Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If I ran a well-attended Alcohol Recovery forum...

... I would impose a pre-requirement.

  • Option A: I am recovered in A.A. and am here to help and share ESH.  Proceed to 12 Step Subforum
  • Option B: I am a recovered alcoholic and am NOT in A.A. or 12 Step.  Proceed to Alcoholism/Addict general Subforum, but stay the fuck away from the 12 Step forum, and that includes you anti/secular/XAer Moderators too.
  • Option C: I'm drunk again and want to give A.A. another shot.  Proceed to 12 Step Subforum and tell them you drank, but no commenting, starting threads, or further commenting on other posts until you've completed steps 4 through 9 with a group or a sponsor.  But in the meantime, read away if you'd like, but you should spend more time working steps than in here or on the internet in general.  Btw, how's that prayer and meditation coming?
  • Option D: I'm drunk again and don't use A.A.  Proceed to the Alcoholism general forum and fire away.  We'd like to invite you over to the Stinkin' Thinkin' website and a host of youtube channels as well.  Welcome back!
  • Option E:  I'm drunk again and want to harrass the 12 Step forum and reek of self pity and frothy emotional appeal.  Welcome back, GP.  Give them 12 Steppers hell.


  1. LOL. I'd post on your forum since I think I just shut mental health down.....odd.

  2. No, you didn't shut MD down, Dr. D shut your thrashing of his users down.

  3. Thank God (or higher power as you understand HIM) do not!

  4. I don't have a higher power. I have THE Power. That one is God. May you find Him now.

    Thank God? Really? You got kicked off of SR just like us. Aren't you just the pot calling the kettle black?

  5. I did not get kicked off SR. I chose to leave the insanity of SR. I realized with that AA stuff being shoved down my throat I was headed for jails, institutions, or death. That place did me a lot of harm - just like AA - and cost me quite a bit of money, btw.

    You are not exactly talkin' to a newbie here.