Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it moral?

Is it moral? Well, what is moral? The definition that my group has taught me to operate from is this; does it work? Well does it?

If you can roll drunks and stay sober, do it.

If y'all can stay sober by being a flipping do-gooder, do it.

Best boss I ever had in my life told me, "If you can worship a rock and that works for you, I'm fine with it."

I wish some of you Big Book Thumpers out there could fathom this wisdom much less make use of it.

I'd rather have this motr secular stance shoved down my throat than your holier-than-thou Christian/White-only-Pie bullshit live-off-my-rich-wife-while-I- "Professionally Write-edness".

But hey. I'm not judging here. This is just me.

If that works for you, then get down.

Tell me again about all the wonderful things you do... and all of the wonderful other diseases besides the malady of alcoholism that you've graciously recovered from.  We'll write a book on humility together.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yearly Inventory

Book talks about yearly inventory with one simple word;


Question; how many businesses do you know that get by on one inventory?

Well let's just 10th step it.

Don't think so.

Did something happen to you when you last went through 4 to 9?

Well if so why the fuck would you want to deny yourself of that now?

If you've got 20 years sober in A.A. and got by on one inventory, then you're not sober with 20 years. What you've got is 6 months repeated 40 times.