Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Willful vs Willing

What do you think of that for a topic?

The caveat is, you have to describe it as it applies to you now... not someone else nor a "less sober" you.

Anybody want to discuss?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Page 69

...and now about sex.

I'm on a straight pepper diet myself. How about y'all?

My first wife and I met in a bar. I was on the wagon at the time and just there to socialize and play pool.

She was evidently there to drink... and meet guys like me. So we married and I drank again and it was wonderful... until the State of Colorado told me yet again... that I ought to do something about my drinking.

So off to A.A. and I got sober. As I sobered up we grew apart and she left my sober ass. That's right.

Funny thing happened though... I drank over the bitch which was unnessessary... and I sobered up again... went back to a bar... to play pool and socialize... and I met "Her". MrsGowdog. She liked the sober me so I married her... because she liked me. What a fucking concept, huh? Today, I befriend people who like me... and who arent sick-fuck dickholes. A.A. taught me this.

Well as she found out about my past and what a drinker I was... she decided to inform me that if I'd ever pull that shit on her, I or she would be out the door and that would be it.

Well that didn't matter to me because I was sober... for going on three years.

But I drank again. I called her from jail and reminded her what she had said. She changed her mind. She told me that I knew what I needed to do... get back to A.A. and get sober again. So that's what I did and here we are 13 years later and me continuously sober 8 plus years.

BTW, she's never seen me drunk because me being the real alcoholic that I am knows to not shit where you sleep... even while enibriated.

Y'all maybe different from me... but that's y'alls problem not mine.