Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So what do y'all think about snuffing?

I swear that all the secular folks take all the fun out of even fucking kicking the old bucket.

I try to converse with rational folks about the holidays on my states forum and damned if some radical atheistic fucks don't come along and shit on the thread about how their mother died on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas so... they want to shout "God is evil" out one side of their mouths and shout "Materialistic lunacy" out the other side.

So what do you think about death? Is it so bad? If my loved one dies is it to me to say to the universe, "How fucking dare you take this poor cancer suffering soul away from ME!"?

My cousin died on November 20th of kidney cancer and do you think she or her family shy'd away from Thanksgiving
? No. They had it one week early and considered it a blessing. I think that's graceful.

So... tell me of a spiritual discipline that doesn't start off with the acknowledgement that we are going to die.

Knowing I'm going to die is a great starting point and building block to living.

What say you?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all of you with a pulse had a nice one and those who traveled get home safe.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

Image: Kevin Daly

You know the shirt

Thank you to Rob for this tragic irony.  Do I find this funny?  Not the act... but the baboon-faced fuck with the stupid look on his face is sort of funny.  I wonder if he doesn't have a resentment on his shirt.  I doubt he'll be sportin' that baby during his hearing.

We've all seen the shirt or the bumper sticker.  Funny, until someone gets hurt.  He's lucky he didn't kill that cop.  He's a fuck-up... imo.  He may or may not be alky.  In any case, that's his problem. 

As I commented on this elsewhere, "Maybe this time the guy will spend less time mocking folks who are committing to a better way of life and more time finding a way to get his own shit together."

The next shirt he's gonna need is a D.A.M.M. shirt, Drunks Against MADD Mothers.  Then there's always the I'm With Stupid ^ shirt.  Anyone remember those?

Thank God A.A. is notorious, cultish, and religious enough to not have to deal with some of these fuck-ups... imo of course.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Confused in Virginia

Dear Mr. Manners,

I am an alcoholic who's becoming a little (more) confused. In my area several new meetings have been started, most likely because of resentments and egos. The reasoning in starting a new meeting I understand. The fact that there are already over 300 meetings listed in our directory does cause me to wonder about the need for another step study meeting, however.

Here's my dilemma. At every meeting I attend there's always someone announcing these new meetings and inevitably ending the announcement with a plea for everyone to attend the new meeting "because it really needs your support". This tells me that the new meetings are hurting for attendees and my support is desperately required.

So, should I abandon the Wednesday meeting I've been attending for years to support the new one? How about the Monday meeting? You see my confusion here. People are starting unneeded new meetings, no one is showing up, and then it's suddenly the fault of the rest of AA because we're not "supporting" them.

Or perhaps these fucking people are just morons? If resentments arise in a home group (and they do), why not just switch to another home group? Instead, the "I'm not drinking better than you're not drinking" attitude comes out and a new, unnecessary meeting is started. And no one attends. And pleas are made for support. I feel like I'm being asked to back a local baseball team.

This problem would go away if the ones who started the new meeting realized the errors of their ways, accepted the fact that nobody's gonna come to their new meeting and just let the fucking thing die. But they don't. So we end up with a hundred suck-ass AA meetings controlled by ego maniacs where, if they're lucky, 8 or 9 people attend.

My question, Mr. Manners, is this: Should I wallow in guilt because I don't support these new meetings. I know I'd feel some guilt if I abandon my home group to offer this support. I'm fucked regardless. Or maybe every time I chair a meeting the topic could be idiots who plead for support for suck-ass meetings? That would liven up the discussion....Maybe I could refer to that tradition the deals with autonomy "except when affecting other AA groups". That might work, too.

So please, Mr. Manners, help out a confused alcoholic here. You'll be saving a few lives in doing so.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smarter Than The Average Monkey

With Dog's monkey video up. (great btw) I figure some of the lurking atheist types would get to thinking that we humans are just high tech monkeys.

But we do monkeys one better. We not only drink, get drunk and fall down; we sing about it too. In 7/4 time no less.

Just another proof that there IS a God.

Monday, November 7, 2011

So our troubles are basically of OUR own making?

Have you ever come out of a 5th Step and feel like your skull was cracked open?

This was a rough one. I was so packed deep into this garbage that I had painted myself into a victim's corner.

Not only had I refused to see my part, but I refused to treat any of this spiritually.

This one really exposed my ego. No wonder I've been physically sick lately. I've been spiritually sick too... though I usually don't think so.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So... is the idea of a line between the alcoholic and the normie a myth?

I'm that one... that throws tables, steals others' drinks... kicks ass, takes the girl, and staggers away.