Monday, March 24, 2014

Clean Slate addiction site... does A.A. lead to binge drinking?


This is a post I whipped out at the Clean Slate addiction site from my list of links below.  It's the one listed under Brandma Binge Drinking.

Anyway, I'm trying to converse with a supposed addiction counselor who also happens to be an anti/XAer.


Yeah, I'm annoyed by misspelled words too... when I'm reading a potential employee's resume.  I don't know about you, but I'm typing this post on a 2" x 4"  cell phone.  Grammar is not a top priority for most.  But look at me!  See how accomplished my punctuation and grammar is... as I pat myself on the back.

Please, could you actually say something next time you post here?  I've kinda (sic) got stuff to do.

While we're at it, let's dig up our favorite anti/XAer complaints to choose to bitch about;

○ Cult
○ Religion, pseudo-fake religion
○ Old prejudiced white man W.A.S.P. right-wing gatekeepers
○ Rapists
○ Felons
○ A.A. World Services money grabbers
○ Bill Wilson the whoring LSD popping adulterous free-loader
○ Dr. Bob Smith the whacko proctologist
○ 5% recovery
○ 1% recovery
○ -10% recovery
○ Nazi-loving Oxford Groupers
○ Midtown
○ Big Book
○ Slogans
○ Treatment Centers
○ Disease
○ Amends
○ Prayer
○ Meditation
○ Ouija Boards
○ Hugs
○ Coffee
○ Cake
○ Chips
○ Sponsors
○ Cigarettes 
○ Real
○ Alcoholic
○ Abstinence 
○ Marty Mann

If you read that, you're (Hey! I got it!) a happy woman.

What's a bad day for a bleeding (unrecovered that is)
alanon or a good Anti/XAer (anti and/or ex A.A.er)?  That's right.  Nothing to piss and moan about.

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