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Happy Thanksgiving ... McGowdog-style

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Little Brown Mouse...
It was Thanksgiving Day and a little brown mouse sit busily working alone in her house…
The little mouse children had gone out to play with the brown mouse’s children just over the way…
She put on her apron and went to the shelf, and said to herself, “I’ll just help myself.”
She cooked and she sliced and she brought out the cheese, and then she exclaimed, “a tart if you please.”
The little mouse children came in from their play… they nibbled and ate, not a crumb did they leave on the table or plate.
And I heard them exclaim, as they ran out to play, “It’s the loveliest kind of a Thanksgiving Day.”
- RIP Aunt Lela and Cousin Linda

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

America - Imagine a world without her - by Dinesh D'Sousa cliffnotes

America – Imagine a world without Her

Indictments against America:
  1. Theft of Land- additional crimes
  2. Genocide.  Victim, Native Americans
  3. Theft of Mexican TerritoryVictim, Mexico
  4. Theft of Labor – Further Crime, Segregation and Racism.  Victim- African Americans
  5. Theft of Resources.  Victim, the World
  6. Theft of the American Dream.  Victim, the American People


 Howard Zinn – People’s History of the United States, the New Story of American Shame

Declaration of Independence – a cry against injustice, liberty is the solution.  We ARE a nation of immigrants and settlers.

Ward Churchill – Anti-American.  Said he’d drop bomb on America.

Barack Obama, says he’s going to remake America

Detroit was once the richest city in the world.  Look at it now.

Is the story of American Shame true or not?
  • Howard Zinn: A true historian?  No. 
  • Professor Ron Radosh is a  leading scholar of American Radicalism.
  • Says Howard is not a historian, but rather he was trying to inspire young people to revolt against America.
  • Zinn claims that America is the single most oppressive Nation in the world.
  • Wants us to join him in creating a new social revolutionary movement.

Is there a more reliable source to the history of America?
  • Alexis de Tocqueville- a French aristocrat who traveled through America in 1831 wrote the classic book, “Democracy in America”. 
  • He found Americans to be enterprising, adventurous, and above all, innovators.
  • No American bows before another.  It’s the only place in the world where they call the waiter, “Sir”, as he were a knight.
  • Saw the importance of Christianity in inner life, also in political life.
  • Religion must be regarded as the first of their Political Institutions.
  • When a citizen undertakes an endeavor, he does it himself or in collaboration with others, not by soliciting its government.
  • Alexis stood on the border of Ohio and KentuckyOhio, industrious.  Kentucky, Idle, yet, the soil was just as fertile in both.
  • Saw that slavery doesn’t work.  Why?  No incentive for the slaves and causes laziness in the slave owners because they let others do all their work for them.
  • He knew this was not a thing unique to America.


Most countries are founded on conquest.  Conquest is how wealth was acquired, not through entrepreneurship, invention, or business.
  • Historically, every culture has despised entrepreneurs and merchants.
  • India has a Caste system: priests, warriors, merchants and landowners, servants and subordinates.
  • Islamic historian Ibn Khaldun says looting is morally preferable to entrepreneurship or trade.  Why?  Looting is more manly.
  • In America, wealth wealth is created through innovation, entrepreneurship, and trade.

Manhattan in 1626 was sold by Native Americans to the Dutch for 700 bucks.
  • It is the creation of the people who built it, not the original inhabitants who sold it.

Did Americans steal the land from the Native Americans?
  • Columbus never landed in North America.
  • Actions of the Spanish was 150 years before North America.
  • Zinn Blames America for the sins of the Spanish, Portuguese, Great Britain, and France.
  • What about broken treaties since 1776?  Sioux in Black Hills were offered $1 Billion, but refused it, they want the land.
  • But is it their land?
  • In the late 1700s, the Sioux took the land from the Cheyenne, who had earlier pushed out the Kiowa and the Arapahoe.
  • What about Genocide? From 1492 to 1692, in the two centuries after Columbus, the Native American population declined by 80% due to diseases- measles, typhus, smallpox, cholera and malaria as there were no immunities.
  • Just a century and a half earlier, 1/3 of the Europe was wiped out by bubonic and pneumonic plagues, from Asia.  Did Zinn shame the Asians as committing genocide?  No.  I didn’t think so.
  • If the Native Americans wanted to, they could return to that way of life.  Instead, they have chosen tribal self-government, building resorts and casinos, and other entrepreneurial business.


Theft of Mexican Territory?  Did we steal ½ of Mexico in the Mexican War?
·        Ted Cruz- there were Texians in that area.  General Santa Ana was a dictator in Mexico.  He began stripping rights from the Texians.  They began to revolt to protect their freedom and independence.  They fought a revolution and they won.
·        A border war ensued, the American Government got involved and we took all of mexico, the whole country, including Mexico City.  Then we retired its debt and gave ½ of the country back to them.
·        The people on the American side of the border were made American Citizens.
·        The word Mexican is an adjective, the word American is a noun.  Temo Muniz is a law student active in Hispanic politics.  He’s an American with Mexican heritage.  He loves the American Dream.  Would he move down from Texas to Mexico?  No.  Why?  Because the cartels would destroy his dream.  If somehow Mexico re-obtained that land, he’d move to Minnesota.
·        Border Patrol was asked how many folks are sneaking from America down to Mexico.  None. 
·        What if America had kept all of Mexico?  What would it be like now?


Theft of Labor:

Lincoln headed up what the Democrats called the Black Republican Party.
  • Declaration of Independence means “men were created equal… in certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Lincoln knew that the Founding Fathers could not have outlawed slavery and still had a Union.  No southern state would have joined such a union and slavery would have lasted much longer.
  • Fredrick Douglas once called Lincoln the White Man’s President.  There was a movement by many blacks and at one time Lincoln to consider relocating blacks to Africa, but meeting Lincoln restored his faith in America
  • Douglas didn’t want to leave nor destroy America.  He wanted to participate in America.
  • For the 1st time in history, a Great War was fought to end slavery.
  • 300,000 Northern soldiers died.

The Civil Rights Movement was not a break with the American founding.  The principles were already set down in the Declaration of Independence.
·        The principles were already set down in the Declaration of Independence.
·        “The topic of race more than any other generates taboos.  Taboos are the enemy of history and truth.”
·        White Indentured Servants- Starting in 1618, children captured from the streets of London were sold into colonial America.
·        Over the next 150 years, 150,000 Irishmen women and children were declared soldiers of war and sold as Indentured Servants in Virginia and New England.
·        Indentured Servitude usually lasted 7 years, but some were extended or died there.  They worked side by side with Black slaves, and at one time, outnumbered them.

William Ellision owned 1000 acres and 60 slaves.  He was perhaps once a slave himself.  He practiced slave breeding, a practice very frowned upon even at that time.
  • Henry Louis Gates and other scholars estimate that, in a period before the Civil War, there were approximately 3,500 free African-Americans who owned more than 10,000 Black slaves.
  • In South Carolina, about the same percentage of black as whites owned slaves.
  • Slavery existed all over the world.  Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, American Indians all had slaves, long before Columbus came into the scene.
  • Tragically, slavery continues today.
  • That French aristocrat, Alexis de Tocqueville, made mention as to why slavery just doesn’t work.  For one thing, there’s no incentive in it for the Black slave.  Why should they want to produce for another under such horrid conditions?  For another, it doesn’t come even close to benefiting the slave owner either.  It makes them lazy, among other things.  It just doesn’t work.

What is uniquely Western is the Abolition of slavery.  What’s uniquely American is the fighting of a Great War to end it.

Madame Walker and her daughter Lelia- aka Sarah Breedlove…
  • Sold hair care products door to door.
  • She became the first self-made female millionaire in America.
  • Why isn’t she in the history books?  Why isn’t Michael Moore and Elizabeth Warren talking about her?
  • Why doesn’t Matt Damon talking about her?  Heah Chowd?  How bout’ dim apples? 
  • Martin Luther King once said, “Every man must write with his own hand the charter of his Emancipation Proclamation.  We are all in this country a minority of one and how we succeed or fail depends on our efforts.”


Theft of Resources

Did America get rich by stealing from other countries?  Since the Vietnam War, we were charged with America the Imperialist.
  • Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s spiritual advisor, “Not God bless America, God damn America.”
  • Bill Ayers – founder of the Weather Underground- He bombed the Pentagon.  He’s now a college professor.
  • John Fer: pilot in the Air Force- Plane was shot down, he was captured and interrogated.  He went to Vietnam to “try and help South Vietnam stand on their own two feet.”  POW for 6 years, he came home to a different America.
  • In Iraq, we spent a lot of money, then turned over the oil fields to Iraquis.  They attempted to burn it all down anyway, iirc.
  • In Afghanistan, after 9-11, even while bombing terrorist targets, we were delivering food rations to Afghan civilians.
  • American rebuilt Japan and Germany.
  • We are NOT the bad guys of the world.

Colin Powell – “The only land that America asks for abroad is land to bury our dead.”


Theft of the American Dream

Capitalism- Does it rip off the consumer?
  • Burger Joints.  How much does that burger cost you?  How much does it cost you to make it?  At home?  How about your labor and time put into it?
  • Steve Jobs- the I-phone.  His products changed the world.
  • “Capitalism works not through coercion or conquest, but through the consent of the consumer.
  • Matt Damon puts in 6 weeks of work to earn several million dollars.  “How does he make the money?  The consumers who buy tickets to his movies.  In other words, you.”

Elizabeth Warren:
  • “You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.” 
  • “You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.”
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners do use public services.  But so does everybody else.
  • Let’s say a business owner makes 4x as much as the employees.  They pay up to 4x as much taxes... or double or whatever.  Or none like Trump haha!  Does she get to drive 4x as fast on the highway?  Will the fire dept. arrive 4x as fast?

What about the Rest of the World?
  • The world is embracing the Free Market.
  • Jagdish Bhagwati- professor of economics at Columbia University- researcher of Global Capitalism… In less than 15 years, 200 million people in India have pulled out of poverty.  In China, 400-500 Million people have done the same, more because they started earlier.

“Capitalism is the most important moral case.”
  • “The people opposing it are the ones who really undermine the fortunes of the poor.”  Democrats.

Charity – Aurthur Brooks… Income redistribution?
  • The folks of the religious conservative side give away the most, about 4x as much as people who are on the secular left.
  • Star Parker- believed the poor were poor because the wealthy were wealthy.  She was on welfare, heard the gospel, had some close friends stick their fingers in her face and said, “Your lifestyle is unacceptable to God.”  She went back to college, got a degree, started a business, runs an organization today, now helps herself and many, many others.  Oh, and I’d bet she feels pretty good about things today as well.  Now that’s your Republican.
  • America’s wealth is not stolen.  It’s created.

U2’s Bono: Thinks it’s not a “Right/Left issue, but a Right/Wrong issue.”  He said, “America is an Idea, isn’t it?  Ireland is a great country, but it’s not an idea.”

Saul Alinsky, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s dreamiest mentor… wants the Haves to feel guilty and the Have-Nots to feel resentful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hillary's America by Dinesh D'Sousa cliffnotes

Hillary's America.doc

Who started the Republican Party?  Abraham Lincoln.  The Democratic Party?  In 1820, Andrew Jackson.

  • Jackson screwed over the Native Americans for the Democrats’ vote – Indian Removal Bill.

National Republican Senator Frelinghuysen opposed taking Indian land by violence.  National Republican Congressman Davy Crockett also opposed this.

Democrats passed it, Jackson signed it into law.

Alexis de Tocqueville, the French observer of Early American History describes the air of destruction of most celebrated and ancient American Peoples a “Trail of Tears.”

Besides stealing land of the Indians, Democrats also embraced slavery on plantations.
  • Jackson owned hundreds of slaves.  He had Betty receive 50 lashes for washing neighbors’ clothes without his permission.
  • Jackson, in 1804, ran an add for the return of a runaway slave, offering $50.00 for the return, and $10.00 for each 100 lashings, up to 300 lashings, essentially a death sentence.
  • Jackson didn’t just steal their labor.  He raped young women.

Republicans formed to end slavery and to free runaway slaves.

John C. Calhoun was one of the most notorious Democratic defenders (and Senator) of slavery.  He said that slavery benefited both parties.

Today, Democrats duck responsibility by trying to blame the South.  But Northern Democrats tried to protect slavery.  One such advocate was Illinois Senator Steven Douglass.  He thought each state should decide for/against slavery.  He wanted slavery all over the world, not just here.

Republicans wanted to end the spread of slavery.  Republican Senator Charles Sumner (1856) denounced slavery. 
  • Preston Brooks, Democratic Congressman, physically attacked him from behind with a cane, nearly killing him.
  • Lincoln considered slavery a “form of theft.”
  • “You work, I eat.”
  • Democratic Propaganda states the Civil War as being a contest between anti-Slavery North vs. the pro-Slavery South.  This is a lie.  The Civil War was about a war between the Abolitionists and those who wanted Slavery.
  • Lincoln said, “The judgment of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

But didn’t some Republicans own slaves?  No.  All the slaves at the time of the Civil War were owned by Democrats.

So, the Civil War is best known as a contest between the anti-slavery Republican Party and the Pro-Slavery Democratic Party.

Lincoln wanted to give freed slaves citizenship, equal rights, and the right to vote.
  • The Democrats couldn’t believe it.
  • Lincoln was assassinated.

Democratic Party Legacy: 
  • Oppression
  • Indian Massacres
  • Broken Treaties
  • Slavery
  • But they claim to be the party of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.
  • But that was just an Act.  There already was a Civil Rights Movement lead by the Republican Party from back in the 1860s.

The 1960s Act merely tried to claim laws that were already put into the Constitution 100 years previously by the, that’s right, Republicans.
  • A little known fact, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  • Today’s Democrats take credit for Civil Rights legislation.
  • So what’s their contribution?  They finally agreed to stop filibustering it so it could pass.

“40 Acres and a Mule”
  • The Republican Party set aside 400,000 acres of confiscated Confederate land and began dividing it to give freed slaves 40 acres and a left-over army mule.
  • Democratic President Andrew Johnson gave the land back to its former plantation owners.

Democrats claim to be the “Party of Economic Opportunity”, but they opposed the 13th Amendment.
  • Slavery Abolishment: Republicans were 100% for, Democrats were 77% against.
  • Democrats claim to be the Party of  “Social Justice”, but they fought the 14th Amendment, which gives citizenship to Blacks and established equality of rights under the law. 
  • 14th Amendment: Republicans 94% for, Democrats 0% for.
  • Democrats lecture Republicans over Racial Equality.
  • Racial Equality: the Democrats voted against the 15th Amendment, refusing to give slaves the right to vote.
  • 15th Amendment: Republicans 100% for, Democrats 100% against.
  • Republicans also gave women the right to vote.  Suffragettes were virtually all Republican, Democrats opposed Suffragettes.  They fought it and lost in Congress.  Then they fought it in the States where they lost again.

Democrats New Plan:  Carol Swain from Vanderbilt Law School is an expert on Race Relations and Civil Rights;  After Civil War in 1865, the Democratic Party was in ruins and they needed a New Plan.
  • The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest.  He was the first Grand Wizard and a pledged delegate to the Democratic Convention.
  • The whole purpose of the Democratic Party was to reestablish White Supremacy.
  • 1868, the party platform was “This is a white man’s country, let a white man rule.”
  • Black Republicans and White Republicans were its targets.
  • Congressman James Hinds was the first sitting member of Congress assassinated.
  • During the Klans’ long reign of terror, they killed over 3,000 blacks and over 1,000 white Republicans.
  • The Ku Klux Klan was the military arm of the Democratic Party.

Why has all of this been swept under the rug?  To cover the tracks of the Democratic Party.

The violence of racism carried well into the 20th Century, at other times, it merely changed forms.

Ida B. Wells refused to give up her 1st Class train seat to a white man.  She was a Republican, working for a Republican paper.  She fought for a Black Man’s 2nd Amendment right and wanted a Winchester in their home to defend themselves against the KKK.

Early Democrats opposition to the 2nd Amendment had a racist motive.  In fact, almost every thing they did had a racist motive.

Why did the KKK have a revival in the early 20th Century? 
  • Another fan of the KKK was President Woodrow Wilson.  “The Birth of a Nation” by D.W. Griffith, -the first movie screened in the White House.

In 1914, Ida B. Wells confronted Woodrow Wilson for his racist views.
  • She called him out for removing black officials from top jobs and putting them in menial jobs, janitors, etc.
  • He said segregation is good for both.
  • He continued to segregate the Federal Government.

1924: Democratic National Convention: “The Klan Bake”
  • 10s of 1000s of Klansmen marched on New York City shouting racist slogans and burning crosses to celebrate the Democratic Party’s refusal to condemn the KKK in their platform.

The New Deal:
  • FDR didn’t have the votes to pass the New Deal program, so he promised the Democratic Party that he would block any anti-lynching legislation and he would exclude blacks from most New Deal programs.
  • White farmers were paid to not grow crops which meant many Blacks lost their jobs.
  • So most blacks, if they worked on the land,  if they worked as maids, if they were paid in cash, they couldn’t get Social Security.
  • Johnson knew he had the Black vote, but privately, he knew the Black voters outnumbered the White voters in Texas.
  • Called the Negro Bill, he said, “We got to give them just enough but not enough to make a difference.”
  • Democrats are still trying to use Black Peoples’ vote for their own gain.

Deny, Deny, Deny, Shift Blame, Shift Blame, Shift Blame.  That’s all they do.

Bill Mahr: “If you are racist, you’re probably a Republican.”

The Big Switch:
  • Senator Strom Thurmond was a racist Democrat who became a Republican.
  • But wait a minute.  The Blacks switched to the Democratic Party in the 1930s, based on the promises of the New Deal.
  • They didn’t do it due to Race.  They knew they were joining the party of the KKK and the party of segregation.
  • Southern Whites moved over to the Republican Party much later, during the 1970s to 90s, as the South became much more prosperous.
  • Racism had declined dramatically in the South.  So as the South became less racist, it became more Republican.
  • So Blacks and Whites switched parties for economic reasons.
  • The proof of this is in Byron Shafer and Richard Johnson’s book, “The End of Southern Exceptionalism.”  It shows the poorest, most racist Whites never switched.
  • The Whites that did switch from Democrats to Republicans, “were the non-racists, who were attracted to the Republican Party’s message of opportunity, prosperity, and upward mobility.”

So, besides Strom Thurmond, who else switched from Democrat to Republican?
  • Leaders of the KKK?
  • Leaders of other racist organizations?
  • Democratic Congressmen?
  • Democratic Senators from 1860-2000?
  • All who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  • 14 of 1600, so less than 1%

The Big Switch is a Big Lie.

The Democrats didn’t switch from being the Bad Guys to the Good Guys, the simply found a new and better scam.

Millions of Southern Blacks moved north, joined by millions of immigrants, from all over the world.  So the Democrats got an idea; Let’s recreate the plantation, but now do it in the inner city.
  • Obama- Dreams from my Father, “Seemed like we’d always be second-class citizens.  Plantation Politics.”  So evidently, Plantation talk was coming from Barack’s dad.
  • Black people in the worst jobs, worst housing, police brutality rampant, but when the so-called black committeemen came around election time… “We’d all line up and vote the Straight Democratic Ticket.  Sell our souls for a Christmas Turkey.  White folks spitting in our faces, and we’d reward them with a vote.”
  • So what has Obama done to get rid of the Democratic Plantation?  Nothing. 
  • That’s because he’s running it.
  • These plantations weren’t just for Blacks, they were also for other minorities and immigrants.
  • When these groups arrived, they found waiting for them a Democratic Welcoming Committee.
  • They helped them out, got them a place to live, got them jobs.
  • The immigrant plantation had their own names; ghettoes, slums, barrios.
  • Welcome to America!
  • The Democrats built them, put these vulnerable people in them, and made sure no one left them.
  • Nothing’s free.  They made sure these folks voted for them.

Gangs have bosses who control them.  The Democrats invented the “Big City” Boss.
  • They didn’t just control politics, they also controlled industry, Unions.
  • Once in power, they steal the city treasury and shake-down businesses.
  • This makes them the “Original Community Organizers.”
  • Inner City racket.
  • Research Richard J. Daley
  • Johah Goldberg is an editor at the National Review.  “Democrats used to like to be called Liberals.”
  • Today, it’s Progressive.  What does Progressive mean?  Social engineering, social control.
  • U.S. : Progressivism
  • USSR: Communism
  • Italy: Fascism

The Holocaust started off as progressive ideas, experimentation, planning, eugenics.

  • Margaret Sanger – Silver Lake New Jersey 1926. – Planned Parenthood.