Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A huge WTF ?????

I can't, for the life of me, figure out why a person would spend so many hours (days,weeks,months,years) of their life worrying about AA. AA is like golf to me, I don't like to play it so I don't waste my time watching it.

I notice alot of the anti-AA crew are from the UK. I guess Fox News is right and if we give everyone access to national healthcare they'll all become demotivated and sit home on their computers all day and pretend they're intellectuals. That will sink the economy even more.

Have any of the anti-AA's noticed that Bill W had the drive and talent to get an actual book published ? Back in 1939 there was no internet. Just because you have an internet connection and an opinion doesn't mean you're in the same league as the people you like to pick at.

And what the hell is 'drivel' anyway. I think of a gay butler everytime I read that word.

No wonder we kicked their asses 200 years ago (twice) and then saved from the Germans (twice). What a bunch of whiney little gaylords..........

Continued Conversations from Stinkin' Thinkin'

So... I gave them a break and decided to "give it up" and post my delicious wisdom over there again... and it was all good.

Then just today, I tried to post... and I got jammed up. I don't know what's wrong. They must have their editor back-logged or something. Well anyways, we were having a good conversation about stuff... namely how A.A. sucks and how a woman's marriage is being ruined because she's jealous of her husband going there or something.

So let's just merge into the conversation, shall we?

Barton, on December 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm Said:

I’ve been researching AA alot lately. My husband is consumed by this cult. It is destroying our marriage and family. I’m experiencing the …forget them, we’re your family… line that AA is feeding him. What worries me most is that it was a Government approved rehab centre that introduced him to AA.

I need to find something that will shock him into rational thinking and make him realise that he has no control of his life. Something that will make him realise that he needs “Rational Recovery” not “pray for guidance” which is what AA is feeding him.

Any suggestions??

Then uberdog...

Uberdog, on December 30th, 2009 at 8:36 pm Said:

Most people figure out AA is bullshit within the first 90 days, thus much importance is placed on 90 meetings in 90 days.It’s most effective on people who’s family or friends are substance abusers. Loneliness is a powerful motivator exploited in the rooms.Confrontational tactics are more likely to send the recruit back for more indoctrination as they attempt to aviod conflict.Do some homework . Call counseling services and find out who is not 12 step afilliated. Make an appointment for yourself and discuss your situation before going together. Ask questions of him in an inquisitive rather than accusing manner, lead him, rather than command him to the solution.Suggest doing things he likes to do on meeting nights and do them with him. Since he has chosen to abstain from drinking his social circle will change and he has much more time on his hands than before. Find new interesting people and activities to entertain the both of you.


If all else fails ask him how his fourth step is going, when is he going to start it, why he hasn’t he finished it yet and why won’t he let you read it.Best of luck!
December 30, 2009 1:33 PM

Then my turn:

McGowdog said...

Yeah, try something else. I think that Malibu Passage Rehab is good (http://www.passagesmalibu.com/?gclid=CPHhyJiL_54CFQmbnAodxyclIQ). The book is only $18.00 and the treatment costs about $80,000.00 or something. Must be worth it if it costs that much.

As far as reading his 4th Step, thats a good idea. Here's an example of that;

Column 1; Resentful at uberdog

Column 2: the cause... he's a milk-fed momma's boy with no balls.

Column 3:

.................Self esteem... I am sober, Mr. A.A., a real man.

.................Security... I need uberdog to grow up.

.................Ambition... I want to give uberdog balls.

.................Personal Relations... men defer to real men.

.................Pocketbook... N/A

So yeah, if you want to read someone else's inventory, I offer you this little smidgeon of advice; Once you read it, you're responsible. Good luck with that.
December 30, 2009 1:32 PM

So yeah... I offered up that plethora of advice free of charge. Gee. To think I saved her $80,000.00. I must be like a spiritual giant or something.

I offered some other advice, but it didn't show up for some reason and I didn't think of saving it before losing it to cyber space. I wonder if it'll make it past the editor over there at Stinkin.

I think Barton had asked for the advice after saying,

"I’ve been researching AA alot lately. My husband is consumed by this cult. It is destroying our marriage and family. I’m experiencing the …

I need to find something that will shock him into rational thinking and make him realise that he has no control of his life. Something that will make him realise that he needs “Rational Recovery” not “pray for guidance” which is what AA is feeding him.

Any suggestions??

Then I said something to the effect:

McGowdog: Maybe your husband isn't an alcoholic at all. Maybe he's just a situational drinker. What's the situation in the bedroom been lately?

So yeah, we'll see how it all shakes out and what gets posted and not. I sure hope they have a chance to read my pearls of wisdom and am looking forward to hearing the responses and how helpful my free advice is for them.

Happy New Year!


Oh yeah. Then just last night, H conversed with me a bit. things were actually pretty cordial...

H, on December 29th, 2009 at 5:35 pm Said:

mcgowdog –go to hell or to a meeting, whichever is closer.


So, being the gentleman that I am, I abliged her;

I went to a meeting.

The topic was "Wait for the Miracle".

I was called on first to share.

I said, "In my group, we say, 'Wait for the POP'.

"The chair person said, "Wait for the POP? What's that mean?"

I said, "That's the sound you hear when you pull your head out of your ass."

That went off like a fart in church.


Oh boy! Now I did it.

I created a Monster! Teej meets Stinky Pinky... or Stinkin' Thinkin' or whatever they call it.

Tony J, on December 30th, 2009 at 11:40 pm Said:

Q. What kind of person would de-capitalize the G and H in God and He in someone elses quote ?

A. A religious fanatic. Atheism. The true opiate for the masses.


As far as your silly question goes, why don’t you read the BB and see why ? It never suggests that a spiritual awakening comes to a person directly and one on one. It assumes that God works through people. Your quote is consistent with the rest of the book.

So, besides giving you an opportunity to edit someone elses work(someone with a purpose in life)……what is the point of your question ?

If you spend more than 3 minutes a week worrying about AA, you are pretty much a worthless human being.

Join and participate or quit and ignore it. In the mean time get some fresh air. You spend too much time on the internet…….

Reply; That's the whole point TJ! They've never quit A.A. ... The Program is etched into their brains forever! Hey H, Speedy, annaZed, FTG, MA, and now Uberdog, etc. ... give it a try. Try not to think about A.A. You can't do it! Here, go fetch...


Well... we see here that TJ went right after Speedy on his first post. I've seen TJ in action with 4 antiAA Bashing dorks and he's bloodied them all at one time. Let's see if Speedy doesn't respond with a "Fuck you twice, or a "speedy0314, on June 7th, 2009 at 4:10 am Said:i’d like to forward him a few posts from the steppers over at blame’s YT channel or even some of the e-mail i get after responding to vids. ‘vicious’, ‘demonizing’, ‘tearing down’ … ‘your mileage may vary’.kiss my ass you molly-coddled, in-love-with-your-own-credentials pansy. sit your highly theoretical ass in meetings for a full year & then tell me how wonderful & empowering it all is.fuck him twice,

speedy " to boot...

Yeah, we finally find out what Speedy was talking about with those stupid dorks on mike's YT channel. Hey Speedy, blamethedenialorwhateverthefuck, Orange, meet "Eyelovebooze" bitches.


Here's a little section from within Stinkin' Thinkin' where they assume they are Sobriety Central and people give a fuck about their "Drivel" as they say "over there";

Stinkin Thinkin Frequently Asked Questions and Repetitive Sentiments

I know that when AA scolds come here to wag their fingers at us, or take the time out of their serenity to insist that they are serene and to point out that they pity our anger, I know they’re not really interested in engaging in a dialog. They’re hit and run. If they were actually curious about our motives here they’d be inspired to peruse the blog, and what they learn will inform their questions and comments, which would be much different. And if they did, they would have found their questions answered and comments addressed over and over again, because I keep answering them, for some reason (You know when you take a screwdriver, like this, and you jam it into your ear, like this… I hate that!).

They’d also be able to actually take issue with what we’ve said, rather than dropping in to take pot-shots at our sobriety, motives, mental health, and emotional state.

They’re not here to engage – which we are very open to.

We’re game.

We don’t censor.

Granted, we’re not going to mollycoddle anyone.

I mean, you have to be able to take the heat.

But we’re open to debate

Debate my hairy sweaty balls. I went over there after I noticed you dorks badmouthing those from SR and eventually me included. I wasn't on board with SR until about April, so I was a late-comer to the Sobriety-Blog-Message Board world.

So, trying to go "off the ranch", I engaged you guys and gave you plenty to talk about. Then eventually, I was pretty much run off, told to "sod off", "fuck off", was called "peckerwood", etc. My personal information was asked for twice, as if some punk has the nipples to come actually get some, then I was told that my postings are likened to "staring at the sun". Words were exchanged. Nothing but a bunch of sophomoric one-sided shit from what I remember. Then I noticed that there's about 3 authors and about 5 minions who regurgitate the same shit over and over again and slobber over each other the same antiA.A. Orange-induced rhetoric.

So I get bored with it and just leave. I go back to my message board and notice that some from Stinkin' Thinkin' are slipping and slithering around in the more secular and MOTR corners of the message board.

Then I decide I need my own safe... warehouse... in cyberspace... with which to go chill... gather my thoughts... and a place to put them so they don't get deleted... or as in the case with Stinkin' Thinkin'... CENSORED!!!!!!!!!!

STINKIN' THINKIN' HAS NOT ONLY EDITED MY RECENT POSTS......... THEY ARE NO LONGER GETTING THROUGH!!!!!!!!! One against 8 or more and they won't take me on. Fine.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Public Service Announcement; A.A. could be crucial to your dignity

Gee, I know it seemed like a good idea at the time. If the following is a common event for you or you seem to have 4 day weekends, you might want to consider A.A.



That's right. Tap that ass.


So drinking is fun and everything...until you passout. Then anything can happen. Heck, some of us die.

Bonn Scott,





... and out!

But for some of us... we get these distant early warnings called shamings. When you feel like you've had enough and can't seem to control the start once you've stopped or the stop once you've started, come to an A.A. meeting and ask to talk to the hard core fundamental orthodox Big Book thumpers. We'll leave you alone... for the most part. There'll be no axes to grind, no lectures to endure, no people to please, no duct tape, no sharpies. Just a good discussion about your drinking over a nice cup of coffee. That sound good?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Disease Concept and Anti-AA problems

I wanted to talk about the 'disease' concept and the anti-AA. For some the 'disease' concept is an excuse not to use a 'spiritual' program. For others it's a sign that AA doesn't know what it's talking about.

The argument is that no doctor would tell you to pray and meditate if you had cancer.

I am your doctor, now do what I say!

Bill Wilson is alive and living in Argentina with Adolf Hitler


Hello everyone. I’m really smart. I have a youtube channel called blamethenile. I make videos about alcoholics anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous is a dangerous cult that makes people commit suicide. I know thousands of people who have committed suicide. They are all dead. I almost committed suicide because Alcoholics Anonymous destroyed my brain. Alcoholics Anonymous causes cancer and genital warts. I am obsessed by Alcoholics Anonymous. I dream about it. I don’t work. I sit around and obsess about Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m not an alcoholic. I like talking about depression, suicide, alcoholics anonymous and buckvanizm. The people in Alcoholics Anonymous are evil. There are millions of them. But I deny that. I like to deny things. I’m really smart. Alcoholics Anonymous has billions of dollars in secret vaults. They want to rule the world. Alcoholics Anonymous is responsible for the holocaust. Bill Wilson smoked cigarettes and cheated on his wife. I was arrested for not paying my child support so I decided to commit suicide. I blame Alcoholics Anonymous for causing my depression. I like to talk about myself. I like to blame other people. Alcoholics Anonymous has a 100% failure rate. Everybody is drunk. I’m losing my hair and my gums hurt. Alcoholics Anonymous caused this and I will make a video about it. Alcoholics Anonymous is an evil cult. My next video will be called Alcoholics Anonymous and child molestation. Stay tuned. One more thing; I’m really smart.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If you don't believe me

It's true! I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this

Bill is dead!

AA is invalid because Bill cheated on Lois!

AA doesn't work because Bill got rich off the work of other people.

Bill did LSD, Bill was crying out for whiskey on his deathbed. Bill smoked like a train and died from emphysema. Bill was a Con-Man. Bill Plaigerized the Book.

What the hell does any of that have to do with anything?????

Seems that AA bashers have attended the Karl Rove school of Debating Techniques

Lesson #1: The first part of any response should be to personally attack the opponent.

Lesson #2: Put incorrect words into your opponent's mouth.

Lesson #3: Misconstrue your opponent's message purposely so as to build a straw man argument that is easier to knock down than your opponent's real argument.

Lesson #4: Take all of the weaknesses in your own position and project them onto your opponent, whether or not true. Later when the opponent picks up how the weakness is really yours, you can point to their unoriginality in throwing it back at you.

Lesson #5: Rather than addressing your opponent's points head-on, insult their intelligence instead and extrapolate your claim of their lack of intelligence as being the reason why their points fail.

Lesson #6: Purposely mislabel your points as "fact", so that it is harder for your opponent to question it.

Lesson #7: Repeat your lie over and over until it sinks in as a possible truth.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's with all the A.A. bashing?

antiAA819, you can go to my blog and bash it and A.A. all you want.

If your comments are not antiAA bs and otherwise biased against me, they'll stick.

It's my blog.

That's right.

I make the rules.

It's where I stick my proAA stuff.

It's my attempt to state what's right about A.A.

I know there's a bunch wrong with A.A.

I know about Orange and Stinkin' Thinkin' and now the likes of you.

Orange learns about ducks;

But tell us what's so great about SMART or RR or LR or whatever. Some of you can just choose to quit. Not me. Hats off to ya.

I don't hate you. I can't live that way. I don't like being hated by you either.

I'm merely defending A.A., but in the meantime, I'm doing steps and separating the MOTR or what Danny Boy calls Pop-A.A. from the actual program.

Is that so wrong? A.A. does work for some of us. Why do we get called trolls and spammers when we're merely supporting A.A.?

Do you really want a blog full of antiA.A.ers? What would you all b!tch about then? The weather? The economy? Your green world?

A.A. is not going away ever. It's here to stay. Really.


"Dog - antiaa819 - Dec 1st 2009
McGowdog points us in the direction of his blog. I encourage everyone to visit it as he is the poster child for what you want to avoid in aa. I met many aaers such as mcgowdog during my time in aa and I await a time when people like him are exposed for the charlatans that they really are."

Oh, and I didn't direct any of you to my blog anyhow. Y'all did that all on your own. Thanks for stopping by. If it weren't for a pesky poster, you might have comment privileges too. You can thank antiAA819 for that.

So, here's an example of what antiAA819 is saying about me;

""The Dog Blog - - Dec 2nd 2009

"McGowdog points us in the direction of his blog. I encourage everyone to visit it as he is the poster child for what you want to avoid in aa. I met many aaers such as mcgowdog during my time in aa and I await a time when people like him are exposed for the charlatans that they really are.

More like he is the poster child for what you want to avoid in life altogether. Nasty, ignorant, judgmental, small minded, arrogant, sick, tiny, shallow, fearful, deslusional - and all on behalf of God, as he claims? I think that since AA allows its followers to choose any random higher power, McGowdog chose himself as the God of His understanding. He doesnt seem to understand much beyond the confines of his own mind.""

So... how is that juvenile assessment of me smart, educated, mature? How is your bitching, pissing and moaning making you any better than me?

You folks are a bunch of whiny bitchy moany punks and skanks. Why don't you go do something useful? Get a job. Work with lepers. Go help the Salvation Army. Go down to the bus depot and get your self esteem back. How does wasting away on cyber-world helping your cause? Really?


How about Moderation Management? What about Audrey Kishline and the 38 year old Richard Davis and his 12 year-old daughter that she killed when, while following her own little anti-AA MM program that promotes "moderation"... to the tune of .26 bac...? How is that program less dangerous than A.A.? If you're an alcoholic and you give a fuck about society, you would be going to a God damned A.A. meeting and drinking coffee instead of booze, you stupid fucktards! Fuck all you fucking fucks. Why don't you just go for a swim... all of you.

Go listen to Stanton Peele dance sideways on the "movement" after the incident! Oh, guess abstinence isn't so bad afterall now! Go do what you losers do. Pimp your pharmaceutical drugs to your poor victims-er patients and collect your lucrative paychecks. But leave the drunks alone. You didn't give a shit about them prior to the formation of A.A. back in 1935 and you don't give a shit about them now.

A.A. Tradition 3: Common Problem... Common Solution... Truth

Tradition Three:

Our membership ought to include all who suffer from alcoholism. Hence we may refuse none who wish to recover from alcoholism. Nor ought A.A. membership ever depend on money or conformity. Any two or three alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may call themselves an A.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation.

First, don't assume that anyone in an A.A. meeting is an alcoholic. Individuals are allowed to decide that for themselves, but good sponsorship, if you will, can straighten this out. It requires what's already laid out in that wonderful book. If someone is in the wrong place, we can direct them to someone who can better help them.

"Cooperation with other fellowships and the professional community."

Remember that one?

"It's not us against them!" This takes a lot of pressure off of me and you.

It is said that the 12 Steps will work for about any group, if there's the foundation of truth; common problem.

It is said that just about everything that we know about alcoholism came to us from non-alcoholics, like Dr. Silkworth and Dr. Harry Tiebout for example.

Just about everything about spiritual came from non-alcoholics, like Sam Shoemaker, Dr. Carl Jung, Fr. Ed Dowling, etc.

"We don't have the answer. We have an answer. The principles are universal. They have been freely given to us and we share them freely." This... also takes a lot of pressure off of me... and us.

It is said that some of our professional community and other friends of A.A. are leaving off the physical craving phenomena of alcoholism and it's the very thing that sets us apart from the non-alcoholics... and it's not their fault. It's ours. Should we not stick to the one thing we do well? A.A.?

The most anti-social, anti-God, anti-each other group of alcoholics can call themselves an A.A. group...which leads to Tradition 4.

A.A. Tradition 2: Trust, service, leadership, wisdom...

A.A. Tradition 2: Trust, service, leadership, wisdom...


Our A.A. experience has taught us that: (Long Form)

2.—For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience.

...and now, the short form which is actually longer... than the long form...

2.—For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

So... the short form makes mention of the "twisted serpents"... er-"trusted servants".

And so I found something about this tradition in that service manual;

"Hence the principle of amply delegated authority and responsibility to "trusted servants" must be implicit from the top to the bottom of our active structure of service.This is the clear implication of A.A.'s Tradition Two".

From the 12 and 12:

"Where does A.A. get its direction? Sole Authority in A.A. is a loving God as He may express Himself in the group conscience. Formation of a group. Growing pains. Rotating committees are servants of the group. Leaders do not govern, they serve. Does A.A. have a real leadership? "Elder statesmen" and "Bleeding Deacons". The group conscience speaks".

Check it out yo check it check it out...

So who's the boss around here? Is it Bill? Bob? Well... no. They're dead, for one thing. But I'd bet some would like to pin leadership on them. But they can't. Are they like the teflon Dons'? There again; perhaps our detractors would like to think that. God. A loving God is the "Ultimate Authority". And why? Because... A.A. as it has spread across the land came about as necessity and you would literally have a founder trying to rule every town... when it is obviously best to use delegation and rotation for leadership and to keep the politics out of it... from what I can understand.

Any thoughts/comments on this? Is this not what Bill W. was getting at in the 12 & 12? "Servants, not Senators". I like that.

This whole thing was tested when Charlie Towns from Towns Hospital told Bill W. that he could use an office in his building to work as a therapist and earn some bucks because... it was common knowledge at the time, Bill and Lois were "hard up" for money. He brought the idea to the group and they told him... if they sell out to anything like that... they for one thing would be tied to a hospital... and although that may be good, it's not good enough. Another thing is that the group would be divided. The book quotes the line, "the good can be the enemy of the best". They said Bill could never become a professional.

So... the group conscience spoke. And Bill heard it... and followed it. Thank God.

In my home town, there's this cool annual event called Ocsoberfest. It takes place in the Convention Center in about the second week of Ocsober...er October and it's funny how it started. Some dude was the treasurer of the CSO and the seed money or whatever you call it got stolen by him. He disappeared from the scene or something. Somebody ponied up the difference or a collection was taken up for the difference. People weren't so upset by the guy doing that. They weren't happy about it, but they were worried about him and didn't want to see him go get drunk over the thing. He came back and had the money to return... for restitution. By then, it was water over the bridge. They didn't know what to do with the money. So thus the start of Ocsoberfest. It is now a yearly event. They don't run Ocsoberfest when the State Convention is in Pueblo.

Not necessarily a Tradition 2 example directly, but I'm sure they had many a call for Ultimate Authority in dealing with this situation.

Let's break down my experience on some Recovery Forums, shall we?

""hi therei read your post about your meeting ,, wow im intrigued im a *** and go through *** many times a year i wanted to direct you to a site ,, not sure you will like it though ,,, im not real popular there ,, they tend to go with the traditional slogans , happy happy etc
anyway the site is [url]www.*******.com[/url]
i feel they could use your honest recovery ,,,""


""Can I ask you a simple question?Why do you want to delete all your posts?
You don't have to answer, of course; just curious.""


""For what it's worth, I don't think you were treated fairly.
I might not have responded with "bite me", but then again, I might've. You might notice that I didn't fault you on it.
What's amusing is that there's no need to sign the rep comment. I signed mine as a sign of support, because I knew you would read it. My guess is that J* signed his, thinking that someone else would read it, not you. You might take that into consideration, if it's any help at all: he didn't mean for you to read that. Just depends whether you care more what's said to your face than behind your back, I guess. It wasn't a nice thing for him to say, either way.
I am curious, though; you mentioned that you have enemies (your word) in other places. How do you handle it differently, there, or how do they? My interest is in making this the best possible place, and it's not there yet.
Here's your shot (and I have to leave, so I might have to read it tomorrow): what would you do differently, if you had moderator powers here?""



Well thanks ****.

I would like to suggest something about this particular forum if I could; I would like to see a specific place where those that use A.A. could go to post topics that might be appealing to some.
It would be nice if you could have a 12 step section and maybe a general alcoholism section, a drug addiction section, a secular recovery section, etc.

I would suggest this not to segregate the various posters, but to at least give one a place to go as a starting point.

But as one who needs a really focused recovery, I don't know where to post in here without feeling like an alien on another planet. That I way, I can choose to engage or not those that do other things and they can choose to engage or not what I do in my side of the universe.

Does this make any sense?


Some of the nicer comments I got from "over there"...

I read your post very interesting and it sounds like you've been in recovery for a very long time. I was a regular on these boards but recently walked away from all the BS and the fine strokes everyone gives one another. When I got sober in 1989 there was no strokes, you sat down, you shut up and you learned to listen.
It was interesting that you picked that chapter to the wives out of edition 1... I have that one but its in wrap and untouched... I got sober with edition 3.... and I agree AA works....
nice to see an old AA person posting on these boards...


""Good Morning YOu can see the great replies your getting to all that work you put out there in the forums to share...

ha.... don't waste your time, half of the community don't do AA, they don't do anything, I use to share my own ESH with them some years ago, but soon stopped, I don't even reply to any posts there any all anymore..

Hang around, read all there stroking bull ****t and watch them fall like dead birds.

The 'in' crowd call themselves the 'possee' and the big leader is ***, shes sober a long time, but should practice what she preaches..

I met her in person 4 yrs ago on a *** weekend in ***.... all hot air....

anyway, I read what you wrote, and appreciate it...

Enjoy this day...""


"Thank you for your threads and for staying up into the "wee hours" to complete them. I appreciate anyone who is willing to share their EXPERIENCE, strength and hope with us.
Welcome to ***"


quote by McGowdog:
PS: I was on another forum elsewhere and a person from there told me about this site. That's how I came to be here.

But over there... you have to "earn" your right to post via reps

""yeah ,,, i noticed the same thing ,,, very much anti -AA ,,, thats what i invited you here ,,, this is a general recovery site

i didnt however want to announce on the main boards i was the one who invited you here people dont like me much ,, apparently i stomp around and trample feelings ,,, maybe i do ,, maybe thats why not many like me ,,, and yeah it hurts ,, oh well i keep coming back LOL

anyway heres my email ,, you wont be able to respond to me via PM , simply because i had to lock my PM box to stop the vile i was getting from some longterm members here who are still drinking yet pretending they are sober

hmmmm yeah so heres my email ***

take care ,, stay strong ,, and dont let these bastards get you down""


Need I go on?


Uh oh... busted!

""Hi and welcome to ****. I've deleted a few more of your posts as violations of our Community Standards Agreement about insulting other members. We take that one seriously, and we will enforce it in both directions. You are welcome to disagree strongly with other members, but not to put them down personally or tell them what they're allowed to do -- or not -- in the forum.
If more deletions are required, our next step will be to require moderation of your posts or suspend the account.

Thanks for your time.""


Thanks for my time? R U Serious? Why are you thanking me for my time? You nearly kicked me off your island... exiled me... expelled me! Thanks for my time?

I don't understand that.

I'm confused.

It's like... well it's like... confusing, like a Tiger Woods Christmas Card;

The sadness of it all...


"" I dont post often but I read every day, and your step threads were absolutely the best. I am very disappointed that you deleted them........good good stuff in there. Please do not allow a few bad apples make you stop being you. ""


""I wish you had not deleted your posts on the steps. I don't know why you did it, but it is done now. If this site is taking away your serenity, then please take care of yourself. ""


""lemme guess? ok?
you've been sober about five years and now you're itchy. getting restless, irritable and discontent. but why? you're mr AA! you know the book frontwards and backwards and you could win any contest naming the aphorisms that clutter the walls of any AA meeting room. You go to so many meetings that you don't really have a life or a personality outside of AA. And that m'friend may be your problem. Sober is a beginning, just a tiny bginning. AA ain't supposed to be a lifestyle, just an adjunct.
peace ula*** (former sufferer of Mr AA syndrome)""


"" Hi McGowdog,

You were like a shooting star.

I have discovered that *** has some crotchety personalities. *** can be a difficult place for newcomers. I am sorry that they got to you.

I hope you decide to stay but, if you don't, the best way to leave us would be with the legacy of your step posts. Please repost them so I can read them at my leisure and refer people to them in the future.

Best regards, ""


RE: Please bring back your posts ""I will check out *** I too am looking for meaty and thought provoking conversations.

I agree with you that *** must reflect the forums as the 'old-timers' here want it to be - else, they would have altered the tenor of this place. There are so many unhappy people here, it is sad.

There is a noticeable anti-AA bias which conflicts with ***'s mission statement. It surprised me at first. I guess I have gotten used to it but I doubt that I will ever become a regular poster here.

Take care, ""


""I am just coming back here after along time away, due to wellllll lets just say, things I have absolutely no control over!! lol

Now, why did you delete all your posts. The ones that quoted in other people's posts, are just wonderful and full of Recovery.

Where have you been and will you be posting again?
Hope to see you

Yours in Fellowship ""


""Well McGowdog, I wish you the best in your journey, and it truely is the *** community who lost big time...when you left :(

You have a great day, and keep passing on the message of HOPE :)

In Fellowship,


Nice to hear from the silent minority once in a while too.

If you're new to recovery or still drunk and trying to figure it all out... I hope you use your own mind and decide for yourself if A.A. is for you or not.

I have no reason to promote A.A. That's against our traditions anyway. I'd like to get to a place where my actions could "attract" A.A. to those who need it.

Attraction! Yeah, that's the ticket.

How could a bunch of ex-drunks steer you wrong? These antiAA folks cannot hurt A.A. What they can do is distract some real alcoholics from giving A.A. a shot.

There was a fellowship prior to A.A. that was 18 times the size of A.A. It was called the Washingtonians. They fell apart rapidly because they lacked two things that A.A. had going for it, a program via the 12 steps and a cohesive unity via the 12 traditions. A.A. is still here and going strong. That's the truth.

These antiA.A.ers are losers who have no power in the face to face (f2f) world so they hide behind their keyboards and like to get a reaction out of us. But us A.A. folks are real folks and we have computers too.

So bring it on, punks.