Sunday, March 13, 2011



This is how we are perceived by our foes at ST...


  1. I've been hijacked! Woof! indeed....

  2. And please, they're our "little friends"....

  3. If the folks at ST would stop a moment and realize exactly who they are. I mean think about it for a minute.
    Gunthar- in and out of AA for 18 years. He was never a alcoholic he suffered from a mental illness.
    FTg- limited experience with AA again suffers from personal issues.
    JR Harris- Got dumped by his wife. JR is not a alcoholic at all.
    Sugomom- dumped by her husband. Not a alcoholic.
    MA- Not a alcoholic briefly was in AA or visited.
    Massive Attack- 35 years in AA. Cries everyday about how bad AA is. Then after a weekend in Hawaii tells us all about how she went to a GSR assembly there.
    JPSober- over 20 years in AA. Cries and moans about how horrible it is. Over 20 freaking years later.
    Johnnycrash- same thing over 20 years and cries.
    Hulahoop- decades in AA.
    I am not knocking this crew of folks but most 90% of them are nuts. I mean manic and depressed.
    Then you have MA, Ben Franklin, Mike, JPsober and FTG talking about folks in AA meeting being predators, sicko's ect... I say look at yourselves first. Get help for yourselves.
    On and on it goes.I listen to them on their blog, Gunthar's radio show and elsewhere.
    You have to be pathetic to continue to go to a volunteer organization for over 20 years get sober then come out and just rip it apart. In 20 years nothing positive happened.
    My cousin was posting on there a couple of days ago and said anti-AA in response to someones post and 4-5 members came back and said ST is not anti-AA.
    Well ST WTF are you then. Read what you write and listen to what you say.
    I wanted to investigate for myself the allure of ST for folks. Now in all consideration there are some qualified intelligent posts made there. I did learn some things.
    Here is my problem though with learning from ST (their passive/aggressive style). For example Steven Slade will come on and post something very intelligent concerning other venues or a condition a alcoholic may have. Then 3 posts later he will be cackling like a school girl demeaning AA like he has a 6 grade education.
    That all folks, for now.

  4. Love the wolfs....WOOOoooooooooo!!!!!!

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They're "Social Misfits" that ended up in AA because AA will accept anyone. They found they didn't fit in AA either and rather than accept the fact that they're Square Pegs regardless of where they are, it was simply easier to blame AA.
    Most of Societies Rejects don't own mirrors and can't see the real issue in their lives.

  6. Hey Diablo! Nice breakdown of the crew... or as Joe says, "little folks" or whatever.

    You got some street cred over at ST, huh? They claim you tried to hack your way in with other usernames or whatever... the same stuff that got TonyJ and Karl busted. Me on the otherhand... was last invited back to post at ST by none other than ftg... only to be shown the door by the misfit minions over there... none of whom evidently wield any "power"... as ftg points out... I'm not on their shit-list to date... nor was I ever... but I can proudly say I just don't post there. I've referenced them from time to time here and I've engaged them from time to time on other blogs and boards like (http://discussions.latimes.com/20/lanews/la-heb-sheen-aa-20110302/10) that Charlie Sheen one there.

    So Diablo, what say you... about this dumbasmud character? Is he/she/it clever because there's almost symmetry to their username? dumsabmud? How about this one, dumbasmud? kcidnelotsahtiwflesruoykcufog.

  7. I have never tried to hack in to their blog once I left. FTG would like to say I got banned but she is full of shit, I left. Then went onto another site and kicked Sugomom's ass for lying about her bonifides as a alcoholic. I then was alerted to crazies posting on the LA Times and guess who they turned out to be ST members.
    It was after my rip and tear campaign on Charlies thread that FTG decided I never needed to be on ST again.
    Now what you have seen on their lately is my cousin "Cuggle" she stayed with me for a few weeks. She hates AA and sides with ST, she became enamored with ST from reading posts on the LA Times. She used my laptop to register with ST. Well one day the laptop was not available and she used my computer. Well FTG found the post along with my IP address. Everyone now thinks this is me trying to hack in.
    Well, brother nope it is not me and I could never see myself doing this. Yes I do read posts from ST, some of the folks over their have poignant comments.
    Then again many over there are just feeding another addiction, hate and discontent.
    Hey ST, AA was never supposed to treat your mental and emotional deficiencies. Shit in 35 years Massive you haven't figured that out yet. Getting out of AA after 35 years is not going to do anything for you because you like helping others. Well continue practicing the 12 step and leave the sick fellowship to others.

  8. There's a big difference between 25 years in AA and 25 years of sobriety, or for that matter 25 years of not drinking.

    I joined AA in 1988. So I could then imply that I have 23 years of sobriety. But I don't. Being "in AA" doesn't mean not drinking, going to meetings, working the program or any of that.

    Anyone who's ever gone to an AA meeting and said they had a desire to stop drinking can claim AA membership from that date. It doesn't mean shit.

    And from what these clowns on ST say, I think there's a big fucking difference between what they claim and what they did. Massive never left AA. He was never in it to begin with.

  9. You ever notice how fucking ugly the back of your tongue is? God must love us much... to hide it like that. Fucking veiny and shit? The back of your tongue is just weird.

    1. I was quite introspective back then.