Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it moral?

Is it moral? Well, what is moral? The definition that my group has taught me to operate from is this; does it work? Well does it?

If you can roll drunks and stay sober, do it.

If y'all can stay sober by being a flipping do-gooder, do it.

Best boss I ever had in my life told me, "If you can worship a rock and that works for you, I'm fine with it."

I wish some of you Big Book Thumpers out there could fathom this wisdom much less make use of it.

I'd rather have this motr secular stance shoved down my throat than your holier-than-thou Christian/White-only-Pie bullshit live-off-my-rich-wife-while-I- "Professionally Write-edness".

But hey. I'm not judging here. This is just me.

If that works for you, then get down.

Tell me again about all the wonderful things you do... and all of the wonderful other diseases besides the malady of alcoholism that you've graciously recovered from.  We'll write a book on humility together.


  1. Well Mac, I think it's time you started working the first step, again.

  2. It's called alcoholics anonymous and has worked pretty well for the last 70+ years, "..A way out which we can absolutely agree on". If u don't need it, God bless you for finding a better way. Now go make the world a better place because you're in it sober......or, don't. Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm going to a meeting tonight. Come join me.

    Tell me to my face about what step I should be on. Please.

  4. I just hope that you're not driving.

  5. Well, I have a cdl, so yes I drive.

    Why don't you just respond to the posts with your experience, check your judgements at the door, or get your own fucking blog where you can stay sober 8+ years better than everybody else?

    Oh, and about my driving... time for me to brag a bit, I've had the same insurance agent with Farmers for the past 25 years, insure my Harley, my classic/antique Chrysler, my truck, and am insured to drive my wife's crossover... and my rate just went down to 57 bucks per month. My truck and my wife's crossover have full coverage. I haven't had a ticket of any sort in over 7 years. It wasn't always this way for me. There was a time when my dmv report was at least two pages long. BITCH!

  6. Mac - I have been sober 33+ years, as I have told you before.
    My remark about you driving was in reference to my previous post about your drinking (or not, perhaps).
    My comment about your drinking was prompted by the negative, combative and obscene nature of your posts over the past month. You certainly come across as a common drunk, in my opinion.
    However, if I am wrong about that, then I certainly apologize for my remarks. I would have to take the position then that the "quality" of your "sobriety" is such that one would wonder why you ever bothered to quit drinking.

  7. Ralph, good for your 33+ years. Keep it up... with God's help or however it works with you.

    With regards to my "obscene " behaviour/rantings... fire away.

    This more my style than anything. I'm very sober and happy fyi.

    I happen to be writing a 4th step, which I do not offer as an excuse for my style.

    This not Romper Room nor is it the Glee Club. If you don't like my style or quality of sobriety, join the club.

    I actually feel that the world about me is the best I've ever known and I'm hopeful for the future. I just try to keep it real and admit that I'm of an unpopular species.

    1. "Moral" is to do the will of God in every aspect of our lives, that is the decision we made.


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  9. I'm enjoying my vacation with my wife in the Smokey Mountains now. Hope y'all ain't sitting around with your thumbs up your asses waiting for me to entertain you.

  10. im enjoying reading your blogs its interesting 4. by the way, I found a great way to find all AA meetings US at sober.com through this link: http://sober.com/aa-alcoholic-anonymous-meetings.html , just in case any of you, tech savvy guys need it.

  11. Thank you Agnes. Thanks for the link too. I could have used it when my wife and I were back east on vacation. The trip didn't lend itself to me finding time to break away for a meeting though. But if one at least checks out where they're at... finds out how close they are... it makes it easier to find that little piece of time.

  12. I think this is a great site so I want to contribute something. Here’s a tool to help you know if you are an alcoholic or not: http://sober.com/tools/am-i-alcoholic.html . It’s just a tool, don’t worry, the site isn’t selling anything.

  13. I thank you again for checking out the blog. I will check your link out and thank you for that. Any way a person can come to know their condition or non-condition is a good thing.

    I've had a problem with booze but had to go through a lot of trouble to find out that society was concerned with my drinking and that they would appreciate it if I made an attempt to get it under control.

    It took me a long time to prove to myself that I might not be able to get it under control.

    It took an even longer time for me to seek out folks who knew what the hell they were talking about with respect to drinking booze the way I did and how to get and stay sober.

    How do/did you dring booze, Agnes? Exactly to the last detail?