Sunday, January 30, 2011


  1. Naah. Just some broad I met on eHarmony.

  2. Her knees are especially ... ummm... worn.

    She looks like she could belt out a mean Bobby McGee.

  3. Good suction, too. My dream girl. Janis drank Jack Black, I think. But the resemblance is a little uncanny....

  4. Here's to the woman of my dreams...

    I could not ask for more...

    She's deaf dumb, oversexed, and owns a liquor store.

  5. Stop making jokes about FTG - she hocked her computer for that bottle!
    All kidding aside, I only hope she gets some help.
    There but for the grace of God...

  6. ft-who?

    Just got back from my Monday Night meeting.

    The topic was "cause and effect" with relation to the spiritual life and "half measures availed us nothing."

    It's cold out there tonight and it's snowing pretty good.

  7. Tell me about snow - I live in western New York. This winter was a already a drag by the end of December, but...
    Those topics sound interesting!
    BTW: I always thought Janis drank Southern Comfort?

  8. That's right Ralph. Janis loved Southern Comfort.

  9. I stand corrected. Southern Comfort it is. Sorry about the snow, guys. It's 55 right now (7:00 PM) and will be about 70 tomorrow. Damn the luck! Well, off to jail to hold a meeting. That's an interesting experience, believe me.

  10. It's 1° here and about -25 with wind chill. Ralph, I'm not even going to complain about the amount of snowfall, as we are short and will take all we can get. But it was cold today and I got to shovel snow at work today. I got to try my job-issued coveralls and that was a life saver. I used a head sock to keep my face, ears, nose and stuff from freezing.

    I passed my CDL written test tonight. Yay! Now I can study for my D operator license. I have until April for that one.

  11. Yeah, Dawg. Way to go.

    No wonder they don't like you over at ST.
    You seem to be one of the wretched masses who works for a living.

    On day, whey you're smart like they are you'll just sit online and tell everyone else how to run the world.

  12. I was at least able to shut Ben Franklin's fat mouf up.

    Thank you BTW. Thanks be to God.