Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Continued Conversations from Stinkin' Thinkin'

So... I gave them a break and decided to "give it up" and post my delicious wisdom over there again... and it was all good.

Then just today, I tried to post... and I got jammed up. I don't know what's wrong. They must have their editor back-logged or something. Well anyways, we were having a good conversation about stuff... namely how A.A. sucks and how a woman's marriage is being ruined because she's jealous of her husband going there or something.

So let's just merge into the conversation, shall we?

Barton, on December 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm Said:

I’ve been researching AA alot lately. My husband is consumed by this cult. It is destroying our marriage and family. I’m experiencing the …forget them, we’re your family… line that AA is feeding him. What worries me most is that it was a Government approved rehab centre that introduced him to AA.

I need to find something that will shock him into rational thinking and make him realise that he has no control of his life. Something that will make him realise that he needs “Rational Recovery” not “pray for guidance” which is what AA is feeding him.

Any suggestions??

Then uberdog...

Uberdog, on December 30th, 2009 at 8:36 pm Said:

Most people figure out AA is bullshit within the first 90 days, thus much importance is placed on 90 meetings in 90 days.It’s most effective on people who’s family or friends are substance abusers. Loneliness is a powerful motivator exploited in the rooms.Confrontational tactics are more likely to send the recruit back for more indoctrination as they attempt to aviod conflict.Do some homework . Call counseling services and find out who is not 12 step afilliated. Make an appointment for yourself and discuss your situation before going together. Ask questions of him in an inquisitive rather than accusing manner, lead him, rather than command him to the solution.Suggest doing things he likes to do on meeting nights and do them with him. Since he has chosen to abstain from drinking his social circle will change and he has much more time on his hands than before. Find new interesting people and activities to entertain the both of you.


If all else fails ask him how his fourth step is going, when is he going to start it, why he hasn’t he finished it yet and why won’t he let you read it.Best of luck!
December 30, 2009 1:33 PM

Then my turn:

McGowdog said...

Yeah, try something else. I think that Malibu Passage Rehab is good (http://www.passagesmalibu.com/?gclid=CPHhyJiL_54CFQmbnAodxyclIQ). The book is only $18.00 and the treatment costs about $80,000.00 or something. Must be worth it if it costs that much.

As far as reading his 4th Step, thats a good idea. Here's an example of that;

Column 1; Resentful at uberdog

Column 2: the cause... he's a milk-fed momma's boy with no balls.

Column 3:

.................Self esteem... I am sober, Mr. A.A., a real man.

.................Security... I need uberdog to grow up.

.................Ambition... I want to give uberdog balls.

.................Personal Relations... men defer to real men.

.................Pocketbook... N/A

So yeah, if you want to read someone else's inventory, I offer you this little smidgeon of advice; Once you read it, you're responsible. Good luck with that.
December 30, 2009 1:32 PM

So yeah... I offered up that plethora of advice free of charge. Gee. To think I saved her $80,000.00. I must be like a spiritual giant or something.

I offered some other advice, but it didn't show up for some reason and I didn't think of saving it before losing it to cyber space. I wonder if it'll make it past the editor over there at Stinkin.

I think Barton had asked for the advice after saying,

"I’ve been researching AA alot lately. My husband is consumed by this cult. It is destroying our marriage and family. I’m experiencing the …

I need to find something that will shock him into rational thinking and make him realise that he has no control of his life. Something that will make him realise that he needs “Rational Recovery” not “pray for guidance” which is what AA is feeding him.

Any suggestions??

Then I said something to the effect:

McGowdog: Maybe your husband isn't an alcoholic at all. Maybe he's just a situational drinker. What's the situation in the bedroom been lately?

So yeah, we'll see how it all shakes out and what gets posted and not. I sure hope they have a chance to read my pearls of wisdom and am looking forward to hearing the responses and how helpful my free advice is for them.

Happy New Year!


Oh yeah. Then just last night, H conversed with me a bit. things were actually pretty cordial...

H, on December 29th, 2009 at 5:35 pm Said:

mcgowdog –go to hell or to a meeting, whichever is closer.


So, being the gentleman that I am, I abliged her;

I went to a meeting.

The topic was "Wait for the Miracle".

I was called on first to share.

I said, "In my group, we say, 'Wait for the POP'.

"The chair person said, "Wait for the POP? What's that mean?"

I said, "That's the sound you hear when you pull your head out of your ass."

That went off like a fart in church.


Oh boy! Now I did it.

I created a Monster! Teej meets Stinky Pinky... or Stinkin' Thinkin' or whatever they call it.

Tony J, on December 30th, 2009 at 11:40 pm Said:

Q. What kind of person would de-capitalize the G and H in God and He in someone elses quote ?

A. A religious fanatic. Atheism. The true opiate for the masses.


As far as your silly question goes, why don’t you read the BB and see why ? It never suggests that a spiritual awakening comes to a person directly and one on one. It assumes that God works through people. Your quote is consistent with the rest of the book.

So, besides giving you an opportunity to edit someone elses work(someone with a purpose in life)……what is the point of your question ?

If you spend more than 3 minutes a week worrying about AA, you are pretty much a worthless human being.

Join and participate or quit and ignore it. In the mean time get some fresh air. You spend too much time on the internet…….

Reply; That's the whole point TJ! They've never quit A.A. ... The Program is etched into their brains forever! Hey H, Speedy, annaZed, FTG, MA, and now Uberdog, etc. ... give it a try. Try not to think about A.A. You can't do it! Here, go fetch...


Well... we see here that TJ went right after Speedy on his first post. I've seen TJ in action with 4 antiAA Bashing dorks and he's bloodied them all at one time. Let's see if Speedy doesn't respond with a "Fuck you twice, or a "speedy0314, on June 7th, 2009 at 4:10 am Said:i’d like to forward him a few posts from the steppers over at blame’s YT channel or even some of the e-mail i get after responding to vids. ‘vicious’, ‘demonizing’, ‘tearing down’ … ‘your mileage may vary’.kiss my ass you molly-coddled, in-love-with-your-own-credentials pansy. sit your highly theoretical ass in meetings for a full year & then tell me how wonderful & empowering it all is.fuck him twice,

speedy " to boot...

Yeah, we finally find out what Speedy was talking about with those stupid dorks on mike's YT channel. Hey Speedy, blamethedenialorwhateverthefuck, Orange, meet "Eyelovebooze" bitches.


Here's a little section from within Stinkin' Thinkin' where they assume they are Sobriety Central and people give a fuck about their "Drivel" as they say "over there";

Stinkin Thinkin Frequently Asked Questions and Repetitive Sentiments

I know that when AA scolds come here to wag their fingers at us, or take the time out of their serenity to insist that they are serene and to point out that they pity our anger, I know they’re not really interested in engaging in a dialog. They’re hit and run. If they were actually curious about our motives here they’d be inspired to peruse the blog, and what they learn will inform their questions and comments, which would be much different. And if they did, they would have found their questions answered and comments addressed over and over again, because I keep answering them, for some reason (You know when you take a screwdriver, like this, and you jam it into your ear, like this… I hate that!).

They’d also be able to actually take issue with what we’ve said, rather than dropping in to take pot-shots at our sobriety, motives, mental health, and emotional state.

They’re not here to engage – which we are very open to.

We’re game.

We don’t censor.

Granted, we’re not going to mollycoddle anyone.

I mean, you have to be able to take the heat.

But we’re open to debate

Debate my hairy sweaty balls. I went over there after I noticed you dorks badmouthing those from SR and eventually me included. I wasn't on board with SR until about April, so I was a late-comer to the Sobriety-Blog-Message Board world.

So, trying to go "off the ranch", I engaged you guys and gave you plenty to talk about. Then eventually, I was pretty much run off, told to "sod off", "fuck off", was called "peckerwood", etc. My personal information was asked for twice, as if some punk has the nipples to come actually get some, then I was told that my postings are likened to "staring at the sun". Words were exchanged. Nothing but a bunch of sophomoric one-sided shit from what I remember. Then I noticed that there's about 3 authors and about 5 minions who regurgitate the same shit over and over again and slobber over each other the same antiA.A. Orange-induced rhetoric.

So I get bored with it and just leave. I go back to my message board and notice that some from Stinkin' Thinkin' are slipping and slithering around in the more secular and MOTR corners of the message board.

Then I decide I need my own safe... warehouse... in cyberspace... with which to go chill... gather my thoughts... and a place to put them so they don't get deleted... or as in the case with Stinkin' Thinkin'... CENSORED!!!!!!!!!!

STINKIN' THINKIN' HAS NOT ONLY EDITED MY RECENT POSTS......... THEY ARE NO LONGER GETTING THROUGH!!!!!!!!! One against 8 or more and they won't take me on. Fine.


  1. Hi, McGowdog. I apologize for you comments not getting posted on our site. For some reason they wound up in the spam bin. I just got back today from an absence, and the blog has been unattended. Your comments should should go through fine now.


  2. Thank you kindly. We wouldn't want to deny anybody a spiritual epiphany.

    So much more accomodating than our gatekeepers at Sober Recovery, I must admit.