Thursday, January 13, 2011

Should I do 90 meetings in 90 days?

Fuck no!  That would be retarded.  Tell the person who told you to do that to practice what they preach.

Just chaired my second meeting this week!  Passed my CDL physical!  The last two lines on the previous medical ailments list were classic; are you a heavy drinker?  are you reliant on addictive drugs?

NO and NO!  When the gal took my sample for the blood test, I was having to sign this and sign that and see that serial numbers matched... and was told to NOT flush the toilet of course.  Being somewhat uncomfortable, I looked over at her and told her... I've been sober for about 7 years and four days now.  She told me that was awesome and asked me if I was Irish.

90 meetings in 90 days is for losers and those who even suggest it are ass-reamers.

I'm feeling spiritual tonight and tomorrow is Friday!  Guess what I'm gonna do tomorrow?  Go to work, come home, and get frisky with my wife!  Happy fucking birthday to me!  If you're gonna do A.A., then do A. fucking A.

Fuckin' A!


  1. McGowdog,

    I think you should go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Not to AA, but to a shrink. I have been reading this blog, and you and your cohorts are fucking nuts! Is everybody in AA this moronic? Sheeeeez!!

  2. McGowcat, could you be more specific ?

  3. Probably an alias since the Leaders at ST won't allow them to post here!

  4. Dawg, congrats.

    Hey, Cuda and I can post over at ST again.

    I sort of went over to clear JD because they were calling him a racist, bigot (like very unique), homophobe because they associated him with me.

    FTG not only let me post (with some strong warnings.....can't imagine why), but put the monkeys on a leash when they tried to provoke me. You should see Mike grovel. He really does submit to strong women.

    A moderated forum I can deal with.

    We'll see if she gets mad and boots me though. You can never tell. The anti-AA's really don't like us over there. We bother the hell out of them for some reason. I'd think they'd like the diversion. Without us they sit around and agree with each other and pat themselves on the back all day.

    I wonder how the girl could tell you were Irish......

  5. Kind of interesting. I've actually posted over there a couple times. All one has to do is change their IP Address and they're in.
    While lurking in the forums I saw a threat of a "Gloves Off" Thread but I don't think they dare.
    When we call them on their opinions stated as fact, misquotes, exaggerations, fabricated statistics and outright lies they only have one alternative. Produce more lies. If that doesn't work they have no choice but to give us the boot.

  6. I know, I take the time to try and make acutal points sometimes but it's useless.

    I started calling them anti-AA cultees as a joke but the more I see the more I think I was on the money.

    They spend hours a day learning 'anti-AA' talking points and don't bother to learn the program of AA.

    It's amusing. You don't need a reason to hate AA. Why spend all that effort making them up ?

    Just don't go. Most of them claim they have the power to stop....so use it. God bless you.
    Honestly. I wouldn't be in AA if I could help it either.

    It makes the critical thinker suspect there's more to their story than they tell......