Thursday, March 31, 2011

A.A. Has Became A Smorgasboard For The Alcoholic

"Giving the newcomer options is not an act of kindness"
~Clarence Snyder

Instead of presenting the newcomer with a strong approach that works, nowadays we present him with several options.

There should only be two options-take it or leave it.


  1. Oh.

    Well people who hate A.A. love their options. There's;

    Just stop on your own and don't be a victim ( though you have to go to A.A. for 5-20 years first and develop a real hatred for it first ), then there's Stanton Peele (where you can hear a professional bitch about A.A.), then there's Moderation Management where you're allowed to get shitfaced and commit vehicular homicide on a man and his daughter and Stanton Peele can throw you under the bus, then there's Women for Recovery... where they talk about men... and bitch about A.A., and there's SMART... where they smartly bitch about A.A., and there's Rational Recovery... where they use logic to bitch about A.A., then there's Stinkin' Thinkin'... where there's a smorgasboard of bitching about A.A.

    Good to have options... hedge your bet.

  2. Oh I almost forgot. There's also Mow The Lawn and Go To The Gym.

  3. Good Stuff,
    Here's my take:Don't like AA, don't fucking go. GO Drink.
    I wish more people had the nuts to say this. We love em' into the grave. Love and tolerance taken to ridiculous extremes.

  4. Here's $5, get yourself a drink. You're not ready yet.

  5. I think that it isn't the people who hate AA that we should be concerned about. It's the people who purport to "love AA" that worry me. They are the ones who offer the options.

    Options like:
    "Wait a year to do your 4th Step."

    "90 in 90"

    "Don't worry about getting a sponsor. Find one that fits."

    "There's no such thing as a bad meeting."

    "Let us love you until you can learn to love yourself."

    "Forgive yourself first before you can forgive others."

    "There are no musts."

    They get no options from me. The take it or leave it. The get the truth.

    Had a guy I'm working with with hold some truth from me that I found out about. Talked to him this morning. I told him that if he can't get honest that he probably won't get sober. But hey, fucking lie all you want. I'm not the one that will get drunk about it.