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Doubting AA'ers Crediability Issue?


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Doubting AA'ers Crediability Issue?
I have been thinking about going back to an AA meeting but have a HUGE problem. I simply don't believe many AA folks who claim long sobriety periods. I also have trouble identifying with others in the room. For example, one guy use to always complain about his stressful job and the car traffic getting to the meeting. I almost feel as if you still have a job and a car you aren't even a real alcoholic. I have been asked to leave a meeting for smelling like booze/drunk and accused of being aggressive? I also find the spirituality side of AA as being fake. If I want spirituality I will go to the experts at my local church. Anyways, should I try this Christian church program or give AA/NA another try?
I think you should try as many things as possible, Anaconda.


Okay thanks Dee. I will perhaps try both. First by joining the church program and going back to a AA meeting. I think I will not comment for a while though because I just want to be "in the shadows" until I get more sobriety time and my mind clears from my latest ugly bender.

AA will always be there for you Ana. Always.

...but you're going to need to relax and understand that your solution just might be outside of your own head.

If you try to break the program down, you will.
If you focus on your differences, you'll never see the similarities.
If you continue to compare your insides with others outsides, you'll always feel apart.
If you continue to question another's spirituality, you'll never become spiritual yourself.

AA is a spiritual program.

It's simply your thinking.

It's up to you.

All you gotta do is get out of you own way. Let some folks who know how to live sober guide you until you can make your own, sober, sane decisions.

skipping a little frothy emotional appeal


The thing I chuckle about is people who have to insist that they are alcoholics. If you don't have the real "war stories" and stuff what the heck are you doing at an AA meeting? I wish I went to meetings back in the 1940 or 1950 at least I could relate better. I don't count peoples sobriety time that aren't even real alcoholics to begin with.

DT said something...

I agree Daytrader but the fact is I just feel like I fit in. Why bother dragging yourself to an AA meeting if a person still has a good job??? I mean instead of offering me a ride to the meeting why can't one these AA'ers get me some work? I read in the Big Book that folks back then even offered a place to stay a while to get back on ones feet? No one has ever offered me that. If I have to go to these AA meetings I feel like they owe me something ya know?
more frothy emotional appeal insues
Well metitade while i never "groped" anyone at a meeting I am a "shifty" character. I often smell like booze when I use to stagger into an AA meeting in downtown Chicago in the afternoon. I was used to seeing the upper class and would bum a free lunch. That's the thing about AA every one is "shifty".

more frothy emotional appeal ensues...

... then finally!  Someone gets it;
This whole thread and the OP remind of a guy who used to come here and drum up a lot of drama by announcing he was going to claim a 5 year cake and coin even though he hadn't maintained sobriety. I haven't seen him post here in a long time, but was constantly stirring the pot by starting posts with ludicrous positions on AA and AAers. I wonder if it's a coincidense that he was from Chicago?

Some other poster from this thread;

I know who you are talking about. I cant remember his name right off hand.I doubt its the same guy though.

I just remembered his name. I wonder how he's doing.

... then CarolD comes in to issue the troops their nightly supply of SoftPeter;

Members come...members go......

bless them all on their journey.
This thread has gone off point....it's closed.

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Yeah kiddies... you were snowed over... to the tune of 55 posts... not including the beauties that were removed.
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You're dealing with a troll by the name of Tiburon88!


Speaking of Tib… he or someone like him may have just reincarnated;



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My doctor told me to f*ck off when I told him about my problem
I finally plucked up the courage to go see my doctor about giving up drink. I told him that if I try to quit drinking, I get bad comedowns. Sweating, bad dreams, night terrors, cannot function, bed ridden, wake up with terrible headache, fatugued, the lot.

He basically gave me the number of some clinic, and that was it. He said the clinic was rough and ready, and for people who have lost their way in life.

Is this the normal thing for doctors to do ? I thought he would help me, but he couldn't wait to show me the door.

I asked if he would take my blood pressure, and it was as if I had asked to screw his wife.

He said 'Why do you want me to check your blood pressure ?'

I smiled and said, ' because I want to see if it's ok.'

He threw his arms in the air, and said ' well I can tell you now, your blood pressure is high because of your drinking'.

I asked if I needed any drugs, and he said no.

Is this normal behaviour for the doc, or am I going mad ?

And no, he didn't take my blood pressure.

I think it's obvious that you need to find a new doctor.


If you find your Dr unsatisfactory you really owe it to yourself to find a new one.

Welcome to SR

I hope you find another doctor that you feel is a better match for you.

Are you doing anything else to address your issues with alcohol? (counseling, AA, etc?)[wow, this from an non-A.A.er]

Guess Who?

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Many people do quit drinking who have not been to treatment centers

I am one of them.
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DibaNamhar....welcome to SR....

I'm sorry your doctor was dismissive of your concerns.
I have no idea about the place he suggested or what they do.  I do think it's worth checking out however.
Each Day Sober Is A Victory!!
Joy In AA Recovery!

... now a not-so-serene-in-Dixie...
If members can't share with a welcome or support

they do not have to share on this thread or on SR.

Posts have been removed and others that quoted them
Please stop sniping at each other...thank you.


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... then drama and frothy emotional appeal follows...



I think I just found keepcomingback... aka GodPowered... aka Veritas1... on the 12 Step subforum... page 27... thread Your reason for your recovery;

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I am in recovery to stop destroying myself and others around me with destructive drinking. I am in recovery because I matter, it matters to me, how I live.

I am doing this for me. It must matter to me, what kind of life I live, and how I live, and I am doing it as an effort in self love, and self preservation, if that makes any sense to anyone.

I am doing this as it matters to accomplish something, and grow, and to change for myself, so that I can be an incredible person of integrity, and honesty, and love, and also for my health, so I can live, and be of service to others, and be someone that was a pleasure to know.

I am doing this so that I might realize an abundant life, the life God has planned for me, always had planned for me until I worshipped the bottle.

I estimate this to be her first post back... first of about 416 since November.

Could be wrong... but could be right. If so, I ought to be a Mod over at SR. But I would have to be granted "doctor" status;

Oh, your wife left you with the kids because you drink too much and are abusive? You tried to make amends to her and she realized that you're still a prick? Maybe you should sneak back into the bottle and act like nothing ever happened, her untreated Alanon will kick in and take you back.

Maybe something besides MOTR and a few posts on SR will be necessary for your survival and hapiness.  I prescribe you with two weeks of closed A.A. meetings to find out if your real alkie or not... then we'll go from there.  In the meantime, shut up, stop posting on forums, go to work, put in a good day of work, pay your bills, and pray... or don't.


  1. I loved Tib, he was my favorite rablle rouser of all time. I used to think he was serious and hit him with the tough love approach, once I realized he was just having fun with the drunks, I actually enjoyed wathching the drama, emotional appeals, and Carol's self righteous banning of the threads. What a great way to kill a few hours I could have otherwise been using productively.

  2. Sorry but this thread has drifted away from the topic and it is closed.

  3. Oh, and you're banned again....

  4. ...enter a new troll or Tiburon88... aka anaconda22 reincarnate...

    DibaNamhar (see above)

  5. I think I just found keepcomingback... aka GodPowered... aka Veritas1... on the 12 Step subforum... page 27... thread Your reason for your recovery;

    (see above)

  6. Good God. It's no wonder that there's people registered and using SR for 4-5-6-7-8 years and can't manage to get 30 days in. Carol deletes what they need to hear and leaves the hugs and well wishes.
    "You keep fucking up and we'll give you a great big hug each and every time"

    Perhaps I'll go to a local club with this very same story and see how much sympathy I can get from the hot girls that hang out in those rooms. I'll be a magnet for the A.A. Groupies.

  7. DibaNamhar has now logged his 3rd post. It looks very nice and regular... because he's a nice and regular kind of guy, right? We'll see;

    ""Thanks to all those people who replied with kindness a good wishes

    I posted my first post here the other day, and was really amazed at the positive, and kind responses.

    Thankyou one and all. I will try and beat my addiction. I used to think that drinking and taking drugs was a way of freeing myself from my mind and opening it up.

    For a while it was. Now they enslave me.

    Knowing it is one thing, but doing something about it, is really tough.

    Thanks again.""

    I could be wrong... but I smell a rat... the making of your psychopathic troll here. We'll see in time how this one turns out.