Saturday, March 29, 2014

I must turn in all things to the Father of Light who presides over us all.

So, how do the secular folks in A.A. reconcile this "must" from the A.A. book?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A.A.'s Singleness of Purpose

Most everything in our recovery came from non-alcoholics.  They really do understand us, but because of the nature of the non-alcoholic mind, I don't believe you understand... unless you're like me.

If you don't possess that same twist in your thinking as me, I will reject whatever you say.

This is where Agent Orange has lead his sick little minions off of a cliff by claiming we are the crazies running the asylum.  We are not.  We are showing each other how to apply these principles y'all taught us... in a way we can hear.

They claim Bill and Bob came up with all of this quackery.  This is not true.  When one with a firm umderstanding of the problem (Bill from Dr. Silkworth) presented that to someone with a firm understanding of the solution (Bob from 1st Century Christianity via the Oxford Group which Bill was privy to as well through a whiskey-soaked computer), magic started to happen.

Is this magic any less valid now that we're 80 years removed?


Monday, March 24, 2014

Clean Slate addiction site... does A.A. lead to binge drinking?


This is a post I whipped out at the Clean Slate addiction site from my list of links below.  It's the one listed under Brandma Binge Drinking.

Anyway, I'm trying to converse with a supposed addiction counselor who also happens to be an anti/XAer.


Yeah, I'm annoyed by misspelled words too... when I'm reading a potential employee's resume.  I don't know about you, but I'm typing this post on a 2" x 4"  cell phone.  Grammar is not a top priority for most.  But look at me!  See how accomplished my punctuation and grammar is... as I pat myself on the back.

Please, could you actually say something next time you post here?  I've kinda (sic) got stuff to do.

While we're at it, let's dig up our favorite anti/XAer complaints to choose to bitch about;

○ Cult
○ Religion, pseudo-fake religion
○ Old prejudiced white man W.A.S.P. right-wing gatekeepers
○ Rapists
○ Felons
○ A.A. World Services money grabbers
○ Bill Wilson the whoring LSD popping adulterous free-loader
○ Dr. Bob Smith the whacko proctologist
○ 5% recovery
○ 1% recovery
○ -10% recovery
○ Nazi-loving Oxford Groupers
○ Midtown
○ Big Book
○ Slogans
○ Treatment Centers
○ Disease
○ Amends
○ Prayer
○ Meditation
○ Ouija Boards
○ Hugs
○ Coffee
○ Cake
○ Chips
○ Sponsors
○ Cigarettes 
○ Real
○ Alcoholic
○ Abstinence 
○ Marty Mann

If you read that, you're (Hey! I got it!) a happy woman.

What's a bad day for a bleeding (unrecovered that is)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Does A.A. have the potential to kill people?

Well if you're going to A.A. meetings to get and stay sober, then you're doomed to fail.

Seeking God is how we get and stay sober.  A.A. is the vehicle to do that.

If we used a bowling league for that and someone from the group went out and got drunk and died, would we say bowling killed him?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The A.A.book says willingness is the key

Willingness is the key? Key to what? What does this mean?
. .
Willingness is so powerful that once an alcoholic becomes willing to change their mind, God has already made it happen.

Monday, March 3, 2014

To you "Folks" who blame A.A. for labelling alcoholism as a Disease...

... looky what your local hospitals are labelling drug addiction as now... a substance abuse disorder.

The A.A. Program and Behavior

Behavior has nothing to do with an alcoholics actions.
. .
What do I mean by that? An alcoholic will change his behavior at the drop of a hat. So what? This will not mean the alcoholic has changed his thinking... or subsequent actions.
. .
You cannot threaten, shame, guilt, beg, nor reward an alcoholic into better actions nor a better life. It just won't work. An alcoholic will change their behavior for you while you are watching them, but will resort back to their own behavior once you take your eyes off them.
. .
The only way an alcoholic changes their behavior is when they become repulsed by it and become willing to ask that it get removed. Guess Who removes the behavior?