Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let's break down my experience on some Recovery Forums, shall we?

""hi therei read your post about your meeting ,, wow im intrigued im a *** and go through *** many times a year i wanted to direct you to a site ,, not sure you will like it though ,,, im not real popular there ,, they tend to go with the traditional slogans , happy happy etc
anyway the site is [url]www.*******.com[/url]
i feel they could use your honest recovery ,,,""


""Can I ask you a simple question?Why do you want to delete all your posts?
You don't have to answer, of course; just curious.""


""For what it's worth, I don't think you were treated fairly.
I might not have responded with "bite me", but then again, I might've. You might notice that I didn't fault you on it.
What's amusing is that there's no need to sign the rep comment. I signed mine as a sign of support, because I knew you would read it. My guess is that J* signed his, thinking that someone else would read it, not you. You might take that into consideration, if it's any help at all: he didn't mean for you to read that. Just depends whether you care more what's said to your face than behind your back, I guess. It wasn't a nice thing for him to say, either way.
I am curious, though; you mentioned that you have enemies (your word) in other places. How do you handle it differently, there, or how do they? My interest is in making this the best possible place, and it's not there yet.
Here's your shot (and I have to leave, so I might have to read it tomorrow): what would you do differently, if you had moderator powers here?""



Well thanks ****.

I would like to suggest something about this particular forum if I could; I would like to see a specific place where those that use A.A. could go to post topics that might be appealing to some.
It would be nice if you could have a 12 step section and maybe a general alcoholism section, a drug addiction section, a secular recovery section, etc.

I would suggest this not to segregate the various posters, but to at least give one a place to go as a starting point.

But as one who needs a really focused recovery, I don't know where to post in here without feeling like an alien on another planet. That I way, I can choose to engage or not those that do other things and they can choose to engage or not what I do in my side of the universe.

Does this make any sense?


Some of the nicer comments I got from "over there"...

I read your post very interesting and it sounds like you've been in recovery for a very long time. I was a regular on these boards but recently walked away from all the BS and the fine strokes everyone gives one another. When I got sober in 1989 there was no strokes, you sat down, you shut up and you learned to listen.
It was interesting that you picked that chapter to the wives out of edition 1... I have that one but its in wrap and untouched... I got sober with edition 3.... and I agree AA works....
nice to see an old AA person posting on these boards...


""Good Morning YOu can see the great replies your getting to all that work you put out there in the forums to share...

ha.... don't waste your time, half of the community don't do AA, they don't do anything, I use to share my own ESH with them some years ago, but soon stopped, I don't even reply to any posts there any all anymore..

Hang around, read all there stroking bull ****t and watch them fall like dead birds.

The 'in' crowd call themselves the 'possee' and the big leader is ***, shes sober a long time, but should practice what she preaches..

I met her in person 4 yrs ago on a *** weekend in ***.... all hot air....

anyway, I read what you wrote, and appreciate it...

Enjoy this day...""


"Thank you for your threads and for staying up into the "wee hours" to complete them. I appreciate anyone who is willing to share their EXPERIENCE, strength and hope with us.
Welcome to ***"


quote by McGowdog:
PS: I was on another forum elsewhere and a person from there told me about this site. That's how I came to be here.

But over there... you have to "earn" your right to post via reps

""yeah ,,, i noticed the same thing ,,, very much anti -AA ,,, thats what i invited you here ,,, this is a general recovery site

i didnt however want to announce on the main boards i was the one who invited you here people dont like me much ,, apparently i stomp around and trample feelings ,,, maybe i do ,, maybe thats why not many like me ,,, and yeah it hurts ,, oh well i keep coming back LOL

anyway heres my email ,, you wont be able to respond to me via PM , simply because i had to lock my PM box to stop the vile i was getting from some longterm members here who are still drinking yet pretending they are sober

hmmmm yeah so heres my email ***

take care ,, stay strong ,, and dont let these bastards get you down""


Need I go on?


Uh oh... busted!

""Hi and welcome to ****. I've deleted a few more of your posts as violations of our Community Standards Agreement about insulting other members. We take that one seriously, and we will enforce it in both directions. You are welcome to disagree strongly with other members, but not to put them down personally or tell them what they're allowed to do -- or not -- in the forum.
If more deletions are required, our next step will be to require moderation of your posts or suspend the account.

Thanks for your time.""


Thanks for my time? R U Serious? Why are you thanking me for my time? You nearly kicked me off your island... exiled me... expelled me! Thanks for my time?

I don't understand that.

I'm confused.

It's like... well it's like... confusing, like a Tiger Woods Christmas Card;

The sadness of it all...


"" I dont post often but I read every day, and your step threads were absolutely the best. I am very disappointed that you deleted them........good good stuff in there. Please do not allow a few bad apples make you stop being you. ""


""I wish you had not deleted your posts on the steps. I don't know why you did it, but it is done now. If this site is taking away your serenity, then please take care of yourself. ""


""lemme guess? ok?
you've been sober about five years and now you're itchy. getting restless, irritable and discontent. but why? you're mr AA! you know the book frontwards and backwards and you could win any contest naming the aphorisms that clutter the walls of any AA meeting room. You go to so many meetings that you don't really have a life or a personality outside of AA. And that m'friend may be your problem. Sober is a beginning, just a tiny bginning. AA ain't supposed to be a lifestyle, just an adjunct.
peace ula*** (former sufferer of Mr AA syndrome)""


"" Hi McGowdog,

You were like a shooting star.

I have discovered that *** has some crotchety personalities. *** can be a difficult place for newcomers. I am sorry that they got to you.

I hope you decide to stay but, if you don't, the best way to leave us would be with the legacy of your step posts. Please repost them so I can read them at my leisure and refer people to them in the future.

Best regards, ""


RE: Please bring back your posts ""I will check out *** I too am looking for meaty and thought provoking conversations.

I agree with you that *** must reflect the forums as the 'old-timers' here want it to be - else, they would have altered the tenor of this place. There are so many unhappy people here, it is sad.

There is a noticeable anti-AA bias which conflicts with ***'s mission statement. It surprised me at first. I guess I have gotten used to it but I doubt that I will ever become a regular poster here.

Take care, ""


""I am just coming back here after along time away, due to wellllll lets just say, things I have absolutely no control over!! lol

Now, why did you delete all your posts. The ones that quoted in other people's posts, are just wonderful and full of Recovery.

Where have you been and will you be posting again?
Hope to see you

Yours in Fellowship ""


""Well McGowdog, I wish you the best in your journey, and it truely is the *** community who lost big time...when you left :(

You have a great day, and keep passing on the message of HOPE :)

In Fellowship,


Nice to hear from the silent minority once in a while too.

If you're new to recovery or still drunk and trying to figure it all out... I hope you use your own mind and decide for yourself if A.A. is for you or not.

I have no reason to promote A.A. That's against our traditions anyway. I'd like to get to a place where my actions could "attract" A.A. to those who need it.

Attraction! Yeah, that's the ticket.

How could a bunch of ex-drunks steer you wrong? These antiAA folks cannot hurt A.A. What they can do is distract some real alcoholics from giving A.A. a shot.

There was a fellowship prior to A.A. that was 18 times the size of A.A. It was called the Washingtonians. They fell apart rapidly because they lacked two things that A.A. had going for it, a program via the 12 steps and a cohesive unity via the 12 traditions. A.A. is still here and going strong. That's the truth.

These antiA.A.ers are losers who have no power in the face to face (f2f) world so they hide behind their keyboards and like to get a reaction out of us. But us A.A. folks are real folks and we have computers too.

So bring it on, punks.

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