Thursday, January 6, 2011

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.....

I know this picture will get Mike excited but it's apropos.

So now the anti-AA squawkers are mandated by their cult leaders to ignore us. They will comply like the good little robots they are. No cult likes it's members to think for themselves. Good enough. o

But, as usual, they can't just leave. They have to throw shit at you first. Now, it's a charachter defect of mine that....when you throw shit at me, I'm gonna pick it up and throw it back at you.

Also, the anti-AA nut balls need to be exposed. For whatever it's worth, for as small an audience who has interest, just to keep the record somewhat straight.

So enjoy the following :

"SoberPJ says Wow, they are really dragging this thing through the raunchy dirt. It doesn’t get too much more vulgar than that. I hope that fair minded people can see what is happening here.

Something is terribly wrong with those people. Parents reading this, think about if you would want your child being involved with people that get that raunchy simply when their beliefs are questioned. How much lower will they go and what will it take to send them there? It’s really sicko stuff."

Wow, (not so)SoberPJ is playing the victim card.

Getting this raunchy when others have been raunchy towards us is not the same as getting this raunchy simply because our beliefs are questioned. You don't have to ability to have a debate without insulting us, so you get what you get. Blame yourself.

As far as raunch, have you bothered to look at your little girl friends over at ST and see what they are doing? Do you want 'fair minded people' to judge you as you would have them judge me ?

Your cult masters over at ST are staging the internet equivelant of the Nancy Grace show.

You have AnnaZed posting things like this :

"Of course the sponsors all talk shit out of school about what their sponsees tell them in their fourth step (of course they do!) so when I matriculated (as it were) to long sober sponsor type I was part of the inner coven of crypt key keeping bitches that know all of the secrets. Now, the bat-shit crazy woman that was sponsoring her could have made this up (though somehow I doubt it), but she felt compelled to tell us all that her sponsee had done time back in her early 20s for the sexual abuse of her male child who then went on to take his own life when he was a young man. This woman used to garner all sorts of hugs and sympathy when she shared about her grief over her son’s suicide, which she did all of the time. Somehow I felt rather less sympathetic when I was told that she had orally copulated him when he was a small child. I shudder even now when I think about it, yet I let this person hug me and I interacted with her by choice for (literally) years!"

So Anna heard a story about a woman second hand and this is a 'fair' judgement ?

Let me tell you Anna, I've NEVER had anyone tell me what was one someone elses 4th step. Not even anonymously. And the sober men I hang with wouldn't sit and have a coffee clutch and discuss it like you and your ignorant friends did.

Anna, everyone is not a low minded gossip like you are. The ones who are end up over at ST and that's why you fit in.

You let her hug you and interacted with her at the time because for a moment in your life you had some humility. You probably had a sense of your own moral failings too.

If that story is true it's a tragedy all around. What you're saying is that mentally ill people don't deserve your sympathy. I feel sorry for a mother who would hurt her son so much that he'd kill himself. Spiritually that's fairly low on the scale. I might not hang out with her but I would respect her in meetings, especially if she's been around for 20 years. Let's have a little perspective here.

AA is not an arm of law enforcement. AA is the place people go and hopefully try and get well. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they abuse the system because that's the nature of a system. It can always be used by people in a negative way. Milking the system in this case would include predators using AA to make contact with people.

What's the solution ?

Use common sense and keep your guard up. I hear that message quite often.

 "SoberPJ says Right, we can live without them, but they have little to talk about without us. As their frustration grows so does the bizarreness of the attacks. How can anyone think being that vulgar is a rational response to ANY argument? We can make the jokes about serenity and all, but something is truly wrong with the person that responds that way. It is sociopathic and he is getting worse over time. It follows a pattern of mental illness – sometimes on the verge of being rational, then goes over the edge and turns angry, bitter and in this case vulgar. That’s mental illness folks."

Wow, SoberPJ is a mental health professional and has rendered a diagnosis.

Hey ST crew, isn't one of your complaints about AA that they have people giving out mental help advice with no qualifications ?

Now SoberPJ, why is it okay if you guys crack on us but when we give it back to you we're 'sociopathic' ? Isn't this just another example of how you guys at ST want to live in a world that allows you to act any way you please but forces the rest of society to act the way you would have them ? In other words, we should 'do as you say and not as you do', in other words, you're a hypocrite ?

How, exactly is being immature and hypocritical going to make the recovery industry a better place ?

friendthegirl says "One other thing that might help you keep some perspective when you venture out of the boat is that there are only about 3 or 4 of these weird ST obsessed whackjobs, and they talk only to each other — ever. Even their own peeps have banished them. There’s really no point in getting defensive or justifying or explaining anything to them. Really. There is no chance on earth that anyone is going to come here, read JD’s comments and decide that he has a point."

Our own peeps have banished us ?
Really ?

I think you are assuming that since the only friends you have are 'online friends', that it's also true for us. I have real peeps. I haven't been banished by my peeps in quite a while.

No, it's the anti-AA cult leaders have banished us. There's a difference. You guys don't count.

And good luck trying to act mature now.
Your 'peeps' are still cutting and pasting and bringing the snippets over to your blog for the monkeys to masturbate to.

I'd love to sit with a judge and go through your site.
I'd like to see if they're as stupid as you think. I have an idea that judges know that there are criminals in programs they mandate criminals to attend.....I could be wrong though.
Maybe it's you guys at ST who have the world figured out and it's the judges, doctors and mental health people who don't have a clue.

Oh and the bandwagon logical fallacy is not consistent with science based treatement.


"The bandwagon fallacy is committed by arguments that appeal to the growing popularity of an idea as a reason for accepting it as true. They take the mere fact that an idea suddenly attracting adherents as a reason for us to join in with the trend and become adherents of the idea ourselves."

So, if we be 3-4 talking to ourselves and if you be millions, it means nothing at all as far as the truth of your arguments go.

Amoral people need a crowd of people to support them. Moral people do not.
To a moral person, the simple truth will do.

Don't get into any relationships for a year. Good advice. Why ? Because in a year you'll have a much better idea of who's who in the meetings.

Oh....but that's right, that's a cult control mechanism, isn't it ???

If you think you're going to control who gets to attend AA and who doesn't, you're better off just staying with your white middle class college educated friends over at ST.
Of course you don't know them very well either, do you ...........

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  1. Not-so-Sober PJ says "vulgar to ANY response to any argument?"

    She calls this a rational argument? They call us murderers, rapist, cult leaders, thieves, mental defects, idiots and the like. So they expect us to sit back and agree with them?

    DeCon put this rant together for us; Decon says, "We have the facts on our side. In the information age, it will be impossible for the AA faith to continue its dangerous lies, cover the blood on its hands, and continue to conceal the bloodshed that happens from the increased suicides, deaths of innocents from drunk driving incidents, and the continuing rapes of newcomers and their children."

    We know how the punks feel about us. You have banned us from your site. Now guess what? We're not gonna ban ourselves from here.

    You are calling us vulgar? Stop judging us/me on sins/vulgarites that you dispell in yourselves.

    You say that all we do is cut and paste and focus in on you all at ST? How would you know that? Do any of us feel that you would give us credit for the positive things we might do and for recovery topics we might bring up? I won't hold my breath.

  2. Hey Dawg, I notiticed one of the tarts over at ST is talking about dropping flyers with orange papers and ST web urls on them in her AA meetings.

    Can we put stinkin thinkin and orange papers in our tag lines or someplace and see if we can come up on the same page to give any viewers the option of reason ?

  3. Reread our header and see if this would help. It would be nice if we could be on Stinkin' Thinkin's Resentment List like Dick B and Danny's Blog, but their petty hatred of us has forced them to shut us out. MA continues to miss me though.

  4. Yeah, that may help.

    We'll have to wait a while and see if the web crawler picks us up. We're pretty low traffic but we should get on the radar at some point.

    They're a sad bunch. I honestly think they're so stupid that they project themselves onto AA and us and everything else.

    Now they're trying to act nice to JD.

    It's a hoot. They physically need an AA to kick around. They're trying to cultivate him to be their bitch. My money is saying they won't.

    And what's with that tinfoil hat dude ?
    That's the same creep that used to post at mental health, isn't it ?

    His line is "check the ip address, there are consequences".

    What the fuck ? And those fruit cakes have the nerve to say AA attcacts sociopaths ?

    They better not stop and see who their friends are, they may be in for a dissappointment.

  5. Okay, here's my blog :


    I direct anyone interested to here.
    Go check it out and let me know what you think.

    I'm open to suggestions.

  6. I saved it to my favs and will contribute shortly.

    Now you've given the losers yet something else to ignore.

  7. I am so getting a kick out of reading that ST blog. That crowd gets worse and worse every day. They sit around and cosign each other's bull shit. It's great to see how fucked up alcoholics are when they decide to rest on their laurels and allow their egos and idiotic nature to resume unchecked.

    There's a blog entry AA boutique which talks about a Hazleden program for lawyers. Kind of odd but that turned into the lawyers only meeting discussion. AnnaZ still has resentments because her sponsor made her clean the bathroom.....roflmao !!! Doesn't her sponsor know who she is ? It's not like princess anna ever pees in a bathroom, why should she be expected to clean it....lol !!!

    And Mike says "it's hard for doctors and lawyers because they get hit up for free advice".

    Again....ROFLMAO !!!! I've hit up auto mechanics and carpenters for free advice in AA but never a lawyer. Actually I happen to know quite a few lawyers. They help people like anyone else. But honestly, what rock did this crew come out form under ?

    Oh, and go take a look and see MA acting like a prosecutor. It's pretty funny. I almost bought the act until the so called lawyer started spewing the anti-AA rhetoric by the book. The cultees are licking it up though. He has his flock just where he wants them. All he has to do is give them the kool aid.

    Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

  8. Oh, but you're supposed to be JD and all, so go back and defend yourself because that lawyer told you that you were full of shit.

    Mike so misses you now. Whatever will he do without you?

  9. I can't defend myself.

    That's why Mike is having a field day.

    If I was allowed on there he'd be hiding under his desk afraid to type.

    We just had a nice sermon in church about doing good and how 'no good deed goes unpunished'. The anti-AA's are helping each other forget some basic spiritual truths that I'm quite sure they learned in AA.

    I'm watching them and learning. I'm one thought away from slipping into some form of that attitude myself. Humility is the way to true peace but it doesn't come natural.

    Hanging out with people who are using education and money and social status to blow themselves up (into prideful baloons...) isn't what I need to stay sober and live a better life.

  10. Seven today. I went to a place that gives away chips. Next week I chair two meetings that don't give chips, but they do make cake. Good thing I'm not a stage 2 diabetic yet. Last I check my blood sugar after a meal, I was at 95. Not too shaby.

    Snowing again now! Yeah! I like snow. It will give me some exercise next week too. I'll get to shovel snow, throw salt and chip ice like I did last Monday. But this week, I might have to bundle up a bit tighter. They're calling for double-digit below zeros. But cleaning off the snow and ice is a safety issue. Someone's gotta do it and I'm low on the Totem Pole. But a busy day makes for a quick day.

    Those folks over there can hate A.A. all they want. I just truly wish they find their truth about who they are and find a path to their own happiness. They churn out thoughts of A.A. a hell of a lot more than we do. But, maybe in time... they'll shut this Money-Maker down and we'll be freed up to do something else.

    Until then... Namaste