Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Disease Concept and Anti-AA problems

I wanted to talk about the 'disease' concept and the anti-AA. For some the 'disease' concept is an excuse not to use a 'spiritual' program. For others it's a sign that AA doesn't know what it's talking about.

The argument is that no doctor would tell you to pray and meditate if you had cancer.

I am your doctor, now do what I say!

Bill Wilson is alive and living in Argentina with Adolf Hitler


Hello everyone. I’m really smart. I have a youtube channel called blamethenile. I make videos about alcoholics anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous is a dangerous cult that makes people commit suicide. I know thousands of people who have committed suicide. They are all dead. I almost committed suicide because Alcoholics Anonymous destroyed my brain. Alcoholics Anonymous causes cancer and genital warts. I am obsessed by Alcoholics Anonymous. I dream about it. I don’t work. I sit around and obsess about Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m not an alcoholic. I like talking about depression, suicide, alcoholics anonymous and buckvanizm. The people in Alcoholics Anonymous are evil. There are millions of them. But I deny that. I like to deny things. I’m really smart. Alcoholics Anonymous has billions of dollars in secret vaults. They want to rule the world. Alcoholics Anonymous is responsible for the holocaust. Bill Wilson smoked cigarettes and cheated on his wife. I was arrested for not paying my child support so I decided to commit suicide. I blame Alcoholics Anonymous for causing my depression. I like to talk about myself. I like to blame other people. Alcoholics Anonymous has a 100% failure rate. Everybody is drunk. I’m losing my hair and my gums hurt. Alcoholics Anonymous caused this and I will make a video about it. Alcoholics Anonymous is an evil cult. My next video will be called Alcoholics Anonymous and child molestation. Stay tuned. One more thing; I’m really smart.


  1. Welcome TJ! Don't know why I had to approve your post. You should be able to post it.

    Thanks again for coming in. We'll get this blog rolling yet.


  2. I've found that I have had to post my reply a couple times before it catches for some reason.

  3. FWIW an anorexic has a deadly issue. Not a "Disease" but an "Illness" that centers in the mind.
    There is a difference.
    I wonder if there's an Anorexic bashing site somewhere that the seriously misinformed congregate.

  4. Yeah, Stan's dad went to a really lousy A.A. meeting and they told him, "You're sick... and you have a disease."

    So I guess Trey and Matt's depiction of A.A. is spot-on. The Catholics came down hard on their disrespect to Mary... I'm equally pissed-off at the way they slammed out program, but... we just don't have quite the same power as the Catholic Church... and besides that, we have our traditions to follow... plus we've transcended the need to get revenge... unlike the Catholic Church. Sick em, Catholic Church!

    Fucking hillarious episode btw.

  5. Oh, and another slam that SP got in while they were at it, was the dreaded A.A. is a cult blast. Stan, being a cult leader himself... with the Scientology fiasco. They lost Chef due to that episode, right?

    And how many A.A. member did they lose? None. Remember the Ginger blast they did? How many gingers and A.A. members do you see publicly bitch about being slammed by south park? None!

    Goes to show you... A.A. and being a red-headed freckle face is next to Godliness... even if Gingers have no soul.

    And on to your point about no doctors recommending prayer and meditation for cancer. Well... they would be labeled a quack at that point... that or a 2000 year old Carpenter.

  6. I just saw something about this retarded 95% failure rate from one of eyelovebooze's followers. He states it this way and it makes so much sense... or no sense as the case may be;

    1) What date did you first attend Alcoholics Anonymous?

    2) What date did you take your last Drink?

    If the two dates don't match then you have a bad success rate.

    I love what he's got Mike or Orange saying; A.A. has a 100% failure rate. Everybody is drunk. I have met thousands of people who have committed suicide. They are all dead...