Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

Image: Kevin Daly

You know the shirt

Thank you to Rob for this tragic irony.  Do I find this funny?  Not the act... but the baboon-faced fuck with the stupid look on his face is sort of funny.  I wonder if he doesn't have a resentment on his shirt.  I doubt he'll be sportin' that baby during his hearing.

We've all seen the shirt or the bumper sticker.  Funny, until someone gets hurt.  He's lucky he didn't kill that cop.  He's a fuck-up... imo.  He may or may not be alky.  In any case, that's his problem. 

As I commented on this elsewhere, "Maybe this time the guy will spend less time mocking folks who are committing to a better way of life and more time finding a way to get his own shit together."

The next shirt he's gonna need is a D.A.M.M. shirt, Drunks Against MADD Mothers.  Then there's always the I'm With Stupid ^ shirt.  Anyone remember those?

Thank God A.A. is notorious, cultish, and religious enough to not have to deal with some of these fuck-ups... imo of course.


  1. I like his look, slightly punkish and not a drop of remorse, love it. If I was playing beer pong, I'd want him on my team, you just know he has game.

    In my younger more stupid years I had a keychain that said
    I LOVE TO DRINK, nothing like advertising to the cops that I am a fuck up loser.

  2. Wanna bet that part of his sentence is mandatory meetings?

  3. Well that would be fucking horrible.

    Call in the anti/XAer ST/Orange calvary to save his ass.

  4. Last Sunday I left a meeting about 15 miles East of here. A friend left a bar in Fort Collins about 15 miles West of here. One of us made it home alive. One of us didn't. My drunk friend on his motorcycle had a head on with another drunk that had crossed over the line. The following weekend all my biker friends had a memorial ride for Andy where they drove from bar to bar. Once upon a time I would have been right there with them probably as drunk and defiant as any of them. But my time came and I took a right turn at the turning point and haven't looked back. In short, I've also walked a mile in that guys shirt. We'll save a seat for him when he's ready.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend Karl, takes the humor right out of the situation. ALkie or not, driving while messed up is deadly.

  6. I should give the kid a pass, being that he's only about 22 I think. He should want to get drunk and have fun.

    I shouldn't just lump him in with all the anti/XAers out there that badmouth meetings/steps and suffer the same challenges that would put a person at risk of having to even discover such a fate. If he wants to get drunk and enjoy it, that's fine. He just made a bad decision to drive while drunk and he sure isn't the first 22 year old to make such a mistake.

    I have no idea what he felt like that next morning... nor what his exact level of guilt was. How drunk was he, for example?

    But I should relate to folks who carry their thirst for booze like a badge of honor. I was there myself for too long.

  7. "Never argue with an idiot, someone watching may not know the difference".


  8. "Why don't you shut your mouth and give your ass a chance?"
    - Igor's dad


  9. Stupid is as Stupid Does

    Forrest Gump

  10. Laf is lak a bouwx a choklates. ynvr no wut cher gonnn-git.

  11. Cuda, sorry about your friend.

    You know, we just had a sermon at church......'just because you did things doesn't mean you should let your children do them.....'.

    He's an ass hole just like I was an ass hole when I did that kind of stuff.

    I mean...really, buying a shirt like that, wearing it and ending up in jail while having it on.......priceless.

    It will be the waste of a good story if he doesn't end up in the rooms.

  12. "Do I find this funny? Not the act... but the baboon-faced fuck with the stupid look on his face is sort of funny."

    You would almost think that Mark was running this blog. We read comments like these on his blog all the time. Nice touch putting the young mans pic up.
    I guess this is part of your new mission statement, this is how we demonstrate are spirituality.
    You are Mark you stupid Mc. you are no better then he was. WTF is the matter with you, all of you.
    Please do us all a favor that are really in AA stop acting like you assholes are part of AA.
    Gather and make an amendment to your current mission statement. Maybe it can read like this, "We hereby state that we will carry on dehumanizing people as Stinkin Thinkin once did for are own sick perverse pleasure".
    I used to read this blog, no more.

  13. Claude, you're welcome to stop reading the blog.

    Oh, and it's "our", not "are".

  14. Thanks for the condolences guys. Sad thing is that I can name a few in the same group that won't be with us two years from now. One of the drawbacks of hanging with the motorcycle enthusiasts is that from time to time you see your friends rubbed out. Gone to never return. So Claude. When I see something like Mr.Doofus and his shirt he was so proud of getting humiliated in nationwide press I can't help but to find it amusing if not downright funny. In fact the more humiliating the better. So says the Book on Pg.24
    "We are unable, at certain times, to bring into our consciousness with sufficient force the memory of the suffering and humiliation of even a week or a month ago".
    So now Mr.Doofus and his magical shirt will be constantly reminded of the humiliation he can't seem to remember.
    I can see it now.

    Drinks at the bar.............$75.00
    Cheap mildly amusing shirt....$10.00
    Facing nationwide disgrace
    due to stupidity in
    same shirt.................... Priceless

  15. Nice Soapbox Claude, I'll take "We ARE NOT SAINTS FOR 200$ ALEX".
    DOn't like this blog? Don't read it, a real member of AA like you should probably be balls deep in the trenches anyways and not wasting valuable time with the infants that hang out here.