Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Lord's Prayer in A.A.meetings

I think the Lord's Prayer is a fantastic way to end an A.A. meeting and the Serenity Prayer don't have shit-all to do with A.A.

I think if you're offended that there's some alcoholics in an A.A. meeting who also happen to be Christian,  who also like to express their religious expression to God, you ought to leave A.A. and go find some secular or other-religion based meeting.

Back in Bill W and Dr Bob days, they used to used the Holy Christian Bible.  In my A.A. book it says, "Be quick to see where religious people are right.  Make use of what they offer."

That's exactly what's being done with the Lord's Prayer.

Quit trying to take God out of A.A. meetings or just get the fuck out and take your "It irks me when"s with you.


  1. Or, you can sign up to a group that has it in their group conscience to do away with the Lord's Prayer and go on your merry way. I know of only one meeting in Pueblo that uses the Serenity Prayer to open and close the meeting. The folks who run the meeting are God-appologists and it's a turnoff for me personally. I think that someone that says the prayer should pay close attention to what they're saying and not just say it by rote.

    If you're offended by the prayer, don't attend the meeting or leave early. The last thing I need to hear is how it offends you and how the group conscience should change their meeting to suit your selfish ass.

    But hey, that's just how I feel about it.

    1. I am in complete agreement with this comment as I being a follower of Christ.I could not stop gambling smoking or drinking compulsively on my own will power the need to do any of them was removed by trust in god to do it for me on the 13th august 1995 in a police cell that I did not know why I was in again, I cried out to my god while kneeling on a wet concrete floor covered in my urine to please remove the need for me to drink then just like bill he answered me and shot me into another dimension never to need a drink again but he left me with the allergy which I cannot break out in rash with until I put alcohol in my body which in the second step he promised me when I came to believe that he would restore me to his order of sanity when the insane thought that alcohol will now start working comes so as AA (the big book )says this is my primary purpose to find god as my solution then pass it on to other alcoholics as I tried often to stay sober and always failed miserably here in UK there are very few meetings that say the lords prayer maybe it is because their are very few alcoholics in the meetings that need god a lot of heavy drinkers I like bobs words if you are alcoholic and an atheist agnostic or skeptic I feel sorry for you I for one am going to keep thanking god for allowing me to be a recovered from need to drink alcohol gamble or smoke 100 hundred cigs.a day ever again I try today to be pro god and not anti anything as this only takes away my peace and love these negative thoughts so please accept my love in fellowship jim