Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks but no thanks!!!

Guys I am out of here. I did not come here for this shit as I'm sure you did not either. I don't even know any of you and at this point would like to keep it that way.

Have fun with your ideas of AA and what ever else entertains you.

I enjoy Sober Recovery ideas of conversation much more palatable.


  1. Hello

    Welcome to my blog


  2. Like I said before, he's moved on to greener pastures and so have we.

    There's no need to fan the flames here and bait Danny into retaliation here.

    He can't post at ST so... go back there and hide if you need to.

    What we don't need is you telling us how to run our blog. But It's good to see you on good terms here or anywhere.

  3. Well it says "links to this blog" so.... no fucking shit to you.

  4. "Gunthar, perhaps you missed the words: "It's good to see you on good terms here..." Perhaps there's something you don't understand about that sentence?

  5. I posted this in frustration one evening. Kinda wish I hadn't because it really wasn't true.
    I miss you guys and I miss the camaraderie.
    I was introduced to this site by someone who doesn't post here and I have found it made a bigger impression then I thought.
    Guys I am not here to fight, argue or hurt anyone. I am very sorry you had to be pulled into outside issues, that don't really concern you.
    Most of the nonsense that had gone on is silent now. I no longer contribute. I can't stop people from writing about me or posing as me. What I can do is act like a gentleman here.
    I would like the opportunity to share on the blog with the caveat that we leave the unnecessary B/S out of here.
    My amends will be a action amend. I believe this will accomplish more.
    I'll await your answer.

  6. Like I've told others, I'm not in the "kicking out" business.

    If you're inspired to share here, go for it.

    I did revoke your authorship for a bit. This can be undone.

    Summer is near and folks seem busy... playing outside or something.

  7. Patrick, I needed to say what I said and acknowledge my part.
    I let the rest work its way out.