Thursday, April 21, 2011

... and now for a non-A.A. related announcement

Hey gang, I was wondering if I could ask a favor; I've got a forum I frequent and I'm not doing well there with expressing my passions for my favorite state, my favorite city within that state, and one of my favorite pasttimes in that city within that state.

I live in Pueblo Colorado and I like talkin' Mexican Food. Was wondering if you could come over to the blog and drop in a comment or two about what your thoughts are on Colorado, Mexican Food, or maybe even your own favorite state, your favorite food, etc.

I want to direct a few folks away from the forum and let them know that there's a safe place to discuss this stuff without getting their town, state, and favorite restaurants insulted as being "slop" or "crap".

You might even say what an asshole you all think I am.

Anyway... carry on. Thx in advance for any of your comments.

Oh! The blog title; http://www.mcgowdogblog.blogspot.com/

Tips, right?


  1. OK, I've done my duty. Now how about posting some fucking recipes on that site? I am (was) a certified chef and know some shit about cooking, but haven't done much Mexican stuff. Eager to learn.

  2. I'm a displaced Texan who has made the mistake of ordering Mexican food in New England, where I went to grad school; and Candada, where I now live. I'm still recovering.

    I've Mexican food in Colorado. Once in Denver at some tourist place that caters to yankees (sucked); once in Pueblo at some place that served a lot of green chile stuff. It wasn't bad, but not my kind of Mexican food. My friend in Denver assures me there is good Mexican food in Colorado.

    Proper Mexican food is made by a 300 pound Mexican mother-in-law. My favorite places are the holes in the wall. There are a number of places I go to when I'm back in Texas, most of them are dives. I would cut off my foot to have some right now, but it's nowhere to be found around here. I wasn't craving it until I read this blog. Damn you, McGowddog!

  3. Ha Ha! Glad you here you were in Pueblo. Welcome to my ghetto.

    If any of you were to come here and if I was to take you someplace to eat, we'd go to Martinez Cafe... if it were open. It's only open from morning to 2:00 pm and closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Otherwise, we might go to Mi Ranchitos for their carnitas, go to Coors Tavern for a red chile slopper, to one of many places on Northern, or we'd just swing by this warehouse looking place that has take-out only and get some burritos, some green chile, and some fresh tortillas (place is called tortillias delicias or something like that) and go to a park to eat it.

    There's a Cantina Truck that serves the best gortitas. There's a few places that serve good beans and rice, and this is usually a sign that they make their food fresh and daily.

    Good green chile... get a 2 lb pork end roast, put that in the oven for a while... take it out and chop it up, leaving a bit of fat on because you're going to render that crispy in a frying pan. Then off to the side, prepare your Pueblo Mira Sol chiles by chopping off the stem, splitting it and pulling out some seeds... unless you like to super hot... maybe mix in some hatch green chile milds to cook it down and give it a New Mexican flare... and chop those up and put that in a stew pot.

    Maybe chop up some garlic and crisp that up in the rendered pork... then start putting twice cooked rendered bite size pork into your stew pot... while adding some chicken stock... adding a bit of spice maybe cumin, etc. to taste.

    The longer you cook it, the better it tastes.

  4. Mexicans and their descendants have been in New England since the turn of the century (1900's).
    I am not confused with the Puerta Rican's either.
    Boston especially around Bolyston St and Beacon have wonderful restaurants just to name few there. Providence and the Cape, Hartford, CT. I have had Mexican food from Mexico City and the watering holes of Tijuana ect...The Mexicans cooking in Canton CT. on hywy 41 are just as good.
    Just sticking up for the Mexicans of New England.
    I am a real Red Sox fan been so since I sat on my grandfathers lap 1967 World Series against St.Louis/ Game 2/ Jim Lonborg pitched a gem. Soxs won 5-0. I was hooked from that point on.
    What is that foul smell, must be the feral legged among us.
    Just say'in.

  5. Well... we live in strange times.

    It would be nice if we could ever lay aside differences for a common purpose.

    Heck, even I can be accused of being controlling and intolerant... despite my spiritual giantness;

    Sunsprit commenting on McGowdog's post
    "Ah, now I understand where you're coming from ... anybody's opinion that agrees with yours is fact and wonderful and will keep you happily on your feed, but anybody's opinion that doesn't is all wrong.

    How about it moderators? Can we have a McGowdog and Josseppie Sub-Forum? I think it's a great idea, 'dog.

    That way the mutual admiration society for Pueblo and everything that's absolutely wonderful about the place can have it's tight little society of boosters and the only opinions allowed would be those that totally agree with the two posters. Give the 'dog control of the forum, make him the imperial moderator, and let him remove anybody's post that doesn't agree with him 100%.

    Smile, 'dog. I'm with you 100% all the way with this one. But promise that in exchange for your own exclusive sub-forum, you'll stay out of the rest which don't apparently agree with your views, OK?"

    Sunsprit and I don't get along. In fact, his last words to me on this forum that were removed were, "Up yours dog."

    Guess which one of us is free? Me, whenever I decide to let his comment to me go.

  6. Well, having been born and raised in Massachusetts I can honestly say I never recall ever, ever, having had a decent Mexican meal within the confines of New England.

    I have to side with MA here. Sorry Danny, but going to New England for Mexican food is like going to Dallas for Clam Chowder. Italian, Portuguese, Polish, sure. Mexican, naw.

    But then again, Red Sox fans don't know shit about food, much less baseball. Hmmmm. As I look at the sports section, I see the Yankees are in 1st place as usual. And the Red Sox are in last place. All is right in the world.

    And Patrick, whoever accused you of being a controlling, intolerant, opinionated, ranting, mental whacko is quite perceptive. In spite of your mental giantness....

  7. Spiritual giantness.

    No mind to that, Danny. I have come to find folks are passionate about their food. See that photo I just threw on up there ^. I bet Joe would eat that slop up. A couple of filets I cooked a bit ago. Beef, it's what's for dinner.

    I hope the Chowds AND the Yankees both lose to the lowly Devil Rays... so there!

  8. I love food. Good Mexican food is hard to find here. Lots of franchise type places, very few authentic ones. Like MA says, it is usually the hole in the wall dive type places that are the best. The best ones here in Everett, Washington, on the shores of Puget Sound is a little place up on the North end of Broadway in a real bad part of town right next door to crack whore motel. The other one, suprisingly enough is a more upscale, organic place located downtown.

    I love where I live. But I have been getting damned sick of the weather. This has been one of the coldest, wettest springs on record. But when it's nice there is no place I'd rather be. We've got the mountains, the sound and islands, urban cities, and the high desert, all within a few hours' drive. I love Colorado and have considered moving there. I also like Northern New Mexico, have some good friends in Santa Fe.

  9. Joe,I have no idea where you are in Mass but I lived there for 25 years and ate authentic Mexican food cooked by Mexicans most of my life.
    Most of the food would compete with the local cafe's in Mexico. I have had authentic Mexican cooked in Providence and Hartford by Mexicans who have been in the area for decades.
    Hartford has a large continent of Spaniards, though not the same foods necessarily as the Mexicans but very tasty all the same. The Portuguese along southern coast of Mass leading into R.I. has great food mixed in there is a wonderful Mexican flavor.
    Yeh, you would have your head up MA's ass while talking shit about the Red Sox's while living in New England. Joe would you like me to order your Stinkin Thinkin shirt today.
    Compliments of me........
    Pull your head out of the sand and get around New England.
    Oh, just so ya know....I'm funn'in!!! I think???

  10. ughghgh...

    patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love...

    I'd have to say Joe asked for it and is game.

    I'd understand you having thoughts about seeing MA here.

    But I ask you to understand that it's helpful to me to see him and others here as we demonstate our ability to lay our differences aside going forward.

    Some may not see it this way, but we actually have a common goal... help drunks. Where we differ is our treatment of A.A. and whether or not it can be salvaged... etc.

    Joe, I think MA wrote a response to one of your posts "over there" and it was very well written. I didn't have time to read it all and I can't say I'd agree with it, but... we are different in our approach. You might find it of interest.

  11. MA & I have had our differences over spiritual matters, alcoholism, and Alcoholics Anonymous. But we can absolutely agree on what good Mexican food is.

  12. Danny, Danny, Danny.... I said I was born and raised in Mass. I now live in VA, and have been here for the past 36 years. Actually, I'm from Springfield, so am familiar with the Taco Bells in Hartford. There was a reason I left the north. It's called shitty weather. I do visit now and then. Mostly then.

    The Red Sox? Don't know of many people from Mass who root for them. Most of their fan base comes from New Hampshire and north...Wait! My father was a Red Sox fan. That explains why I root for the Yankees.

    And I'd be honored with a ST shirt. XL please. Your choice of colors.

    Sorry about the confusion, Patrick. It's spiritual giant and mental midget, right? Yeah! The kid's on a roll now! Patience, my ass.

    I'll hop on over to ST and read what MA has to say. Thanks for the heads up.

    Carry on.

  13. Listen my snarky wannabe New Englander, you are a Yankees fan because you are right on the divide that runs down the center of CT (Springfield is a hour due north from Hartford on hywy 91)and western Mass. Duh.......you really do talk a lot of sh.... when it would be better if you had been silent and minded your own business.
    Many people in my family are from in and around the Hartford area (New Britain, Berlin, Plainville and Farmington) my parents were born there. My father and two older brothers are Giants and Yankee fans (they are 16 and 17 years older then me)my Dad actually was a Dodger fan till they moved.
    Joe it goes like this everything "east" of Hartford Red Sox "west" Yankee and divided in Hartford.
    As far as "Danny Danny Danny" take your condescending shit and keep it to your self. Why is it so hard for you to accept when you are wrong.
    As far as you kissing MA ass for acceptance, have at it. It doesn't surprise me.
    If you enjoy his commentary good for you. I don't. But hey I am not throwing that stuff on anybody here either.

  14. Just for the record, the Mexican food I am talking about is being cooked by Mexicans in their own establishments.
    Jesus Christ.......tuff freaking crowd here.
    I am so happy that everyone here can go Easter Egg hunting (holding hands) with MA, tomorrow.
    Page 449

    Just for the record outside of Patrick I seriously doubt anybody here knows more about the fine cuisine and basic delicacy of Mexican food.
    The fine establishments I am talking about in New England are owned by Mexican families. They are not fast food drive by dumpsters, like I am sure Jim and Joe frequent often. Sorry for your lack of creativity in your dining experience.
    I happen to take dining out very seriously. I was in Memphis Thursday and that night we stopped by Grazianos (best freaking Italian food south of Chicago) I believe it is on Poplar Ave.
    Now being in Memphis one would think of barbecue "The Rendezvous" off Beale St.
    Good but not the best barbecue, that you will find at the corner of Perkins and Goodwell. A shack that is one big smoker.
    Back to Italian food.
    Graziano is right off the boat maybe 45 years ago. Set his shop up in Memphis and been hitting home runs ever since.
    See another authentic immigrant cooking their food in a part of the country one would not think of. Maybe St.Louis or Nawlins but not Memphis.

  15. For you to say any ofmy friends/go-authors here are kissing ass for acceptance is bullshit and laughable.

    Why don't you tell me I'm ass kissing for acceptance? As one of my friends here would attest, peace is not absence of war.

    These guys have seen me go over the top with my angry and my delivery. Don't think I don't know the fucking game.

    I don't care how old you are ... how long sober you are... where you're from, or how mean you think you are... you are but a pup amongst this group.

  16. Boy, there's nothing like a pissed off Red Sox fan. He'll be in a better mood when they get out of the cellar.

    Danny, I'm familiar with the geography of New England and have driven from Hartford to Springfield and back a few times. Seems your family has better taste in teams than you. But that's ok, we understand. Damn, do I love to rattle the cage of a Red Sox fan. You guys take this shit way too seriously.

    Not to be condescending here, but I have a degree in Culinary Arts and was chef/owner of a restaurant for 17 years. I am still a Certified Executive Chef, although my cooking these days is limited to frozen pizzas for the most part. I know some shit about food. Believe me on that.

    And Patrick, I finally read MA's piece. It’s a bit lengthy but, as you said, pretty well written. Unfortunately, his arguments fall a bit short. He makes eight points as being attributes of AA, only the first of which I agree with –that ideas are subjective.
    The rest of the argument is certainly interesting, but has nothing to do with the AA I belong to. Neither do the quotes about keeping an open mind etc. have much to do with anything. He goes to extraordinary lengths to develop a sophisticated argument, but it’s built on sand.

    I think the basic philosophical disagreement between MA, FTG, and a few others over there that actually think and those of us on this blog hinges on two points. First, what’s an alcoholic? And second, the need to prove that AA works.

    What we in AA consider to be an alcoholic is markedly different from what the anti-AA crowd believes. If they refuse accept our definition of an alcoholic, then there really isn’t much else to discuss. I also understand that many people need scientific proof in order for an idea to be valid, and that's fine. I have no need to prove the efficacy of AA to anyone. If you need proof, you’ll not get it from me (or anyone else for that matter). There’s an awful lot in life that I cannot prove, but believe nonetheless.

    The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  17. Here is the problem I have with MA and FTG and the crew over there.
    They are more interested in seeing who can write the best article to discredit AA then having a rational conversation about AA. Most of what they write is fabulous, I give high marks but as you said Joe most of it is built on sand.
    They just can not seem to come up with a sophisticated argument why AA does not work.
    Other then belittle and disrespect the members who attend AA as MA does on a continuous bases. This is why I believe their current interest in criminals, courts and pedophiles is being hyped like it is. They haven't anything else that is tangible.
    When I was posting on ST it was a very vicious time, the likes I have never seen on a site/blog concerning AA. I am also a long time member of Sober Recovery. Never had the taunting and animosity that went on with ST. Tony was still there as was Mr.AA and the other fella.
    Here is what I would like to see, maybe. Is for you guys to go over to ST and post for the next month. Sincerely post all of your thoughts about AA. Stay away from any and all negative feedback even if you are attacked repetitively. During your one month of sharing on ST you can not post here on this blog.
    Then come back here to this blog and relate the experience you had.
    Then tell me how you would still like to talk with MA and the gang.
    I mean this sincerely. I don't think any of you would even consider this request nor see the point in it. I understand but I came here from there.
    So all I am saying is don't expect me to give ST anything. MA is a classic asshole and enjoys it.
    I may be a ass at times but I usually don't enjoy it.

    As far as someone being distempered because they are a Red Sox fan. Please Joe. Give me some credit and find at least a crumb of humility yourself.(lol)
    My mom (god rest her soul)owned a sandwich shop turned Bistro most of my life she was also a teacher. My oldest brother owned the Eastside Resturant for 26 years in New Britain CT.
    I am a very good cook (if I say so myself) my sauces are my specialty (yes I use different wines)French and Italian.
    I will say none of my experience with cooking came naturally it was learn as I go.
    Don't believe I would make it as a chef not in the least.

  18. The law of invitation would prevent me from going over to ST and posting, I simply do not go where I am not wanted anymore. That site is not for pro AA folks. Why waste out time?

    Besides I enjoy seeing who can piss harder and longer right here on this site LOL.

    As far as decent food, I'm with Patrick, I can do things with a steak that are out of this world.(It's all in the Marinade) and an initial high heat sear. To get decent Mexican I have to go to Boston. Happy Easter to all regardless of denomination.

  19. Apart from comparing tastes and experience in Mexican cuisine, I have no desire to attempt to dialogue with MA, ftg, nor any one else on ST. As Rob says, what'as the point?

    "They are not fast food drive by dunpsters like I am sure Jim and Joe frequent"

    Danny, you are talking out of your ass. I don't eat fast food. I don't eat red meat and I eat organic and for the most part locally grown. Keep your smart-ass remarks to yourself unless you know me well me enough for me to call you friend. These guys are my friends. We've spoken on the phone.

    "I maybe an ass at times but I usually don't enjoy it"

    Then stop making an ass of yourself. It's embarrassing and pathetic. Read what my avatar says.

  20. How fucking hard is it to be a New York Yankme fan? Isn't that like being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan... and living in fucking Cleveland?

  21. WoW, this "friend" word has been bandied about here recently. I am beginning to feel like I am being threatened. (lol) Well, I have friends (could always make room for more) and Jim it took more then just "talking on the phone".

    I usually don't make "smart ass" remarks, this is how I talk. So buck up "El Hijo".

    Jim, you have my apologies,you did not make the Taco Bell comments.

    Jim your perception of me making a ass of myself is of no consequence to me, your not my friend,"remember".
    If you are embarrassed and feeling pathetic because of my actions, take that up with yourself and whatever mentor you seek advisory from. I don't feel embarrassed or pathetic, today.
    Take care everyone and have a blessed holiday.

  22. I have a few friends and many casual acquaintances Danny. You haven't heard any of my inventory nor I have heard any of yours. So you fall into the latter category. Maybe that could change, who knows. When I say "We've talked on the phone," I mean much more than casual chitchat and idle chatter. Last June when my mom passed away, Rob was one of the ones I called. Recently when Patrick's mom was ill, he called me. I've swapped inventory with these guys.

    Actually I would say that your remark about making an ass of yourself and not enjoying it don't line up with "This is how I talk." Maybe you are just being you, I don't know, but I get the feeling that there's more than meets the eye here.

  23. @Danny:

    BTW, apologies accepted.

  24. How hard is it to be a Yankees fan?? It's easy. I'm also a Dallas fan although I'm from New England and live close to D.C. I have nothing against the Red Sox, but find their fans to be a little intense. I'll even root for them if they make the playoffs and NY doesn't. I like the Patriots, too, but my Dallas thing goes back to the time Roger Staubach was stationed in Pensacola while I was going through flight training. But enough.

    As to ST, I'm with Jim and Rob. I don't go there as there's nothing of interest to me on that site. They don't like AA, and that's their business. MA writes nice pieces, but unfortunately makes many leaps in logic by applying statements to AA where they don't belong.

    He argues, for example, that AA eats up his tax dollars, but doesn't say how. Huh? If AA was eating my tax dollars up, I'd love to know about it as that would piss me off too.

    Some stuff he and FTG say - court ordered attendance at meetings etc. I strongly agree with. Court ordered attendance doesn't cost the taxpayers a cent, by the way. But as to the nature of the program itself, they compare apples and oranges. It's always interesting to hear someone tell me that what works for me doesn't.

    OK. Let me take their position for a moment. If AA doesn't work, prove it to me. Scientifically demonstrate that AA does not work. Don't label the program, analyze it. Dissect it without a generalized, belittling one-sentence summary of what the program is.

    Show me that you understand the AA program. I know you don't like it, but show me that you understand it. Then prove to me that it doesn't work.

    But first let's agree on what an alcoholic is, for without that agreement on definitions, these no basis for discussion. Apples and oranges.

  25. And Rob, SHHHH! about going to Boston for Mexican food.

    High heat to sear meat is essential, but marinade? Depends on the meat and the cut, I thing. Pork and lamb take well to marinades, as do some tougher cuts of beef. But a tenderloin or Porterhouse? I leave cuts like that alone. A Bernaise or Peppercorn sauce, maybe. A drizzle of Demi-Glace works, too.

  26. Jim, there is no more for the eye to meet here.
    No doctor needed here. (lol)

    I have to agree with joe on the tenderloins and porterhouses, sauces work better. (IMO)

  27. Danny, I'll have to take your word about the tenderloins and the sauces as I'm no chef.

    The jury is still out about there being more to you than what meets the eye though. Just call it intuition.

  28. Happy Easter everybody... as Rob says, regardless of denomination or the lack thereof!

    I see some folks say that ST is not for them and give gr8 reasons why.

    I'm just glad that I'm free of resentment of it and the folks within it. And in a weird way, I owe that up to the situation between Danny and MA. I wish you both well and hope you can enjoy freedom from resentment... not assuming it's there.

    Part of this freedom from resentment in the situation must be coupled with my setting aside any need to put myself above my adversaries... if that makes any sense.

  29. Jim, I don't know just how serious you are about the jury or your intuition. If you are interested than by all means email me. We can have a private conversation so I can possibly allay any concerns.
    You seem to have a need to continually mention your concerns here.


    We can do it right here. You can explain how your jury was picked and we can explore your intuition.
    Either way works for me. I am offering this in peace.

  30. Just so everyone knows the Red Sox's are on the way to there 8 consecutive win this afternoon.
    They are winning 7-0 against the Halo's.
    Ma and I at least have something in common worth mentioning.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Joe, you mentioned Pensacola Naval Air Station. My Dad was stationed there back during the big war and my brother was there during Vietnam.
    I handled some work down in Perdido Key and Orange Beach Fla. They were building Highrise Condo's during the 90's, my company handled a good deal of the stone work inside and out.
    I would also like to mention the Blue Angles are stationed there along with the Naval Air Museum. This museum is awesome for anyone interested in early to late Naval Aircraft.

  33. I removed my post because the spell check didn't pick up a word and I didn't want to look stupid. Here's the original post, with new and improved spelling.

    I agree, A great cut of meat stands on it's own and needs little assistance. If I am doing steak tips, I will use a sirloin, not a top shelf cut, but a decent piece of meat nevertheless. I do a 48 hour marinade. The secret ingredient...........Greek Vanilla Yogurt. It has 5 active cultures that tenderized amazingly well. Throw some soy sauce, teriaki, balsamic vinegar, whatever you are into and let it soak. Very good.

    On a different note, remind me to share my inventory on New England sports teams with you guys. I have 4 column inventory on the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics, pretty funny shit. When I was writing the Redsox one I realize I was wearing a Sox hat and T-shirt. LOL

  34. Danny,
    My intuition is based on how I see that you conduct yourself on some other forums that you post on. You are not who or what you present yourself as on this blog. I will leave it at that. As of now I do not intend to engage you in any way. Take that however you want to take it.

  35. Rob, I gotta try that.

    Your Red Sox destroyed my Rockies in '07.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Jim, may god bless you.
    Please leave my personal business on other sites off this blog. I feel you neither can comprehend or understand the depth at which the feeling aroused are coming from.
    This would be a great favor to me.
    As for judging me please spare the rod. I am way ahead of you.

  38. Ha ha!

    There've been times I've told both Jim and Rob to eff-off and how dare they judge me.

    But instead of just reading your nifty 7 Effective Tools to Criticism article, I actually heeded the advise.

    So Danny, maybe we should just give you a pass and focus on the good. Sort of like an SNL Best Of. Pet us not compare your insides to our outsides.

    No Danny. I fuck up. And then I pay for it. I don't just beat myself up. I free up. I harm. Then people judge me. They scowl. They shun. Not very often do they throw stones at me... but that's happened to me too.

  39. "I free up" should say, "I fess up."

    Fucking Android autofill.

  40. I fuck up. On a pretty regular basis. Most of the time it is petty stuff and a lack of good manners. But for the most part, what you see is what you get. And I'm pretty much an open book.

  41. Good stuff,
    I was just talking to a friend last night, about not being able to transcend our humanness. For a while I thought I might be able to, glad I woke up. Yeah, I fuck up a fair amount too, like Jim it's usually a light foul. Most of my screw up involve right thinking or lack thereof. Glad to have 10-11 to get me back to God concious. Rob Conscious is not great, except for maybe on the grill.

  42. Guys, I wish I knew what the fuck you are talking about.

    Let me try

    #1) If you are talking about my posts concerning Elan and so forth. That is none of your fucking business and I feel no need to explain something that you folks would never understand anyhow. There is way to much history there to explain nor do I feel any of you rise up to level of a explanation.
    So please at my request judge on and work your intuition at over time if you must.

    #2) If you are referring to my posts concerning AA on other sites and blogs, just ask. I will be happy to oblige further explanation.

    #3) If for some reason you just want to make fly by remarks concerning me, then when asked to engage in conversation act like you have a sense of indifference concerning my past ect...stop referring to it, if you don't care.

    Patrick and Jim anytime you two bumbling idiots want to include me in on your investigation, by all means do a "yell out".
    Just what I needed Abbot and Costello on my ass.
    For the love a god, what am I supposed to be confessing to.
    Giddy up, I ain't got all day!!!!!

  43. "Bumbling idiots"? I thought one was a spiritual giant and the other...well, he's a pretty good guy, too.

  44. Well I guess looking at it from your vantage point you would see it that way.
    I am just responding to the comments as they come.
    I also thought that the characterization "bumbling idiots" pertained to their most recent comments concerning me.
    This was not a wholesale assassination.

    Joe, you also have the luxury of knowing these gents somewhat, I don't.

  45. If you don't know them, why are you calling them bumbling idiots? You seem to be making mountains out of molehills, Danny.

  46. Son of a fucking bitch deleted my phone text.

  47. Danny, we no longer fight ST, SR, Orange, etc. Our mission statement has changed partly due to you, and partly due to our ineffectiveness.

    There will be no divulging others' unsolicited info here by you or anybody.

    You say your dealings with ST folks is none of our fucking business... good. Keep it that way.

    If you have a clear conscience, good enough for me. I'll just stay the fuck out of your business anyway.

    But, since you've come here, I've gotten anonymous tips about you being a bad guy. I don't know what the fuck to do with that.

    I've been no saint either. I'll let my peers on here speak for me.

  48. I was going to elaborate on the responses to my post earlier, but I was busy watching the Sox sweep the Angels.

    I really did not want to come here and start an argument or even a debate about AA. This is your space, and I'm not intending to pollute it. It's not not place. This is why I haven't commented here before, although I do read the read comments here from time to time (saves me the trouble of writing my own moral inventory, when y'all do such a fine job of doing it for me). Food is a different animal, and something I'm even more passionate about. That, and the Dallas Cowboys. So when I saw this topic, I figured I would say something.

    I suspect that if we stripped AA out of the conversation, and ran into each other some place in the real world, we would have more in common than you'd think.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. He MA, Come on over anytime. I'd be happy to take your inventory. Actually, we probably agree on a lot of things regarding sobriety, and maybe even a few points regarding AA. FTG stopped by and we had an interesting chat, as you well know.

    Disagreement here is not pollution. You're welcome to disagree with anything I say, but if you want to talk about something, please be
    specific. (I assume you wanted to respond to something I said about your post regarding the validity of AA.)

    I thought about responding to that post on ST itself, but when I read the comments that some of your followers generate, I thought better of it. Here I guarantee we can have a discussion, argument, whatever, and the other guys will stay out of it unless they're invited.

    Anyone who like Mexican food and Dallas has to have something going for him.

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Joe, I kept meaning to come back and pick up that conversation, but I got in up to my neck with work. I want to read your posts on spirituality first, because I think it would be interesting to explore that a little.

  53. I still say that ZZ Top album cover "Tres Hombres" Tex Mex food looks mighty good.

  54. I'm not sure how post a link here, so you'll have to copy and paste this to your browser. This is the "Elvis Presley Memorial Combo" from Chuy's in Austin. One of my favorite places on Earth. It has about ten-thousand calories, and is deeeee licious: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1284/1267463086_ff9eb21e93.jpg

    On a side note, Chuy's is where one of the Bush twins got busted for underage drinking. I'm not sure if she had the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo.

  55. Where I live, we have a huge Mexican population, and considering that a third of the population in my house is Mexican (my boyfriend) and a cook, too, I'm spoiled. Around here, there's a taco truck on every corner: carnitas, fresh fish tacos, carne asada, tacos al pastor, ceviche, grilled jalapenos... all covered with lime juice, not cheese.

    There are also a lot of intestines, which I can seriously do without. Gah.

  56. Looks pretty good, MA, but a lot of rice and beans. Which is fine, if they're good rice and beans. We have a few places around here that are starting to show promise - getting away from the gringo expectations of tacos and burritos.

    Actually heard a local redneck bitch last week "What is this stuff? I don't understand half of the things they got on this here menu. You sure this is real Mexican food?" I think that place has promise.

    Have a look at the Spirituality thing, Friend. I update it a lot, but not on this blog. I keep the master on Word. It's a work in progress.

  57. @gunthar:

    Agree 100% on the first point.

    On the Mexican food, I disagree. But then I guess there are some who don't like Mexican food. I don't care a lot for Indian food myself.

  58. He's moved on to greener pastures and so have we.

    I just had some awesome Mexican food here at work. My coworker brought me some homemade tamales, tortillas and red chili that he and his wife made.