Sunday, June 9, 2013

A.A. meeting format?

I saw a thread on SR started by our very poster UncleMeat aka Paw about this topic.

My meeting/group has it in our group conscience to do steps yearly... starting on about September 1st and having amends all done by Thanksgiving ... and so we share our experience on where we are in the steps as our topic.

We have the other 9 months of the year to live in steps 10 11 and 12, so the bulk of our topics is on those three steps.


  1. Hey Dog,

    I like the topic a lot. I was trying to interweave the importance of having a "Home Group" as well as a Home Group that is BB and Step oriented.

    In early sobriety I attended some pretty pathetic groups but didn't have the knowledge of program to discern good from bad. Some were downright dens of iniquity. Hopefully, some good input on that thread will help newcomers learn what constitutes a quality AA group.

    I know the old saw about "There is no such thing as a bad AA meeting." Well you can tell that to some young girl who came for help and got screwed over by some swinging dick who 13th. stepped her and she went out and slit her wrists because she was so vulnerable.

    The 3 meetings I started myself were due to the fact that I was in more remote areas and there were some pretty sick things going on. So I took my resentment and started a strong, step based group. You know what, 2 out of 3 of those eventually put the ones they replaced out of business. Some people complained about it, but the groups I started aadhere to the principals of AA and I don't give a rats ass about the detractors. I like what Clancy I. says about his critics = "One thing I know, is I sleep good at night, them probably not so much since I rent a lot of space in their heads."

  2. Tonight, our meeting topic was recreation... the need for it, where it fits in, how we attain it, etc.

    It brought good discussion. One guy wrote on the chalk board, "Re-Creation" and went from there.

    You bring up pretty girl comes into A.A., gets 13th Stepped, leaves and splits her wrists. Does this really happen much? Most pretty girls I've ever met, inside as well as outside of A.A. this pink cootchie thing between their legs and they are aware that we are aware of it and spend most of their time twisting us guys into a pretzel trying to get a sniff of it.