Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daniel Bennison,DannyB II, Heretik, Heretikreb, Cuggle and Diablo

"McGowdog says

Thanks BF. I don’t really know Diablo to be honest.

If he’s a bad guy, what am I supposed to do? Kick him off? We have a “give them a long rope” policy on our blog. If it turns out he’s no good for us, can we trade? Like say diablo for JD?"

Hertik wrote:
Patrick I really warranted this statement from you: "I don’t really know Diablo to be honest."I came on here and told you who I was on ST.

Heretik wrote:
and if I feel like adding more usernames I will. (To answer FTG summation of my usernames.
Cuggle is not me and never has been me. That I screwed up royally. Heretikreb and heretik is a username used by two people. We both liked it so much that we use it. A good friend of mine who has worked for me for close to 25 years started using heretik on the Fornits site. I use it everywhere else. Cuggle my cousin who was in town used my computer as others do. Cuggle was initially posting on ST from a laptop with a AT&T card, well that had to be used so without thinking she went the PC and posted. This is when are sleuth FTG picked up on the mix up. Why is it so unfathomably that two people would post off the same computer to the same site.

Now that is enough of that, because truthfully I don't give a rats fuck what anyone thinks about how I conduct my business. I am in no fucking mood to deal with Elsa and her stupid retarded elementary school bullshit. She is so caught up in her school yard shit that she wants to drag everyone else into it. Her partner is another fucking clone who enjoys scuttlebutt gossiping sessions. WTF is going on here. No!!!! I have never once when I left a site or been banned (and that was "ONCE" from a religious site) ever have gone back in any capacity.
Stinkin Thinkin go and look at yourselves. You have had a large turn over in membership for exactly this same paranoia and controlling shit. You do not respect others and your vindictiveness is legendary amongst your current and former members.
Matt Hoffman stabbed a very good friend of mine at Elan and then started shit with him once again after they graduated. Matt continues to say I don't know him but I do and well.
Wayne is just fucking nuts, check this out. I supposedly had 20 people beat this girl down, we then hand bound her and tied her to the back of a van and dragged her around a tar parking lot.
Don't you think the State of Maine and Maine Medical would have had something to say about this.
Wayne wrote a story because he did not like my fight with Matt and others essentially. If you investigate these stories and comments thoroughly. I have neither written most of them and Wayne has not corroborated, substaniated or come forth with one witness to account for anything he has said. The Elan site has people who were there when Wayne says he was there and we can not figure out who the hell he is.
Last I came to Elan in 1975 graduated in 1977 became a employee in 1977 and left in 1978. I was 17 years old (2 months shy of 18) when I first started working for Elan and left disgusted at 19 years old. Why did I stay at Elan at 17, I had no other place to go. I did not want to be homeless again been there done that at a early age of 14 years old.
Patrick and you other folk, I would suggest you get out of this. This is a sick group of folks that have been dogging me for two years.
As far as my character. I own a business that employes 127 people, I have a wife and two grown children. I have grandkids. I participate in my community. I have friends I have had for most of my life, thank god, especially since the shit I went through as a young child.
I go out of my way to ingratiate everyone I meet so I am not just ingratiating Massive Attack on her Blog. If you were to read her blog you would probably understand why I am there. I am on Go GO Rach Blog because she is just as crazy as I am. I love crazy people.
I am not hiding nor displaying multiple personalities. I do not play all angles but I do live in a world that has more then one point of view.
If I am not allowed to explore and involve myself in different avenues then I feel the person, people or entity is coming close to a cult and I want nothing more to do with it.
Thanks for listening,


  1. You know I was thinking of something else to say about Massive attacks site and why I like it. She has been sober 35 years and as a women in AA as we all know it can be tough at times especially if you are attractive. She is trying to stick up for the small guy, the vulnerable one the AA people that get fucked over continuously.
    I don't agree with everything she says about AA but shit I am not going to agree with everything everybody says here nor visa versa.
    I want as she does, the courts and treatment centers to stop sending people to AA that don't belong there. I want the GSO to take a more hands on approach to this epidemic in AA.
    That is why I have ask Massive to allow me to join her site. She has 35 years of experience.

  2. "I want GSO to take a more hands on approach to this epidemic in AA.""

    You realize this isn't possible don't you? It is up to the individual member to take a more hands on approach to the problem.

    However, I am of the mind that it has gone too far to stem the tide. I am tired of fighting, tired of trying to stop it. I am tired of ranting about people's apathy. Let it go where it goes. I've been sober in A.A. a little over twenty years and in that time many of the meetings have morphed into something that vaguely resembles an A.A. meeting. It's hard to find a common problem, much less a common solution. The place is full of non-alcoholics of all kinds and of people that don't even want to be there. I hang with people who know the same thing I do, that in order to have the A.A. we desire that we have to create it. Our meetings are closed and we adhere to all 36 principles of three legacies.

  3. It took me a while to figure out what the fuck was going on here. I had to finally go to ST's site and get the background. God, what drivel, and I'm still not sure what it's all about. Nor do I really care.

    I did find, though, that one of my posts was referred to there, so now I suppose I'm famous (infamous) or something.

    If our little friends at ST wish to pursue stories and legends from Elan, then it's consistent with their philosophy never letting the facts get in the way when innuendo and hearsay will suffice.

    Whatever lurks in Danny's past is Danny's business. I sit in judgment on no one. (Can I call you Danny now rather than Heretikreb? The latter is kinda awkward.)

    I'll keep my focus on discussing alcoholism. Our little friends are more than welcome to quote me any time, but please don't expect a response unless what you have something intelligent to say.. I do not suffer fools gladly.

    And Patrick, I've always suspected you were a pervert what with all the porn that goes on here, by you've done a good job of hiding your anti-semitism.

    And Jim, you're right. GSO has their heads in the sand. The only way to keep what's left of AA consistent with what's in the Big Book is to carry the message down on the streets.

  4. I have changed my name from Heretikreb to Danny. Joe brought up a good point of awkwardness. This is a bit more comfortable.
    I feel like I just took off my shoes and I am kicking my feet up.

  5. Jim,
    "You realize this isn't possible don't you? It is up to the individual member to take a more hands on approach to the problem."

    Jim it has not been done (everything is possible)in the years AA has been in existence. The GSO promotes or at least at one time promoted interaction with Judges, Courts, probation Officers, Treatment Centers and so forth. They publish brochures on how to interact with them. So I do believe they can say something (anything) and have it run down the flag pole so to speak.
    AA is so overrun right now I don't even recognize it anymore. I really don't. I have been sober over 20 years myself 11/2/88. I can't say in my case that AA is so different now because it is not. Treatment centers were dumping off 100's nightly at meeting. It was so freaking disruptive it wasn't funny.

  6. Danny just prior to you & I getting sober (I got sober in '91) is when GSO started the membership drive. And it continues.

  7. Hey Danny, I hope you're not upset at me for offering to trade you over for another poster like playing cards. I was being facetious.

    The main reason I was there was because I saw that JD Harris or someone wrongly accused me of doing some IP address work. I believe that Cuda and Tony discussed that. Big deal. I also know someone from here who went back to SR under another username. Big deal to that one too. I'm not shocked by those actions in the least. I as of yet have not done that. So I reluctantly went back over there to defend my honor, so to speak.

    I also wanted to answer to my accusations of being feable minded, into soft core porn, and being of low self esteem.

    But while I was there, I also noticed that I was being put down for bringing you in as a author here. I feel justified in saying I "don't know you"... not yet or in the sense that I know some of these other folks... but I do know you somewhat from our conversations. I made the facetious remark that I did and haven't even looked back on there to see how it was received. I did note a post from MA that descbribes a good depiction of where I'm coming from in the formation of this site.

    As to the claims they make against you... I'm too busy wondering where they get off slamming my name the way they do.

  8. Patrick, I am as of today I am done feeding the likes of JR Harris, Elsa (FTG) and her side kick MA. Why??? I am sitting here looking at a picture of Elsa and she looks like a freaking troll herself. A 60's throwback nobody wanted. I mean if you were to look at Matt and Wayne these freaking people are societies rejects nobody cares to have anything to do with unless they are on the internet. This is there entire social interaction. Right here, they can feel powerful, they can dazzle us with there brilliance. Some say they are writers, Elsa says she is writing a book with none other then Stanton Peele. Oh my!!! I just can't wait.
    Gee, just what America wants more crying about a unfulfilled life. Yeah lets blame it on AA. So Stanton can sell his brand.
    I am done with Elan and ST. If you folks have questions about me please feel free to ask. I just don't want to keep feeding the insatiable appetite JR. Harris has. I mean his wife dumped his ass, stayed with AA and he has set out to make everyone in AA pay for it. The guy is a sick puppy.
    I hit a real nerve on ST as I did with the 5 whack jobs on the Elan site. Let them combine their forces.
    They are on a rudderless ship filled with resentments and it is headed towards an abyss.
    Patrick we are good and as I see it always will be. I found this blog read it and felt I found a comfortable second home.
    You folks here are real and I like that.

  9. "wrongly accused me of doing some IP address work"

    Damn! Are they still sore about that? Maybe they should put me in their inventory if they knew how to do one. Sounds like the AA they describe is more about Hugs, Ball rubs and Reach Arounds instead of AA as it was intended. They need to stay away from the clubs.

  10. Danny referring to ST:

    "Patrick, you and the other folk get out of this. This is a sick group of folks..."

    On another thread Danny encourages to go go over to ST and post over there for a month.

    A little inconsistency, wouldn't you say?

  11. Gunthar, Danny comments are off limits here.

    Get the fuck out of here. Beat it. Hit the road.