Monday, April 4, 2011

STinkin THinkin Post; Is Addiction A Disease?

You guys have to read this thread and the comments. What a bunch of chicken shits. The minute MA says something on this blog everyone one kowtows to his point of view.

EX: "MA saysI believe that alcohol addiction is a disease, and I believe that I could argue the point pretty well.
Here is the link read the comments to long to print;


I always though they felt it wasn't a disease.
Now are they playing semantics with Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction. Is that the game today with other forms treatment models, to call it Alcohol Addiction.


  1. I am dumb tell me again how to highlite my link so you guys can just click on it.

  2. Yes, most addiction professionals these days call it alcohol addiction rather than alcoholism. That way, they can include more people in the fun.

  3. I think I got it there for ya H. You just have to right click copy the page or whatever you're linking, then if in "compose" mode, hit the "link" icon and right click paste that addr into the url area thingy.

    I would imagine that MA thinks A.A. and our group are diseases.

    What the hell is Narcanon? www.stopaddiction.com?

    Is this the same thing as NA?

  4. Oh... but first you have to highlight some text to link to... like the word "here" or something like that.

  5. " I think"
    That's the fundamental issue with the ST crew, tons of frothy emotional opinions, with the cult of personality leader MA in the lead.

    I do like the 1930's definition of Dis-ease. I personally don't refer to it as a disease. Illness or malady are the terms I prefer. I am so sick of hearing "my disease is in the parking lot, my disease is lying to me". This kind of thinking keeps people sick and stuck. The program of AA has more to offer.

  6. I have a question: WHO THE FUCK CARES?? This is classic ST thinking (now there's an oxymoron), concentrate on the minutia and ignore the larger issue.

    It doesn't matter how you classify alcoholism. What matters is what the fuck you're doing about it. These people love to live in the problem. I'd rather live in the solution.

  7. Rob wrote:
    "I am so sick of hearing "my disease is in the parking lot, my disease is lying to me". This kind of thinking keeps people sick and stuck. The program of AA has more to offer."

    You are so dead on with this point it is not funny. The treatment industry using this slogan and then the people who were indoctrinated by these so-called addiction therapists bring this disease shit to AA. It has been going on in AA for 35-40 years now.
    People in AA excuse any behavior or attitude by simply saying "I have a disease".
    No you don't, you have a lethargic problem.

    Joe wrote:

    H. wrote:
    I hear ya, Joe. I really do.

  8. AA has been significantly watered down and hurt by folks and industries pretending to be our "friends".

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  10. Thank you Covn.

    I'm a sinner and these other righteous brothers in here are already saved.

  11. ... and getting back to the topic;

    According to the 1919 edition of the Winston Dictionary...

    dis-ease (di-zeez'), n. disorder of mind or body; malady; illness; v.t. to cause disease in ;derange. Syn. complaint, ailment, sickness.

    I believe that alcoholism has ramifications of things physical, mental, social... and when you get down to it, I believe that it involves the spiritual.

    Now, the Coalition of Diseases* gets pissed off when you call Alcoholism a disease... so I do not.

    The COD consists of such diseases as Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes, and the like.

    The current governing body of the COD, CHAGS*, is pretty pissed.

    So I wouldn't want to slip and call this "Alcoholism" a disease because I wouldn't want them nasty fuckers on me, lest I get put on the "Pancake Diet".

    *CHAGS - Cancer Herpes AIDS Gonorrhea, and Syphilis

  12. Well said Joe!

    I think your last comment says it all.