Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here's to the underdog

... and here's to the BigDawg!


How about them SeaChickens?  They may get that winning record yet!


  1. And the Jets too.

    Speaking of chicken, I wonder how the Eagles will do .......

  2. All roads are going through Foxboro this year.
    I don't think Brady and Company will be denied.

    I was glad to see the Colt's loose last night, I'd rather face the Jets next week, that and I like how Sanchez rocks his mustache without a care in the world, guy can't pass for shit but he has balls.

  3. He's gonna have frozen balls in Foxboro, huh? Those California boyz are gonna have to learn how to play in the snow sooner or later.

    At least you, Jim, and Tony have a dog in the fight.

  4. Yeah, who would've imagined? I kind of gave up following the Seahawks fairly early in the season. My son insisted they would make the play offs though, and he was right.

  5. Looks like I was wrong, that game was a fucking debacle! We deserved to loose, can't play like shit in the post season and expect to win.

    On a different note, I've been lurking again at ST, they are ripping on Chris R, something fierce, they actuall have an audio clip of him that they have taken way out of context, it's too bad, I've met Chris, he's a good guy and not the monster they are making him out to be. I should stay away from that site, I'm glad I've had the good sense not to post anything there lately, why give them ammo.

  6. Condolences to the Chowds' loss... if they be a team you root for... or be they just a team of proximity for you... they would be a good pick by most rational minded football enthusiasts to be a Super Bowl favorite. But they lost to the New Jersy J... er is it the New York??? Jets! Wow. The trash talkin' Jets. How nice. Congrats to Tony J.

    Now... all I ask is that somehow... someway, anything but the Pittsburgh Steeler! Seven rings? Too much. And the Packers? Naw. Please please let it be the one-time winner Bears vs the one-time Jets in SB XLV where they can both lose.

    Anyway... I knew it would be but a matter of time that Stinkin' Thinkin' could brush up against actual reality and come across a figure whom is relevant to those of us in the trenches of A.A. I've heard of this Chris R character and I think it was you Rob who directed me to one of his pitches. Is this guy not instrumental in some of the FOTS events of that locale? Has he not been involved with some center once run by the late Mark Houston? I believe Jim had made mention of that. In any case, I understand him to be a fundamental step worker who although on the speaker circuit... the type to practice what they preach and one to keep to the book.

    Those whinny bitches and wanna-be prudes there sit back and bitch about my inclusion of some lude pics and call it porn. They are just a buch of goodie-two shoes and girl scouts. If I put a pic up of an underage gal, that was unintentional. It came from photobucket, so I assumed it to be legal, albeit somewhat distasteful. It did have a purpose, however.

    Now, to this frequent complaining about how rude and crude and disgusting we are over here... let's not forget that I came to you with ftg's welcome on more than one occasion and had the intent of being more than gracious and polite over there when I am soon repeatedly attacked and shit on by your more frequent posters over there and have been baited, threatened, insulted, and otherwise made to not feel welcome and you wonder why I get nasty from time to time?

    In any case, I'm not around to be a good boy and to win over your approval. I know you're keeping your eye on us. MA continues to recognize me in his taglines. Whether you agree with our "style" or not... you would be bored and essentially without purpose in our absence.

    There are times when I set my ego aside and speak from my actual experience... for all to see. I have nothing to hide (Wow! Michael Douglass sure looks good! Nice to see him in recovery from that nasty C!).

  7. I'm in fucking recovery and I need not be ashamed about the method I've found... not from you dorks at ST nor from any other rock that you anti/XAers you might be hiding under.

    My wife works in a field in which MHFA training is required. Now... this does not make her a therapist. Merely someone who can help a person in need get the further help they need and to be safe to themselves and the people about them until this can be done.

    Here is the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan;

    Action A; assess for risk of suicide or harm
    Action L; Listen nonjudgementally
    Action G; Give reassurance and information
    Action E; Encourage appropriate professional help
    Action E; Encourage self help and other support strategies

    So there's a first aid for mental situations as well as for physical situations. Let's look at alcoholism as being a mental health situation, shall we?

    Mental health problems include; depression, anxiety, misuse of alcohol and drugs... and even food.

    "Many people are not well informed about how to recognize mental health problems, how to respond, or what effective treatments are available. There are many myths and misunderstandings about mental health problems. Common myths include the idea that people with mental disorders are dangerous, that it is better to avoid psychiatric treatment, that people can use willpower to pull themselves out of mental health problems, and that only weak people have mental health problems. Lack of knowledge may result in denial and avoidance. With greater community knowledge about mental health problems, people will be able to recognize problems in others and be better prepared to offer support."

    "There is a stigma associated with mental health problems. Stigma involves negative attitudes (prejudice) and negative behavior (discrimination). Stigma can lead people to hide their problems and delay seeking help. People are often ashamed to discuss mental health problems with family, friends, teachers, and/or work colleagues and may be reluctant to seek treatment and support because of concerns about what others will think. Stigma can lead to exclusion of people with mental health problems from employment, housing, social activities, and relationships. People with mental health problems can internalize the stigma and begin to believe the negative things others say about them. Better understanding of the expereinces of people with mental health problems can reduce stigma and discrimination. People with mental health problems may not have the insight that they need help or may be unaware that effective help is available. Some mental health problems can cloud a person's thinking and rational decision-making processes, or the person can be in such severe distress that they cannot take effective action."

    Just don't fucking drink, right?

    So... as you anti/XA honks point out... A.A. ain't for everybody and it ain't perfect. Well no shit. But go read Chapter 7 and let's see how far off base A.A. really really is. We'll look at that more later. But you going around telling us, reminding us how awful we are is ludacris to your own cause.

    You're bashing the very customers you might intend to help.

    What the hell good is that?

  8. I'm a Giants fan but my son is into the Jets.

    I have to sit there and let him mock me.

    It's like posting over at ST except my son makes logical arguments.

    Still, I can route for the Jetssssssssss, just not the Eagles.

    But Rob is right, the Pats need to go home and practice. They only have 9 months to get read for next season. They reminded me of my Giants earlier in the season.

  9. BTW, I kind of wish you hadn't taken that photo down. I don't think the gril was underage but even if she was, so what ?

    It wasn't porn. It was just a visual of why someone should stay out of relationships for the first year and/or how you don't know the person you might get into a relationship with.

    That JR nutjob is actually too stupid to figure out how the pictures fit in with the text.

    You can't worry about nit wits like that.
    He doesn't even get the kid with the bloody nose is there because I said 'keep your guard up'. He thinks it's a reference to kids using drugs.

    He's obviously verrrrrry interested in underage kids. More than you or I.

    Although, for the record, I like the new girls leading up to the Guiness truck too. JR will never figure that one out either.

    You can't fix stupid.

  10. haha... I'm just glad you didn't mind me adding the photos to your post.

    I figure that if something about my post upset them, I'd be willing to right that between me and them. Giving the said poster and their claim the benefit of the doubt of course.

    When dealing with the anti/XAers from Stinkin' Thinkin', you never know which role they're gonna assign themselves at any given time, Einstein, Internet Keyboard Muscle-man, the Nun, the Castrated Monk, or the Expatriate from Puerto Vallarta Guy, or Fugly Librarian Frigid Gurl. They're all so self-absorbed and sensitive, they're like ingrown hairs.

    Good luck over there and wear your rubber gloves.