Thursday, November 25, 2010

Know how to piss off an Anti/XAer?

Just tell em' that only real alkies can recover from alcoholism.

Tell them that only non-alkies can "Just don't drink, no matter what!"

Tell them that real alkies "Just drink, no matter what!"

Tell them that A.A. makes non-alkies worse/crazier.  Actually, that also pisses off the hard drinkers and lonely scragglers socialized in A.A. who make the fellowship their life even though they have no business being there.

Tell the 12 x 12 book thumpers that there's a difference between "recovering control", which no alcoholic ever does, and being RECOVERED from alcoholism, which every alcoholic who knows their condition, does steps, and comes out the other side... does.

Then tell them this... The A.A. program, as outlined in the A.A. book's program of action, is sufficient for recovery from alcoholism for the "real" alcoholic.  Oh, actually, this must be true, because it reconciles with my experience.


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