Saturday, March 30, 2013

90 meetings in 90 days...

... is for losers. One good meeting a week is good for anybody, including newcomers. If a newcomer gets bored or scared, they'll be forced to get a job and do steps, then the world will become a better place.


  1. The original AA members in Akron met once a week. They brought in a newcomer and he was surrounded by recovered members who took him through the steps.
    Recovery rate = 75%

  2. Pawporri, welcome to the blog.

    Unless you start cussing my mom out or something of that nature, there's no censorship here.

    We started this blog to discuss our disagreements with anti/ex AAers in here who were mocking us in our recovery forums.

    Eventually several of us were given the boot and banned from a certain Sober Recovery forum for speaking the truth about our typically successful recoveries in A.A.

    Hope you enjoy yourself here and feel free to bring up a topic.