Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Much For Resolutions

Mike thinking about AA.

Looks like I picked a bad year to quit fighting Anti-AA.

From ST :

Mike says I think JD is Tony J, writing style is the same. I have years of experience reading that troll’s posts.

Mona Lisa says I agree with Mike; JD’s writing is suspiciously similar to Tony J’s.

DeConstructor says JD, Tony J, and McGowDog, the trifecta of the orgy of incompetence.

Ben Franklin says Jeez JD you sound like Tony J. Maybe your real name is Tony JD. Slick,real slick. He never really has much to say either and is a seething cauldron of serenity. Quick with the insult and not much else. You got nothing also.

Even Worse Than I Thought......

Well, I made a New Year's Resolution to put the anti-AA fighting behind me.
As all resolutions are, this one is being tested.

I meant to post a reflection on my anti-AA stance regarding my program. That seems a normal enough use of my time.

But now, before I do, it seems I need to address a little drama over at ST.

It seems they are accusing JD of being me. (and vice versa....)

Now, it's obvious that the anti-AA's aren't the best and the brightest that society has to offer.
It's equally obvious that they are pretentious and arrogant in an attempt to avoid looking at themselves for what they truely are. Pretending to be above the fray while rolling around in the mud is the oldest trick in the book for avoiding responsibility for one's own actions. A close second is scapegoating an organization and blaming your faults on it. (sound familiar ?)

But when I noticed Ben Franklin (college boy know-it-all) claim that JD was me and Mike(goody two shoes, Momma's boy and all around Ass-Worshiper) used his 'authority' of 'years of experience' much the same way he uses it to discredit AA I had to laugh.

I mean this crew is so clueless they don't even know which way is up.

Mona Lisa, of course is just stupid. Someone says something retarded and she instinctually agrees.

But what does all this hubbub prove ?

JD does not 'sound' like me in his posts. He just has the same general opinions of the anti-AA crew as I do. And that's not all that original. Most observers would.
But the fact that Ben Franklin's vagina drips and Mona Lisa's penis gets hard at the very thought of my name shows that the anti-AA community needs me just like the alcoholic needs a drink.

Without an 'AA' to contradict they couldn't exist. They need AA like any parasite needs it's host. And indeed that's what these people are. Parasites pure and simple. One minute leeching off society while drunk, the next minute leeching off society while slightly less drunk.

I've been banned from ST for a year and they're still fantasizing about me.

Really, it's all the more reason to give up the fight.

But in JD's defense I needed to set the record straight.

JD is not me. Sorry losers. Just like you're wrong about everything else in your life, you are wrong about this too.

Does anyone want to see more of Ass Worshiper Mike's splendid character ?

ST Article :

A 28-year-old Rapid City man who sexually assaulted a family friend younger than 16 will spend the next six months in prison and the next 15 years on probation.


Thorstenson gave Donley the maximum sentence allowed under the law but granted him a suspended execution of sentence.

Instead, she sentenced him to six months in prison and placed him on probation for the next 15 years.

During his probation, Donley can have no unsupervised contact with children younger than 18 and must abide by a 7 p.m. curfew.

Donley was also ordered to pay more than $3,000 in restitution and almost $1,000 in court costs. He must continue drug and alcohol counseling and attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Mike :

"Mike says So now the guy can meet up with other sexually deviants in the halls and do some real damage. I can just picture him now leering at the young mother with the baby carriage in the next row. How utterly contemptible."
Hey jerk off, Donley can have "NO UNSUPERVISED CONTACT WITH CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 18" as part of his probation. Do you understand that jerk off ?

Do you think you can administer justice better than judge Thorstenson ?

And are you worried about the baby or the mother ? I'm sure you see this Donley as competition, after all it's been proven in a court of law that the man had sex. Something you can only dream about. How many women with babies have you leered at over your 20 year carreer in AA ?
After all, you claim it's a haven for sexual deviants and you know because you spent 20 years in 'the halls'......so that begs the question, why did you hang around with sexual deviants for 20 years unless you're one yourself ?

No Mike, you're just projecting your own faults onto everyone else in the room (or hall).

Whatever your sexual hang ups are you need to address them. You have just a little too much interest in the sex life of others for me to feel comfortable around you. Thou protesteth too much.


  1. Ha! I noticed that JD poster over there. Once in a great while, an AAer will post over there or even an XAer with a lick of sense and tell the ST folks how whacked out they are and then get hen-pecked to death by all the little minions and rabid dirt squirrels.

    I tried having a conversation with Decon and GoGo, until they started just ranting all over again about how terrible we all are. I called them out for a moment and reasoned with them just long enough to call them to the table... tell me where the hell these awful meetings are. Get one of your huge and growing fellowship of abused XAers and have just one of them tell me exactly where one of these atrocious and dangerous meetings are... in my home state of Colorado. Give me a time and a place of where I can go so I can see this for myself and do something about it.

    I get nothing. They just say that it's everywhere... because they've been to 20,000 meetings from Maine to San Diego. They go from meeting to meeting where they can get raped and robbed and it's horrible.

  2. It's a fucking train wreck over there. I haven't been looking at that site since they banned me.

    What a bunch of looney tunes.

    They're making boiler plate letters to send to judges to warn them about predators in AA. I guess that's okay but.....how many predators are actually in AA ? I don't think it's more than the general population.

    And one of them was complaining because they threw her off of wikipedia because she thinks they should present the anti-AA view (which uses misquoted studies and statistics).

    Then that AnnaZed chick went on a diatribe about how she shouldn't be made to associate with the low levels of society in AA. She's a princess and should only socialize with royalty, I guess.

    The anti-AA's are really, really socially inept.

    It's mostly histrionic women and soft men like Mike who always try to sit with the girls and gossip and talk about Sandra Bullock movies.

  3. "how many predators are actually in AA ? I don't think it's more than the general population".

    It may be higher. But so what! There's a good chance those are exactly the ones the Judges are sending there. As stated the misfits of society end up in AA and Church. The Judges the dolts at ST are appealing to are the roots of the problem. The Judges are the very ones that help clutter up AA with the people ST is leery of.
    I bet a lot of the ST crowd was court ordered too.
    Could it be??

  4. The ST crowd are likely of two types.

    1. Non alcoholics who are mentally unstable and broke the law and were thus forced into treatment.

    2. Alcoholics who are mentally unstable and deny the reality of their situation.

    The whole idea that judges don't know there are other criminals in programs that they send criminals to, sounds like it's not very well thought out.

    Of course if they had the ability to think, they probably wouldn't be over at ST in the first place........