experience on where we are in the steps as our topic.

We have the other 9 months of the year to live in steps 10 11 and 12, so the bulk of our topics is on those three steps.