Thursday, January 13, 2011

Current topic in an Alcohol Recovery Forum about A.A. Closed Meetings

A newbie to the A.A. 12 Step forum:
But that isn't the case for everyone attending an AA meeting. I just started going to AA and the fact that I am a binge drinker who doesn't drink everyday is what kept me away from AA for so long. I thought you had to drink every day to be an alcoholic. So, for a newcomer, it is important to know that alcoholism takes all kinds of forms. Once you know more about it, only then does it become a moot point.
I didn't drink booze everyday.  I drank continuously from time to time during my drinking years, perhaps even successfully at times.

But that would not describe the truth of my drinking history from start to finish.  In fact, I had very long periods of not drinking mixed in to my history, because there were times that I almost killed myself due to dangerous bouts with booze and it did scare me.  I managed to show signs of control/abstinence from time to time.

Conversely.  Being a "continuous hard drinker" does NOT make one an alcoholic.  You can be a continuous hard drinker... thus a daily drinker, and not be an alcoholic.

Anyone who says they drank 24/7 is a fucking liar.  But go ahead and embellish your story if that's how you have to get down.  We do vary much in our drinking patterns/history.

In my A.A. group, we talk about booze... about how we drank, how much we drank, and what happened... when the topic calls for it.  We also do this when we're talking to a new man who is a potential prospect for Alcoholics Anonymous.  What the fuck else would we talk about than that?  The stock market?  The weather?  Our feelings?


  1. I didn't drink every day.
    Some guys did. Some guys do the hourly tipple.

    I was a binge drinker. I'd drink myself sick for a few days then recover for a day or maybe a week or two and then do it again.

    I'm what you would call a drunk when I drink.
    Sloppy, nasty, stupid.

    FTG thinks I'm that way now. Maybe I am. Progress not perfection, you know.

  2. I think you are giving ftg female wood.