Thursday, April 14, 2011


From 24 Hours A Day:
I must keep balance by keeping spiritual things at the center of my life. God will give me this poise and balance if I pray for it. This poise will give me power in dealing with the lives of others. This balance will manifest itself more and more in my own life. I should keep material things in their proper place and keep spiritual things at the center of my life. Then I will be at peace amid the distractions of everyday living.
I pray that I may dwell with God at the center of my life. I pray that I may keep that inner peace at the center of my being.
I often hear others speak of finding balance in their lives. I can relate, as I have sought balance in my own life. But really what I thought was balance was a juggling act of trying to keep everyone happy. In trying to find balance between work, family, working with others and my on spiritual practices, I degenerated into a frantic rushing to and from fro, and the result was that there was no balance and I was a frazzled, burned-out mess.
When I was new in Alcoholics Anonymous, a man sat down with me and outlined the entire program using the circle & triangle symbol that used to be on the title page of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous." The three sides of the triangle are recovery, unity, and service. He explained that no part of the triangle stands alone, that all three are interwoven and meant to be done in proportion. He also explained that one day I wouldn't know if I was in recovery, unity, or service because all three would become one and the circle itself is a promise-it means "as one," and that I would become whole in body, mind, & spirit and become one with my Creator and with my brothers and sisters. He also explained that as long as I lived from my spiritual center, with the Creator at the center, there would be balance because everything will be as it should be.


  1. Maybe get things back more on a spiritual beam.

  2. "Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn."
    C. S. Lewis

  3. I like to call that balance serenity.

  4. Hey Patrick, I like the new mission statement.

  5. I like the mission statement also, not so much in your face as the last one.

    I love what Jim posted, that is my goal, I am not there yet, but am getting there. I heard a speaker say last night "One is infinitely better than zero". Amen to that.

  6. Cool. If there's anything you want added/subtracted, let me know. I'm avoiding any links to other sites this time because we're free of our resentments and going forward.