Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frank McKibbon from Denver Colorado 1991 Pitch in South Dakota

Sorry for the rough recording.  I'm having a hard time getting formats converted.  I'll try to clean it up later. 

Hope you recovered alcoholics enjoy this.  It is provocative.  This guy was my sponsor's sponsor.

R.I.P. Frank.


  1. This was powerful, a man of discipline, integrity and love. Thanks for posting this Patrick. Big Frank left some big shoes to fill. AA has lost some powerful members in the last few years. It is up to us now...

  2. Thanks for checking that out. That was one nasty pitch... but he had a message in there too.

    He was at his peak there. His subsequent pitches were not quite as powerful in some ways... and more detailed in other ways. I'll try to get his other ones up when I get a chance.

    It took me a freaking year to figure out how to post those in a form that would work here.

  3. Patrick, Is this "Big Frank" McK from Denver? If so, a couple of his talks are on Xa-Speakers.

  4. Yeah it is. This one tape of his that ain't. This is one of his nastier pitches. After this one, he turned into a marshmellow... so to speak.

    Has anyone heard his 84' pitch?

  5. I was in the room at FOTS when he jumped on the ICYPPA's for chanting.

    I wish all the people around here that think that I'm such a hardass could've met Big Frank.