Friday, May 30, 2014

What's wrong with war stories?

Seems like some folks in A.A. can't reconcile a qualification with what the book is telling us to do. If we're not talking about how we drank booze, what the fuck are we supposed to talk about? .
The weather? Our fiscal strategy? The solution and how you ought to do steps like us winners? .
Now, embellishment is quite another matter. Who are you to say another is embellishing their drinking? So what if they are? The next guy is lying by omission. When the truth is spoken, it is known by all. But to label all talks about booze as war stories is unproductive.


  1. If war stories is what you want stay in the bars and outside any pub and live them I want to know how you live happy without booze as in 19 years sobriety being a recovered alcoholic found out that AA meetings has nothing to do with drink it got me to the door and thank those recovered people who showed me what they did to stay sober by giving me the big book to study and showed me the main purpose of the book was to find god and put my trust in him to solve my problem (me)they told me in the book they were one hundred men and woman who had recovered and then asked me if I wanted what they had and was willing to go to any lengths to get then here are the steps we took with a promise if I took them I would be healed like them with no other proof needed as our co founders found a cure a alcoholism (Dr.Bob to nurse in Akron hospital have you got an alcoholic that a man from New York and my self have a cure to give him if he wants it, this was bill d (the man in the bed ) the cure being (god) Jim b recovered alcoholic

  2. Oh my God a comment!

    But I still like talking about booze with new drunks so I guess I'm going to have to quit A.A. and hang out in bars while you hang out in A.A. with righteous folks and talk incessantly about God.

    Oh, and welcome to the blog.

  3. War stories? Where? In a meeting. Or in a private setting? I hope it's not in meetings. All that does is turn a meeting into a public fifth step discussion forum.

  4. Me talking about how I drink booze is a public 5th Step?

    What else should I talk about in a meeting? How wonderful my prayer and meditation is going? Or no, that's too advanced for the newcomer. Let's talk about God. No, might offend and run off that newcomer.

    How about we talk about gratitude and turning it over? In fact, let's just turn the meeting over to the newcomer and let them talk about their treatment center experiences and the tools they picked up there.

    In my group, we talk a lot about booze and how we drank it. We call it identification. It's step 1 which drives our willingness to do the other steps. We talk about our experience in steps 2 through 12 too.

    Before we start on the middle work, steps 4 through 9, we bring a piece of inventory with us and write the first two columns on the board and the rest of the group writes your 3rd column for you.

    Is that public enough for you Karl?