Monday, March 3, 2014

To you "Folks" who blame A.A. for labelling alcoholism as a Disease...

... looky what your local hospitals are labelling drug addiction as now... a substance abuse disorder.


  1. You'll have to fill me in on where this came from. The book never says "Disease" with one exception. It's not referring to alcoholism when it uses the word either. As a matter of fact we're given direct orders in the book to use the word "Illness". Twice. As usual (and expected) someone doesn't know what the Hell they're talking about.

  2. That's what I've been saying, that it does not say disease.

    I was referring to treatment center bullshit. A local hospital here in Pueblo referred to the addiction to drugs as a "Drug Abuse Disorder".

    I don't like the word disease either. The A.A. detractors claim that A.A. is ineffective... surprise surprise, and that it's centered around the disease model.

    They also claim that A.A. is the driving force behind treatment centers and has taken control of the courts, forcing criminals to A.A.

    The way I see it, court folks send folks to A.A. to try and straighten out and A.A. cooperates.

    It's my understanding that the book refers to the malady as a form of spiritual disease.

    Now, I'd agree that the word alcoholic is not congruent to the. Whole realm of alcoholism, but within the realm of alcoholism, the alcoholic is a subset. A.A. not get involved with all that entails alcoholism, just the quest for recovery through abstinence and showing willing others the way.

  3. One of the most ridiculous things I've heard since I've been in this game is the tiresome mantra of "Court ordered to AA". Nobody is ordered to AA folks. It's usually part of a plea deal. Of course part of the deal is the condition that you attend AA if you want to stay out of jail. That said. I was ordered to IOP back when. I looked the Judge in the eye and said "No Sir". I told him I knew of some people in AA that said they could help me and I'd like to try that. He agreed without hesitation. So the same can be said for those dipfucks that think AA is court ordered. They have every opportunity to tell the Judge they prefer some other program that isn't God based. I'm certain the Judge will willingly go along with it. In other words, they can negotiate their pleas. It isn't that difficult to do. (maybe for them it is).

  4. And for what it's worth. Treatment centers flat out pilfered AAs program because they can't think of one of their own. Then when you fulfill your 28 day commitment you are given a "Treatment Plan". Going to AA is part of your treatment plan. That's because AA is free and available. If you don't go to AA and drink again the treatment center can simply say that you didn't follow your treatment plan. And that's their out that allows them to waltz away with your ten grand. What treatment centers do for ten grand, I'll gladly do for free. I'll even buy the coffee.