Friday, July 22, 2016


Is that how you spell it?

The Sinclair Method ... a pill via one Dr. Sinclair is what I'm watching on Amazon Prime.

So evidently, the stuff is hard to get?  Because it's cheap and not tied to Big Pharm?

Oh, and you can drink on this pill.

Apologies to Monica whatshername... from the 13th Step Leaving A.A. website.  Richardson.   Monica Richardson I believe.

Wonder how her treatment is going.

So far, I disagree with Dr. Sinclair's claim that my craving is stronger after 12 and a half years of sobriety.

I believe my spiritual path does what's necessary for my brain chemistry.


  1. I take naltrexone, mostly to humor my V.A. doctor. I had over 6 years abstinence, drank for about 13 months and now 2 days shy of 9 months without a drink. The episode came with drama, legal problems, (which were eventually dismissed) money wasted, etc. ad nauseam.

    The chaos all comes back. I take naltrexone ostensibly for cravings but I don't think it is effective. Will quit soon. (naltrexone that is).

    My last week of drinking was limited to a few shooters a day. I quit in Oct started Naltrexone in Dec. So I do not have a report on "the Naltrexone controlled drinking experiment".

    However along the lines of medical treatment for "alcoholism" is the following indictment of Alcoholics Anonymous. "Most diseases are a disturbance at a cellular level". Rudolph Virchow. With that in mind, there is online:

    "How the Rockefellers blocked the gold cure for addiction". This strikes at the heart of the hazy nebulous A.A. and AMA disease concept. THIQ theory notwithstanding. The official disease theory model of alcoholism says "it is sometimes caused by a disease of the brain". Whoa now, I don't have an Ivy league education, could someone break that down for me?

    The article proves Towns was a crook and Silkworth, well you can judge for yourselves about "the little doctor who loved drunks". And Bill Wilson appears to have been duped.

    Corroboration is in the "Reclamation of the Alcoholic by Silkworth", about 11 paragraphs down are three cases Silkworth speaks about "the cell condition being a colloidal phenomenon and the logical treatment is the administration of the appropriate colloidal preparation". This is the allergy concept and treatment of cellular alcohol addiction explained in no uncertain terms. This is about the normalizing, desensitizing, and revitalizing of the individual cell using colloidal gold and colloidal iodine ala Rudolph Virchow.

    IMO this specifically is the dis-ease of alcohol addiction that has been a mystery, at least to me, all these years. What makes this so damning is that Silkworth said these were, in his words, obstinate cases that were successful.

    So metaphorically a pickle can become a cucumber again, sort of. After all a cell is a living entity that can heal, a pickle cannot.

    Then in an article called William Silkworth M.D., the Origins and Development of Alcoholics Anonymous, about 25 paragraphs down, under the heading "An Early Model of Treatment for Alcoholism 1937", in the 4th paragraph under that,
    it explains Silkworths cellular treatment using colloid theory to REVERSE THE ALLERGY by desensitizing the cell. It says Silkworth continued to study colloid biology and colloid medication.

    The writer then attempts to explains away colloidal gold and says based on current research, 2012, that Silkworth's preparations were placebos. It says "rest, proper diet and compassionate care" and I imagine a magic wand and some fairy dust led to the restoration of health. Proper diet yes, but that would take some time. Compassionate care? Gimme a break.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that not the Holy Grail of A.A. bullshit? This means at least a century of addiction research has been one big institutionally generated Retard-A-Thon. With A.A. helping to serve as a gatekeeper to knowledge.

    I tried to read Marty Mann, Jellinek, and the Yale studies material and it's b.s. written by educated imbeciles trying to socially engineer people into a spiritual pig pen on an animal farm (sacred cows included), stuck on a prison planet. How's that for happy joyous and free? :/ ?

    Google Silkworth colloidal gold, and all three articles come up on the same page. There you have it game, set and match as far as I'm concerned. And this doesn't even touch on the religious dogma (and it is religious dogma). It is flat out mind control. I can explain it with absolute clarity. Catholics and Jesuits and sorcery oh my!

  2. Nice response!

    Good to meet you Mike.

    I still like the spiritual approach to life, sacred cow and all. They taste yummy if seared properly.

    Be careful with the colloidal though, and don't let it get you too blue.

    Will Google that soon and enjoy my 12th year, 6th month, and 22nd day of my head not exploding I to a drunken binge sans naltrexone.

    Oh, a d btw, if yer gonna take that pill, why don't you just follow the directions that David Sinclair provided for you... aka drink! ... or just quit the pill yesterday and continue to obstain but with the addition of your colloidal and report back to us?

  3. Yea McGowdog you know me, a few a years ago, tall white 50's, 6:00 p.m. Broadway meeting at 18th and Grande, worked with Earl W. For better or worse I remotely got a taste of York Street gas lighting. I got sober not because, but in spite of the methods.

    But I do keep in mind something Earl said that I get a lot of mileage out of and that is "most people do not know how to ask a question". Not implying anything here.

    To clarify, I have not taken any colloidal gold yet. It's on the way though. I am also taking mirtazapine which I will be tapering off of. That's the last time I will get myself into that situation. Under someone's thumb, talk about powerless. I'll do this experiment and see what happens. Switch the pills for the colloidal gold.

    I have kind of been just checking out the naltrexone, I took it 20 years ago but didn't really give it chance. I don't seem to feel any more or less preoccupied with drinking. I see no reason to keep taking it. The less contact I have with the V.A. the better.

    LDN and Sinclair methods seem to be a feeble attempt at neurotransmitter manipulation. It comes from grim reaper biotech corporation Dupont. IMO naltrexone is the equivalent of sweepings off the laboratory floor.

    I feel sorry for the lab rats. Narcan (opiate blocker) can save someone from an overdose. But most overdoses come from black market dope dealt by the likes of the Duponts in the first place.

    I don't doubt naltrexone helps a few random yet select individuals with subtle nuances in their body chemistry utilizing the crap shoot method and/or wishful thinking placebo fest during certain phases of the Moon while swinging a dead cat over head in a cemetery for Talmudic rabbis simultaneously reciting the serenity prayer backwards. Who can argue with that?

    There are stories of it being a miracle from God, to it just being an advertising campaign for naltrexone. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks. It's been indicated for MS, fibromyalgia, Chron's, sleep problems, headaches and kleptomania.

    Yea, so if your stealing your liquor, you can kill two birds with one stone. :) You can't make this stuff up. Like getting caught smoking hash in Saudi Arabia, you get stoned, twice! However I digress.

    To be certain, the Duponts are service to self Satanists, not benefactors of mankind. Lewis Dupont Smith helped expose them in the book Dope inc., about their involvement in the drug trade. Boy were they pissed about that. He was terminated.

    Naltrexone may block natural endorphins. Who needs that? I read also, because of this, endorphin production increases to compensate. Don't know which is true, but it seems there's still naltrexone blocking opioid receptor sites. And besides that, what about the dopamine rollercoaster from alcohol.

    Bronfmans/Seagrams owned shares in Dupont. So one company basically selling opium, liquor and naltrexone. TPTB get us coming and going. And the thing of it is we live elbow to elbow with people who knowingly or ignorantly steer their fellow man in the wrong direction and for what in the end, some fleeting miserable creature comforts. I say burn all the DSM manuals.

    Is "How the Rockefellers blocked the gold cure" a showstopper or what? Valid addiction research did not translate into wealth (for them) and eugenics (for us). So the general population gets the shaft anyway.

    Think of all the death and misery that could have been avoided. That's a boatload of karma. And that's just one facet of the over all genocidal scheme. Silent weapons for a quiet war. Cunning, baffling and powerful.

    "Elephants are dancing on the graves of squealing mice, anyone for tennis? Wouldn't that be nice"!

  4. I don't doubt naltrexone helps a few random yet select individuals with subtle nuances in their body chemistry utilizing the crap shoot method and/or wishful thinking placebo fest during certain phases of the Moon while swinging a dead cat over head in a cemetery for Talmudic rabbis simultaneously reciting the serenity prayer backwards. Who can argue with that?"

    That was fucking hilarious right there M'r F'r.

    Good to see you Mike.

    We ought to start a new meeting called Assoholics Anonymous. Whatdoyasay?

  5. Yea Mcgowdog good to see you too. I'm onboard with Assoholics Anonymous. I think there is a huge demographic for it.
    I have a story to tell but keep deleting posts into cyberspace. I'll regroup and try again later.

    Meanwhile I make a motion we adopt the 12 Indignations and the 12 Aspersions of Assoholics Anonymous. I also move to adopt rule #62, invoke "intervals hilarious" and repeal political correctness. Tabled until further notice.

    Coming soon "not your sponsor's A.A. history lesson" aka what the hell really happened during A.A's "growing pains".

  6. Alcoholics Anonymous the "last house on the block" (rats in cellar, Jesuits in attic) and "only safe harbor (Pearl Harbor) for the foundering vessel he/she has become".

    First link in A.A. chain Rowland Hazard has a sketchy background and whereabouts. He also attended Yale home of Skull and Bones. Just sayin.

    Not being on board with an black family agenda could weigh heavy on ones conscience. Case in point, Jay Parker, Duponts in Arden Delaware, broke free of Satanic Ritual Abuse, using EFT I might add.

    The A.A. account of Roland Hazard does not add up in any way, shape or form. His main connection was with
    Courtney Baylor and the Emanuel Movement, the source of his abstinence. And the prevailing facts are that the Jung/Hazard visit happened in 1926 for two weeks to two months max. not 1931 for a whole year.

    Glen C says Ernie Kurtz who btw was a Catholic Priest and "storyteller" painted a picture that did not exist. Why embellish and fabricate unless there's an hidden agenda.

    From the get go, from Towns hospital, conversion, a Catholic theme was being pushed. After all it's a "hopeless condition" and self-knowledge won't keep you sober, right?

    Miracles? They happen all the time. Proof to me is the Virgin Mary apparition in my red wine vomit when I prayed to the toilet god over and over and over. Sorry, if my Karma just ran over your Dogma. Maybe you can take your Dogma to the Vaticanerian.

    Praying to a capricious and whimsical "grace dispensing" entity that will some how remove the compulsion to drink, while ignoring diet and common sense health habits is an irrational expectation. There is a mind body connection but PREYING ain't it.

    But hey, St. Ignatia intuitively knew that alcoholics with jangled nerves "needed coffee." This information was retrieved from her rectum at St. Thomas Hospital with the assistance of Dr. Bob, ace proctologist.

    A.A. history tells on itself. Big Book pg. 26 says Hazard to Jung, "He begged the doctor to tell him the WHOLE truth and he got it".

    Then in in Jung's letter to Wilson he says he could not tell Hazard EVERYTHING because he had to be exceedingly careful in those days, Jung goes on to say that there is an evil prevailing principle in the world" etc., etc. Read the letter. He uses the term Devil as an euphemism, for what?

    What most people do not know is that Carl Jung was a closet Gnostic, the Father of the Neo-Gnostic movement but kept it under wraps to avoid complete ostracizing.

    Number one Gnosis motto, Know Thyself. As Above, So Below. BB says self knowledge has little value if any in sobriety. That is a total contradiction of Gnosticism. So there is a huge disconnect in what Jung could or would share with Hazard and suggesting Hazard find a focus group that would lead to "real religious insight". A vague way of saying conversion.

    Gnosticism is a soul, sole, journey not group think herd mentality blind leading blind repetition, reptile-ation, R-complex reinforcing ritual. R-complex (reptilian brain) = Archon plex. See Gnostics and Archons. Oh yea, this stuff is real. People who worship the god of the Old Testament are in essence worshipping Satan. Yaldebaoth.

    Carlos Castaneda calls these entities "The Flyers" Paul Levy uses a Native American term wetiko. Richard Dawkins says accurately "mind virus". It's all he same thing in many cultures. Irrational religiosity is a prime manifestation.

    The BB chapter to the agnostics is a misnomer. Wouldn't an agnostic really be defined as someone who rejects Gnosis,
    like maybe the Catholics and Jesuits. Bottom line Jung said generically "spiritus contra spiritum". IMO to avoid drawing fire from the Catholic/Jesuits. Who to this day assassinate character, body of work, and your very existence.

    So Jung in his own words did not come close to telling the WHOLE truth, as referenced in BB pg.26.

    This is the firm bedrock of A.A.'s foundation? More to come.

  7. Sorry if my Karma just ran over your Dogma? You can take him to the Vaticanarian?

    Ah, this is good stuff.

    I feel like I've been to five meetings!

  8. Yea, thanks Mcgowdog, I am finding your blog therapeutic too. I will say my life has been a comedy of errors so having a sense of humor has helped.

    Not sure where you stand on some things. I like speaking as accurately as possible on what I feel is important.

    Disinformation agents and gatekeepers of knowledge pretty much have blood on their hands. A little cognitive dissonance goes along way.

    Critical thinking is in short supply for the congregation of the Church of the Eternal Lobotomy.
    A frontal lobotomy instead of a bottle in front of me? Not really a choice.

    At one time I thought most people in A.A were seeking genuine spiritual growth then I realized it's more of a comfort zone. I met a lot of helpful and well meaning people in A.A. I am not criticizing that.

    But IMO the synergy of a "think tank" doesn't require acknowledgement and guidance from so called Authorities. Anarchy does not mean without rules it means Without Rulers.

    So pain is inflicted at birth to get you breathing, right? and then if your male you get circumcised without consent. That's trauma that gets buried. That's mutilation. Circumcision is the sign of a slave.

    Why?, because the brainwashed must submit to the Authorities.

    IMO the stuff about the grouch and the brainstorm and the Acceptance speech are dumbing down devices. Every problem in the universe automatically comes with an answer. But not for the fearful and flummoxed.

    For example Richard Dawkins, does not discuss the prevailing knowledge of spirit/science. Also just about anything with the name Oxford in it has a Globalist agenda. Atheism is a straw man argument. He's a shill. And for What?

    To me concepts of infinity and eternity are proof of at least a Higher Immortal Self. Humans can conceive thoughts with a limitless imagination. As above, So below.

    We are literally being bullshitted to death. Check out The Ibogaine Dossier. Ibogaine has been around a long time and it looks like a genuine acute addiction remedy. No real detox symptoms, no biting the bullet, and it works in about 24 hours.

    During the 70's Dupont, the owners of Naltrexone must have found out it worked too well and shit canned it. And a Dr. Harris Isbell's ibogaine information at the Federal Narcotic Hospital Lexington, Kentucky disappeared into the Department of Defense or CIA files. Jesuits strike again.

    The Cocaine Import Agency and Dope inc. rake in over $500 billion a year not to mention the misery they generate.
    To overstate the obvious the drug war is a farce. Ibogaine?, what ibogaine?.

    I looked into ibogaine but the main thing is you need someone with you and it costs a few hundred dollars. I was thinking if it can kind of reset my nervous system it might be worth it. I was still drinking at the time, but after a few days sober I was zoned in on keeping the plug in the jug.

    I think TPTB see A.A. as Freemasonry for the profane. It is misdirection, hand signals for the blind. The M.O. is to form a committee to do a study on how to best conceal what actually works. Then peddle worthless shit. Don't need Vatican Voodoo.

    The scumbags that get rich off ignorance, drugs, and alcohol spiritually guide the masses straight into the institutions that lead into other institutional labyrinths Municipal State or Federal. That's my soap box.

    Feel free to check out "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads on youtube, the soundtrack for my next post.
    Much hand wringing and running around in circles could follow.

  9. I was truly entertained in A.A. for a long time, to the tune of 22 years.

    I just got other shit to do. Is this so wrong?

  10. Yes.

    Do the other shit, fine.

    Why not go back to any AA meeting once a week, or once a month.

    Your story of recovery might save some poor bastard alcoholic's life.

  11. Yes.

    Do the other shit, fine.

    Why not go back to any AA meeting once a week, or once a month.

    Your story of recovery might save some poor bastard alcoholic's life.

  12. No Mcgowdog, not and all. Entertained is good, sobriety is better, but time is priceless. However you would probably take offense if someone like my old ex York Street A.A. "learning experiencer/experiencee" EW said that you are probably just in between drinks. I am not suggesting that. Just making a point.

    I know that kind of talk is part of the self policing matrix. I live alone and do not work and when I would go home after a meeting or a sponsor visit, and there have been bad ones, there is not much to break up the resonance of disempowering suggestions.

    My first real exposure with A.A. in 1989 was via the Veterans Administration. The V.A. X A.A. equals chaos squared. I got so many mixed messages it's a wonder I am still alive. My first counselor was a child radio personality, Thomas Ryan, who performed at Loyola Academy in Chicago. That's Jesuit. He wore guilt and shame like a three piece suit.

    In a "confidential" group setting "on the hot seat" in the name of "rigorous honesty" this minion who said "you will never get sober if you don't tell the truth", got me to implicate myself in the particulars of my service connected disability, ie drinking at the time of the injury, which involved the Squadron Commander.

    Absolute violation of the 6th tradition. V.A. looking to save money. That was like doing a 4th step in front of a judge without my permission and with grave consequences.

    I had dodged a major bullet. (BTW f**k the military, homicidal shitheads) But the VBA in effect largely nullified my legal benefits to below poverty level until 2003, and in 1989 said go to hell and again in 1996. I was lost in the smoke and mirrors.

    I was a bomb loader with the post Viet Nam Wild Weasels who did 75% of the bombing over North Viet Nam. One boss died of a heart attack and my other boss blew his head of with a shotgun. Drugs and alcohol were rampant.

    The Fresno V.A. psychiatrist Ronald Kokes was Catholic, (Jesuit controlled) and a strange and distant authoritarian. He shared (I don't know why) in a group that he felt a sense of relief and freedom after the death of his wife due to a mugging. I found that pretty bizarre.

    In 1981 the prick handling my Veterans claim case for the VBA, T.A. Verill, had buried a medical record in my claims file saying my spinal cord injury was congenital. Born with it.

    I found another similar case online. Agent Orange symptoms inherited from mother. Verill was destroying records and denying claims on a massive scale with IMPUNITY. See the Deep Throat Letters 1 and 2. That's Jesuit CIA.

    In 1989 nerve root damage from the original injury manifested itself paralyzing part of my upper right extremity and hand. I had been through DT's weeks earlier. This nerve damage that was precipitated by a drinking binge, was inevitable according to the neurologist in 1996. It was a ticking time bomb.

    At the time I was falsely told it one thing and then another. I imploded on myself with self loathing for years until I stumbled across what was wrong. I have been told concealing facts is by design to induce "drinking yourself off the payroll".

    The Fresno V.A. was/is an extension of Menlo Park V.A. where Ken Kesey of the Merry Pranksters did the LSD experiments
    for Stanford University and the Tavistock Institute in 1959. Ken Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest.

    Kesey realized that the experiments were about destroying human dignity and self worth. I spent a week at Menlo Park. Your damned if you do and damned if you don't. I was trying to save an IRS job. It was pathetic. I was drinking on the drive home.

    My story got tangled up with the Veterans Benefits Administration. What was done was criminal (falsified medical records) There are V.A. horror stories and A.A. horror stories I got both and believe you me I was taking notes and keeping a mental record.

    I had a front row seat and back stage pass to the bureaucracy of death.

  13. Paul C., I've been trying to save Mike C for about the last 16 or 17 years.

    Think I'm getting close to earning those A.A. golden wings? Ooh, I just heard a bell ring. Think I'll fly away.

  14. Here's what pisses me off about websites that want to throw rocks at A.A. Like for example Fresno California Veterans Hospital, where I spent off and on 20 of my darkest years, is on a list called "Some Major Mind Control Programming Sites" made by Fritz Springmeier author of "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an UNDETECTABLE Mind Control Slave". (I know :/ run on sentence has no credibility). Thread troll rule #13.

    The audacity! What does he know? He did jail time and has a beard and the title of his book is too long. Doh! I know they weren't doing Mind Control at the Fresno VAMC. I was there! I would have DETECTED it ;)

    You know how I would have detected it? It would have been revealed to me by clairvoyance through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous that were shoved up my ass (Dr. Bob specialty) and then told it was the only way to quit drinking and I will die if I don't get honest trust god help others make my bed blow my nose shine my shoes wash behind my ears and work the steps immediately and for the rest of my life.

    Besides the Alcohol Dependency Treatment Program was right there in the PSYCHIATRIC DEPARTMENT. WTF? Why would you perpetrate UNDECTECTABLE Mind Control Programming in the PSYCHIATRIC DEPARTMENT? I don't get it?!? What does a PSYCHIATRIC DEPARTMENT have to do with a 12 STEP UNDETECTABLE MIND CONTROL INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM for those desperately addicted to a pharmacopeia of substances and don't have a clue about MK-Ultra??? What??

    IMO opinion, no way there was UNDECTECTABLE Mind Control Programming at Fresno VAMC at First and Clinton Street on the 4th floor and no way it could co-exist as a 12 STEP INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM and Tavistock Institute Mind Control Programming Site. No way. I was in walking distance for many years and would have known by just being in the vicinity.
    12 step folks just know these things!

    And speaking of walking, Fresno VAMC was very good for my cardiovascular health strengthened by my lengthy status as a pedestrian with affluently challenged circumstances due to "processing" at a MAJOR UNDETECTABLE MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING SITE courtesy of Menlo Park, Stanford and Tavistock which utilizes the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 STEP PROGRAM of UNDETECTABLE MIND CONTROL INDOCTRINATION. Think not?

    Aldous Huxley the case officer and High Priest of the British Opium War who also worked for Tavistock Institute the largest MIND CONTROL THINK TANK in the world (that I cam personally trace connections to), called Bill Wilson "The Greatest Social Architect of the Twentieth Century". Don't worry it's just pretty words, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He's just from a family of eugenicists.

    I don't get it, with all that Brainwashing and all that Whitewashing anyone should be able to work a "clean" program.
    And the current heroin (British opium war) epidemic concurrent with 12 step knowledge vacuum is no reflection on the efficacy of 12 step brilliance. Right? It's the addict's fault, right? If you think otherwise your in denial, right? GMAFB

    The reason cannabis is being repressed is because it is the number one tool that neutralizes MK-Ultra and SRA and other programming. Worst info I ever got about cannabis was from people in Alcoholics Anonymous. Gatekeepers.

  15. I think weed should be decriminalized and the gov't won't even make it a schedule 2 drug. To say it has absolutely no medicinal qualities is proof to me that Big Pharma is calling the shots.

    I like what you say about Dr. Bob. Too many folks in A.A. like him, trying to shove the big book up people's ass.

  16. I say that about Dr. Bob for being a proctologist and working with assholes at his office and in his spare time. I did read where he was like shit or get off the pot, you mean business or what? Get on your knees.

    I can definitely say cannabis prohibition ruined my life. The DEA wants to maintain it's schedule 1 lunacy.
    Michelle Leonhart former head of the DEA is unbelievably stupid. Her defense of the DEA stance on cannabis was hollow saying in essence that cannabis was more dangerous then meth which is schedule 2.

    Shooting speed, why not, Uncle Sam says it's safer than a bong hit. Leonhart says "marijuana is bad, very bad". How so? "Well it's just bad". (urge to kill) I understand why people go postal. Big Pharma is one of many arms of the Grim Reaper.

    Back in the day people understood cannabis. The word marijuana was used as scare tactics to pass laws. Marijuana crazed Mexicans and Blacks are gonna rape your daughters and wives. What's marijuana? Uh, never mind that, shutup communist. That's Harry Anslinger nephew of I think Andrew Mellon one of the Robber Barons.

    So what was the reason for outlawing industrial hemp? No buzz CBD oil is good for a lot of things.

    Could probably replace the whole petroleum by product industry with industrial hemp. I've grown pot and it grows crazy fast.

    You mentioned about a consciousness raising of the planet years ago. I personally went through a leap forward after I stumbled on to Astrotheology. All major religions are based on the same theme. But it's just a starting point.

    Astrology has significant value. I learned more about myself than I ever could otherwise. 12 steps do not compare. May have situations to address from time to time , but I can't do morality by the numbers.

    And back to those Jesuits, they are the best astrologers in the world.

    E Howard Hunt JFK/CIA said that "the Jesuits and Catholic Church run the best intelligence service in the world and always have". Confession anyone? I found out history is best understood by following the bouncing Jesuit.

    They do 30, 50, and 100 year plans and are obviously highly organized. There is a White, Black and Gray Pope. The Black Pope is always Jesuit but now for the first time in 500 years the White Pope is also Jesuit. The plot thickens.

    Jesuits are foot soldiers for the Black Nobility, above that your talking about 4th dimensional entities. They control
    Washington through the Council on Foreign Relations. The Clintons are Jesuit puppets and get away with crimes against humanity. Skull and Bones Bushes are Jesuit controlled. And Donald Trump and family are Jesuit educated. Jesuits got there bases covered.

    This whole mess is called the Empire of The City. London City Banking, Washington D.C. Military, and Vatican Religion.

    I was basically stumped by conspiracy research because I ignored two things for a long time. That was the Bush crime family and the Jesuits. The Jesuits are a military order at war with "heretics" and anybody who is not them.

    IMO A.A. is nothing more the the result of a clash between the Protestant Oxford Group and the Jesuits.
    The Jesuits in Ireland had the Pioneers Total Abstinence Association in 1898 so they had their model for abstinence.

    So basically the Oxford Group principles, not that I agree with Buchman, were neutered to make it more generic for Catholics. So it wouldn't be a "heresy". Something about the Catholic Church not liking public confession. Not hard to figure out. That's part of their intelligence apparatus.

    A "good Catholic" does not do anything without guidance from the Church and Mary. That is what screwed up whatever was developing in Cleveland and Akron. Within the Catholic Church there are Marian Cults and Sodalities for those with,
    well to be polite, fanatics with very powerful imaginations. Fear of excommunication is used as a weapon.

  17. What I wrote above to you above was merely words that have been spoken to me at times when I have started to stay away from AA meetings.

    It was probably a bit stupid and arrogant of me to comment in that way when I really know almost nothing about how many people you have helped in your sober years.

    BTW I once got an email from Agent Orange that basically stated: tell your sponsor to fuck off re 90 meetings, 90 days etc. Better you spend quality time with your wife and so on..........and just don't pick up first drink......

  18. What I wrote above to you above was merely words that have been spoken to me at times when I have started to stay away from AA meetings.

    It was probably a bit stupid and arrogant of me to comment in that way when I really know almost nothing about how many people you have helped in your sober years.

    BTW I once got an email from Agent Orange that basically stated: tell your sponsor to fuck off re 90 meetings, 90 days etc. Better you spend quality time with your wife and so on..........and just don't pick up first drink......

  19. Mike, you write so much more organized than you talk f2f (face to face). You are packed with info and experience. It reads well

    I feel like I'm on a 12 Monkeys Apocalyptic Planet and my only hope is to colonize Mars.

    Paul, thx for looking out one way or another. If I get into a funk, I promise I'll find a meeting and do the deal, then of course report back here.

    But for now, I'm chill. In many ways my personal life is great, but I've been trying to be my parents' caregiver until very recently when my folks went from home to hospital to nursing home / extended care (temporarily), then just a couple weeks ago into a hopefully long-term nice assisted living community.

    This has taken a fuck-load of my time and even if I wanted to go, I ain't had time for meetings.

    I'm afuckingmazed at how much time A.A. folks have for A.A. meetings.

    There ain't enough hours in a day. How can you work a 10 hour fucking job, have a wife and/or family and/or home to take care of, recreation, hobbies, etc., and spend hours on end "taking care of all the drunks out there" ?

    Besides that, we in Pueblo Colorado can't even agree on how to say your fucking name in a meeting.

    Then you get all the whiney radical athiest fucks who don't want to hold hands and say God, but they blow you for some crack money.

    Nope, fuck the rules and fuck the merry-go-round, I got shit to do, and yes, I am important.

    Most fucks are selfish fucks and they don't give a fuck about me nor you. They don't want to hear about your problems nor to the want to hear about uour solution.

    Most of the loser pricks who get sent to A.A. now ain't even alkies and they don't want our solution anyhow. They already got a plan. They can hear nothing and if they ain't staring at their cell pbones, then they're thinking about what they're gonna eat next.

    Most Americans are living so high on the hog now, there's not even enough suffering to go around. People have to embellish their drama these days. Anyone notice this?

  20. Yea Mcgowdog, don't mean to highjack your blog but ain't much else going on right? And really arguing about A.A. is like two vampires fighting over a bottle of ketchup.

    It's not what either really wants in the first place. I say that because Alcoholics Anonymous has unwarranted status as the spiritual gold standard for recovery.

    Months ago I was dealing with some once in a lifetime acute anxiety (won't ever let that happen again, legal problems) went to the V.A. to get something like buspar and this nurse told me to go to A.A. Really?

    A.A. was advertising on T.V. when I was at CDU. Only bright spot there was Dr. William Settle, he understood and treated people metaphysically. Like Richard Mckinney but even more in depth.

    To me A.A. is like being lost in a "wilderness of mirrors". I am not slamming A.A. It's own history incriminates itself. If people get offended and they will, A.A.'s public image and private background have serious conflicts. It screams dissonance. It's part of the matrix.

    The tables have turned. IMO there is a time and place for anger. Blue pill takers are dead wood. They can go see "The top 40 pieces of fakery in the world". As John Lennon says, Nothing is real.

    Paul McCartney did die or disappeared in 1966, I researched it. There is no doubt it happened. "Paul McCartney" is an imposter named William Campbell. This is true. This is a testament to the level deception of that exists.

    It is a trip to look at the pictures. The number of people that have to be in on it is mind boggling. Harrison had a murder attempt then died at 58 and Lennon was getting ready to talk when he was shot. Lots of deaths surrounding the sham. Ringo Starr supposedly spilled the beans recently but I think that is a fabrication.

    British intelligence were seriously multitasking. Beatles were huge, MI6 wanted to control that power. Plus one story is the real Paul McCartney was talking to Mark Lane, JFK researcher who "Wrote Rush to Judgment". Supposedly McCartney read the manuscript that disputed the lone gun theory, and suggested a soundtrack for a movie. Sounds plausible. Bye bye Paul McCartney. Money and threats of death and torture maintain silence. This a good lesson on cognitive dissonance.

    Any way plastic macca and iamaphoney are a couple of websites that have details on Faul McCartney. The Beatles were one huge psy-ops for the Aquarian Conspiracy. The album covers and song lyrics (forward and backward) are forensic evidence.

    Bill Wilson did LSD experiments with Fabian Socialist Aldous Huxley who was was looking for drugs to create a "concentration camp for the mind". Which is what Big Pharma is largely about. In Vedic mythology there are always drugs in the Kali Yuga Cycle. In the Bible it's called the "end times" (time is an illusion) and pharmakeia (sorcery.) Hmmm.

    Aldous Huxley who was largely successful in fabricating a Concentration Camp for the Mind in America, and I repeat, praised Bill Wilson as "The Greatest Social Architect of the 20 century".

    There is no room to argue or evade the idea that Alcoholic Anonymous is a concentration camp for the mind. It's point blank. What else could Aldous Huxley been referring to? Bill Wilson's 13th stepping? Ha ha, I doubt it.

    People have no idea what is being hidden from them. However I know that too much info is like drinking from a fire hose and I still haven't even touched on A.A.'s serious Jesuit problem. IMO there is a spiritual gaff that's been overlooked and I haven't seen anybody anywhere address it as far as I know. Power struggles produce many layers of cover stories.

    Okay this will take two minutes of your time and may not surprise some people but, go to the "Idaho Observer, Death Bed Confessions". It's a real picture of G.W.Bush Sr. at about 14 years old, people really need to take a look at this and
    realize the implications. Dorothy says we haven't been in Kansas for a long time.

  21. Oh, I kind of jumped the gun. Mcgowdog I totally hear what you are saying about your parents. You have to take care of family first. A.A. runs on guilt trips. I said in my post time is an illusion but timing is not. Can't be two places at once. Keeping people too busy to think is part of the smoke and mirrors.

    I have a lot of time to basically work on my posts but keeping under the character limit forces me to say as much I can with as few words as possible.

    A.A. is unfortunately the "best" thing going but that's because so much energy is put into it. A lot of what I say is probably uncomfortable but believe me everything is upside down and inside out. The real answers will come when we collectively change our minds.

    Ain't no sky daddy coming to save anyone. I believe we have some kind of over soul and higher self. Death is nothing to fear, just a transition to a new experience. I kind of think urban shamanism is where it's at.

    A real shaman can steer a tornado and see at a DNA level. This why the Catholic Church and Jesuits have killed off all the indigenous people. It is a threat to their power.

    The Huron Indians in the 1600's were getting into the Jesuits dreams. This is their achilles heel. The Kybalion explains that the universe is 100% mental.

    The Jesuits are genocidal tyrants that fabricate history. And as the Prince of the Powers of the Air they manipulate
    the morphogenic field. Real magic is very doable. You can see it on youtube where magicians use the Jinn to assist them. To me those are just cheap tricks. But I do believe some of it is supernatural. No doubt.

    I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about I just need to lay it out in a way that makes sense. We live at the intersection 104 longitude and 38 latuitude both leylines. I know 104 is. At any rate Stew Webb will tell you about the human sacrifices periodically in Denver along the 104th leyline to inject bad vibes into the morphogenic field.

    That is the kind of spiritual warfare taking place. Also we live in a whole lot of electromagnetic pollution, nano particles in the air. Transhumaism is around the corner and it's a really really bad idea.

    If you don't mind there is probably going to be stream of information for a little bit. It may even be virtually limitless. Maybe I'll try to break it up into smaller posts. We'll see how it goes.

  22. Maybe Assoholics Anonymous morphs into a think tank of our own. Knowledge that greatly reduces the desire to escape
    into the cul de sac of addictions. I always heard that sobriety is an inside job anyway. Knowledge is power.

    Seriously though, if you haven't yet, take a break and listen to Talking Heads "Burning Down the House". The videos great. I've got TPTB sussed. Take that Tavistock.

    If you want to find out the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.
    Nikola Tesla.

  23. But just in case save me a spot on Mars and as far as monkeys go we need "The 100th monkey" to reach critical mass.
    I heard that Curious George was that monkey but was body snatched by Ronald Reagans monkey friend. I think the clues are in Bedtime for Bonzo, but not sure.

    I read Bonzo's payment for the movie created a banana shortage in Central America and that is why United Fruit was able to corner the market and divert the monkey population to the advantage their agenda ;) This why Reagan was awarded the Presidency. We're still waiting.

  24. Ain't it though? And Walt Disney tells us it's a small world after all, it's a small small small small world.

  25. A word about Rational Recovery which I experienced back in the 90's. Jack Trimpey the founder, came to visit for one of the meetings and lectured at the V.A. hospital. Two polar opposite approaches. A person catches on to what the abstinence techniques are and don't keep coming back. That's a threat to all AA addiction treatment employees.

    It was AA compulsion, obsession, malady and twelve steps, compared to RR the beast brain and addictive voice recognition. This was recommended by a V.A. counselor(on his own) after failed attempts at sobriety. I quit drinking for 4 months with RR but was conflicted with AA and was still being lied to by the V.A. about other things.

    So I had in my head from AA if I smoke pot or took a pill I "broke" my sobriety and it's all back to square one as a newcomer. Might as well drink. Believe me I know brainwashed. Yea 99.9 years of sobriety and with one drink your back to know nothing newcomer status. What a set up.

    BTW Bill Wilson asked for whiskey on his deathbed (Susan Cheever)and was denied. Strong drink near death is recommended in the Bible. Where were all those Catholics and Jesuits when you need them? {Proverbs 31:6 Give strong drink to him who is perishing). I would have given it to him.

    "They" were protecting the legacy of a phony icon for an unscrupulous agenda. As it's says in "How the Rockefeller blocked the gold cure for addiction", AA existed for an ulterior motive.

    So in spirit and intent Bill Wilson did BREAK HIS SOBRIETY. He was depressed and miserable for years and they sell happy joyous and free in the BB? But regarding character defects Bill Wilson "became willing to have his newfound Friend take them away root and branch".

    Somebody help me out here, what am I missing? So it's progress not perfection when you can't keep your pants on. Where do you draw the line?

    I think AA is a lot of extraneous bells, whistles and fluff surrounding the fundamental point Rational Recovery makes. You can quit drinking if you BELIEVE you can quit drinking.

  26. Mike, feel free to fire away here with any info you are willing to grace us with. I can give you authorship here so you can create your own posts and add topics accordingly. All you need to do is have a gmail account I believe.

  27. As Father Guido Sarducci says, wee are gonna talka a leetle bita bouta the Catholica Churcha. Feel free to light up your preferred smoking material. Nothing like some good Sativa dominant entheogen to ponder the Vatican with.

    You really gotta hand it to those Jesuits. I mean they really get around. They think ahead let me tell you, they were down in South America in 1600 developing Communism for two centuries because they suspected some asshole was going to go commie and organize a revolution in the future.

    So the Jesuit "Sons of Loyola" figured out the machinations of Communistic enslavement to head off any revolution at the pass. Lucky for us. huh? Because of this Jesuit trained priest Joseph Stalin prevented 100's of millions of deaths by killing only tens of millions people. Do you see the social economics, it's sheer genius. Stay with me and I will get to AA.

    Then there was in Yugoslavia WW2, the Catholic Church and the Ustasha drunken throat cutting contests and among other things, starving people then feeding them one of their family members. Even the German Nazi's were taken aback by the brutality. This is all standard operating procedure for Pontifex Maximus and the Roman Catholic Cult of Saturnalia.

    Frank Buchman was either a useful idiot or just plain ignorant. He thought Hitler (a Catholic) would protect Europe
    from Russian Communism (a Jesuit invention). Ostensibly a big fear of the Vatican.

    Buchman was Luthern Protestant, supposedly mortal enemy of the Vatican. He was associating with Henrich Himmler head of the Nazi SS (stormtroopers) which was patterned after the Society of Jesus Military Order. Himmler utilized the 12 exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, to discipline his troops. The first dyed in the wool Step Nazi.

    The 12 exercises of Loyola are arguably (no f**ing way their not) the source of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Oh yes indeed. There is some disputed drivel about the expansion of 6 Oxford principles to prevent any leeway for reluctant AA victims by Bill (blow job) Wilson.

    Wilson had a fit of inspiration and wrote the 12 steps down in 30 minutes. A miracle! Praise the Mother of God, you know the one on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with her Son portrayed like a bug in an insect collection on the Popes crucifix?

    The original A.A. manuscript was reviewed and edited by the Cathoilic Church via Morgan Ryan, and correct me if I am wrong but didn't they see the 12 steps before the book went to print in 1939. Then Ed Dowling SJ (Jesuit) in 1940, visits Bill Wilson and says hey those 12 steps are a lot like the 12 exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Bill Wilson says "never heard of him".

    Eventually Frank Buchman was accused of working for British Intell and Oxford Group was declared an enemy of National Socialism. Germany signed a Concordat (license to kill) with the Vatican in 1933 effectively taking over Germany.

    This started the genocide of non-Catholics in Europe Meanwhile in America quiet weapons for a silent war were commenced and the Oxford Group's contribution to AA was nullified.

    This practically makes people working the 12 steps of AA as controlled as "Catholic/Jesuits". AA has at it's core what is called "Ignatian Spiritually". Not only are the 12 steps and 12 exercises similar they are in the same order.

    This according to the Jesuit Order itself. A capricious intolerant vindictive yet whimsical God granted chain smoking sex addict financial conniver spiritual doubter Bill Wilson the grace of a 1000 tibetan monks? The Jesuits run Hollywood they are the greatest story tellers in the world.

    DMT, named the God molecule and Spirit molecule was synthesized in 1931. I've done it before. What happened to Wilson was either DMT or a reaction to the belladonna. Or possibly pineal gland activation which I doubt, I have had that experience also. But smoking tobacco and drinking creates an acidic body condition preventing that.

  28. Yea Mcgowdog that sounds great. I didn't really give you a chance to respond and shot another post anyway so thanks.
    If your gmail address has not changed I have it and you should have mine, also gmail.

    I blasted you with a bunch of stuff years ago and I thought I might have annoyed you. But I was still learning stuff. I'll send you a test email.

  29. The Jesuits, Society of Jesus, also called The Company of Jesus, also known as The Company, nickname for the CIA.
    The Office of Naval Intelligence (9/11 pentagon target) is actually larger and older than the CIA. From ONI we get L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and other spin off cults that spawn people like Charles Manson. Social coercion via disinformation.

    IMO Oxford Group fascism was molded by Nazi 3rd & 4th Reich National Socialism. (See Jim Marrs The Rise of the Fourth Reich). The Jesuits aren't Christian, they aren't even Catholic they are Anti-Christ. The rank and file Jesuits on "a need to know basis" are the "Good Jesuits" that camouflage the "programmed to kill" 4th vow "Bad Jeuits".

    In Tavistock tune "While My Guitar Genlty Weeps", George Harrison says diverted perverted INVERTED, not alerted.
    What the Jesuits do is inversion magic and chaos sorcery. All the institutions and professions do the opposite of what they are assumed to do. See the Magickal Inversion of Values.

    See John Lennon dressed as an old Spanish Jesuit in video for "Mind Games". Okay okay, you don't need to drop a brick on my foot. Other entertainment, predictive programming for 9/11 chaos sorcery is "The Lone Gunmen", flying jets into towers and Homer Simpson kills a troublesome Prince, by sorcerer Seth McFarland.

    John C. Ford SJ an alcoholic went through Towns Hospital and had a job as a MORAL THEOLOGAN along with Ed Dowling SJ edited AA's narrative "AA Comes of Age" and the 12x12. I always thought it was peculiar how your going along and then
    out springs The Deadly Seven Sins in the 12x12? You heretics know who you are!

    Bishop Fulton Sheen who Martin and Charlie Sheen (Charlie bragged about being a warlock) are named for, was Bill Wilson's Spiritual Advisor and Ed Dowling was his sponsor. I can't help but think that Bill Wilson knew of the
    Jesuit manipulation of the 1929 stock market crash precipitated by Joseph Kennedy (Catholic) selling short.

    Page two of BB, Wilson says "I developed a theory that people lost money in stocks through ignorance of the markets I discovered many more reasons later on". Speaks volumes to me.

    BilL Wilson was buying and selling with imaginary money. He got burned. Don't you think he wanted to squeal like a stuck pig? Everything went wrong. Now now there Bill, mums the word, or we have a pine box with your name on it.

    There is a write up called the 'The Catholicity of 12 Step Programs". Jim Harbaugh wrote "The 12 Steps to the 12 Exercises". In "Jesuit Catholic Alcoholic" it give 5 reasons "Why Pope Francis is a Wonderful Choice by the Holy Spirit for Alcoholics". Makes me wonder.

    The first priest to become an "AA member" Ralph Pfau (electroshock zombie) did his best to crap all over everything.
    A guilt ridden mommy's boy who never wanted to be a priest in the first. A few volts to zap the brain will fix that.

    Ignacio Lopez, St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of "The Society of Jesus", was a Marrano Jew and was a member of the Alumbrados. Spanish Illuminati. The Jesuits were a response to the Reformation of Martin Luther who was raising hell with the Catholic Church.

    This is why Heinrich Himmlers "Order of the Black Sun" SS, Thule and Vril Societies, and "Ignatian Spirituality" work so well together. Absolutely verified by the Jesuits themselves, 12 Steps of AA are essentially the 12 exercises of Loyola.

    A very informative website on the Jesuits is "Jesuit Manipulated Catholic Nazi". A lot controlled and not so controlled opposition.

    Does "Finding God In All Things", (Jesuit motto) include genocide?

  30. To be fair lets say that Bill Wilson had a naturally occurring DMT pineal gland activation experience at Towns Hospital. Which anybody can have provided the conditions are right. Pineal gland activation is the portal of God consciousness, the experience of a real spiritual awakening. Last thing Jesuit's and TPTB want to be known.

    The water supply is trashed with fluoride to calcify the pineal gland making it ineffective. One method to reverse this is to simply drink distilled water. Pineal gland is a fluoride magnet.

    Pineal Gland information is hidden in plain sight, for example in the Vatican's Court of the Pine Cone
    is a large statue of a Pine Cone, the esoteric symbol for the pineal gland, this is also depicted on the Popes staff. Vatican is saying, you want to see God? Screw you, not on our watch.

    Matt. 6:22 "if thy eye (third eye activated) be single"......and Genesis 32:30 So Jacob called the place Peniel
    "It is because I saw God face to face and yet my life was spared".

    The Eucharist once a upon a time was a magic mushroom. See Mushroom Cult. This and other entheogens are very dangerous drugs, for the mind controllers. To be used judiciously of course.

    To avoid karmic repercussions the controllers put out hints messages symbols and predictive programming to say "hey it's not like we didn't worn you. This is how it works. Seen anybody really answer for 9/11? And that was sloppy as hell.

  31. Correction, it's Matt Groening of the Simpsons and Seth McFarland of Family Guy for predictive programming.

    So in the 1500's Martin Luther determined that the Anti-Christ was the Catholic Church, and with the advent of the printing press (their internet) word started getting around which is bad for business. How legitimate the Protest-ants are remains to be seen, some are controlled opposition.

    But to counter Luther's claims two Jesuits Ribera and Bellarmine invented futurism, the end times scenario. Saying that the Anti-Christ would appear at the last 7 years of the "endtime" and Jesus will rapture his elect etc. This maintains paralyzing hyper vigilance of the "Faithful" also. "No one knows the hour of Jesus return" because their isn't one. He never left.

    The Anti-Christ has already happened, is happening, will continue to happen. The "Christ within" is literally and physically inside you head. The temple of your head IS the Temple of God. Acts 7:48 "The Most High does not live in temples made by human hands".

    Dr. Ray Hagins, using the Bible explains quite clearly that Jesus is not coming back and there will be no rapture.
    I can hear the argument now, anybody can take any Bible passage and say anything to anyone anytime anyway. Really? Then how is it you know what you know right now about the Bible? Uh,uh,uh, crickets

    I don't think people really believe in the Rapture but I don't think people disbelieve it either.

  32. And furthermore Dr. Bob worked with Sister Ignatia (sound familiar) at St Thomas Hospital. Wikipedia says "Sister Ignatia introduced many of the ideas in AA", such as medallions like the Sacred Heart of Jesus commitment to God
    guilt trip talisman, but hey choose a God of your understanding, no pressure, right? This how AA got kick started.

    By basically planting Catholic zombie moles into the recovery scenery. Like spiritually confused Father Ralph Pfau.
    Hey Ralphy baby Delusions Anonymous is down the street. He's lost some where on the Astral plane no doubt.

    Sister Igantia "recognized the use of coffee for alcoholics insisting it be made freely available at every stage of recovery". A lot of science was going into addiction treatment there. Cutting edge Jesuit ingenuity. Nothing like IV espresso for vodka tremors.

    Wiki says at St. Thomas "The patient would be the first of MILLIONS to participate in the 12 step program of recovery, the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous".

    Bill Wilson stated that it was a good thing that there was Jesuit John C. Ford moral theologian to help keep from getting crossways (paraphrased) with the Catholic Church. The Oxford Group was a heresy. Oxford Group and Catholic
    Church views on religious latitude are mutually exclusive. I disagree with both but prefer the lesser of two evils.

    Let's see, the Jesuits St. Ignatius of Loyola and the 12 exercises form the most effective genocidal organization on earth. This is absolutely undisputable.

    Hitlers Ignatius of Loyola Heinrich Himmler and the 12 exercises of Loyola SS were the most feared and deadly force in WW2. Himmler was a Jesuit and Mein Kampf Hitler's biography was written by Jesuit Stempfle. Okay?

    And I am supposed to believe Alcoholics Anonymous, with a generally accepted recovery rate of 10%, working the 12 steps of Ignatian Spiritually with the blessings of a 4th vow Jesuit Pope Francis and publishing bullshit statistics that cannot be confirmed, is not an instrument of death?

    It is a miracle I am alive no thanks to AA, nobody can say different. I failed the program? Uh oh, somebody stop me I am committing thought crimes.

    Pope Francis is named for Francis Xavier co-founder of the Jesuits, not Francis of Assisi. It works though, huh?
    By the Popes own standards he is a lying sack of shit. Jesuit vow of poverty (what a joke) prevents holding ecclesiastical office. Unless of course you got to cover for convicted pedophile Rat-zinger.

    Bottom line is the Jesuits got to Bill Wilson in New York, Dr. Bob in Akron, and Clarence Snyder in Cleveland.

    There's the Jesuits and Catholic Church and I don't think I over dramatized all that much. And with all that the bigger story is with Carl Jung the Father of Neo Gnosticism. Just a blurb in mainstream history.

    Information the Jesuits would rather have wiped off the face of the earth. Hey I'm not going to carpet bomb Alcoholics Anonymous with out implementing an infrastructure rebuilding plan! You get at least that much from the Military Industrial Complex.

  33. Bravo. I just don't understand how the Catholics can create communism in the 1500s in South America? Then pit them against the Nazis in the 1930s.

    Were there/are there, in your opinion, any good "followers" of Christ?

    David R. Hawkins, the Map of Consciousness guy, says there's some good stuff in the New Testament. The old, not so much.

  34. Okay fun stuff, in numerology (gematria) FOX as in FOX NEWS is 666. This (brain NUMB-er) represents Base Consciousness as in the Spiritually dead. News for the brain dead. This is the Mark of the Beast. Plus we are carbon based 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons.

    Spiritually dead is what the TPTB calls the general population on planet earth. (Mark Passio ex-Satanist, personal empowerment turned dog eat dog, now sings like canary, good info source)

    Why Spiritually dead? Because TPTB know all religion and pseudo religion are 100% B.S. The Police and Military are known as "our dogs". A birth certificate is actually a Spiritual Death certificate. Just waiting to collect the body. See servantking.info and "Confusion of Being". Don't think not me, because yea you too.

    For the military, a contract, a uniform, pay grade, and permission from psychopaths to kill does not absolve one from murder. Karma's a bitch. War is all an unlawful pretense to ethnically cleanse, rob, and then blame the victim. General Smedley Butler, a most decorated soldier explains that "War is a Racket". He thwarted a government take over by Bush Nazi's in 1934. Problem is not the middle east, it's us.

    Hillary Clinton is bonafide witch (Larry Nichols). People have no idea about the Clintons. Clinton Foundation is a money laundering operation. Bill visited Jeffery Epsteins pedophile Island. Chelsea "Clinton" gets her Basset hound mug from her father Web Hubble.

    Check out Hillary's famous condom and crack pipe ornament Christmas tree. You can't make this stuff up. Check out the Clinton body count. If she gets elected she is guaranteed to escalate killing.

    If Donald Trump, Jesuit affiliation notwithstanding, makes it to D.C. heads may roll like we never seen before. The problem with Hillary's crimes is that most of Washington D.C. is in on it. That's why FBI dir. James Comey (drug money launderer HSBC) rolled over as well as AG Loretta Lynch (DOJ pride pedophile ring) I shit you not. Field McConnel abledanger.net

    Hillary is desperate to get elected to pardon herself and cover her tracks. Trump ain't just whistling Dixie about crooked Hillary. Things are bad. No doubt the biggest scandal thus far. Check out the Crown Agent Sisters who extort, murder, and use pedophile blackmail such as the in Jonbenet Ramsey mystery. It's a giant Mexican standoff because everybody has dirt on each other.

    As George Carlin says "the club you ain't in" would just as soon see you dead as look at you. Reduce the world population to 500 million like the Georgia Guide stones are broadcasting. This is TPTB intentions.

    For all intents and purposes she is spy. Like the Bushes. They all take orders from non-governmental think tanks.
    And they (maybe not Trump) all kiss Vatican ass. Check out the Red Mass.

  35. I gather the Jesuits were just perfecting the methods of communism to be applied when and where needed later. What happened in Russia was the Czar refused to allow a Rothschild's Central bank. So American businessmen helped finance the 1917 Russian revolution. But the ball got rolling with Marx and Engles in 1850's.

    To understand it better a crazy monk named Rasputin with kind of magical power was in the Czars court. Can't say he was Jesuit. He held sway over the Royal family because he helped their hemophiliac son.

    In WW2 Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with Stalin, but broke it and Russian winter defeated Germany.
    I heard he wouldn't listen to his generals. Huge blunder, but the Jesuits were working both sides and I tend to think he was set up.

    Bottom line is that the Church just wanted death, death, and more death on both sides. Germany's biggest fear was being overrun by Russia and it happened anyway. The war was a smokescreen to set up multinational corporations by Martin Borman. The CIA was in just about every country after WW2 Germany lost the war but the Nazi's did very well. Ever hear of operation paperclip?

    Good followers of Christ? That will take some explanation because the 7 Deadly Sin are not about "good behavior" as such but about actions or habits that cause a disruption of the endocrine system and acidic condition of the body.

    The premise that makes a Christian "Christian" is not accurate. This is better explained from a Gnostics point of view. Which will probably be explained with Carl Jung's story along with the Gnostic creation story.

    The Protestant and Catholics are mortal enemies but the Jesuits in one form or other, and Gnostics are more like Cosmic enemies from the beginning of time. The question you ask is whole the crux of the matter of what is a Christian and what is the Mind of the Christ. How can God be hidden yet be available to single every person without preaching the Gospel? There is an answer.

    Oh, David R Hawkins, was confusing him with Richard Dawkins, I'll check out Hawkins but to answer your question yes
    the Old and New Testament have solid esoteric information. I will explain later but Bill Donohue of Hiddenmeanings.com
    and youtube has proper explanations. The Bible is about science the body and the mind.

    For example Jesus the Light of the World came from the tribe of Judah which numbered 186,000. The speed of light in MPH. Somehow that was known a long time ago.
    The Bible is not to be taken literal. The Bible can save or destroy you depending on the understanding.

  36. I don't know about the 186k Mike. Srsly? Miles per second? Weren't them pre-North American fossils more into the Metric system back then? Wiki says it came from Romans and translated from 1000 paces.

    Ok, so if it was a unit of measure calculated off of humans walking, I suppose it's plausible.

    Carry on.

  37. The story of Jesus, Jacob, (Ishmael had 12 tribes) 12 disciples and 12 tribes, is the story of the Sun as it travels through the signs of the Zodiac. Ancient Isis-Ra-El did not exist nor did the tribe of Judah. There were no 186,000 Judahites to even represent a mile. The 12 tribes represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

    Mystery School initiate Sir Francis Bacon edited the 1611 KJV Bible. The 186,000 "population" of the tribe of Judah could as easily been 300,000 "meters per second".

    The New Testament political story line comes from the Roman Piso family to steer the masses. Again Jesus and the 12 disciples are the Sun and 12 signs. Exoterically the NT is just story telling but contains a very important esoteric message which is the true nature of spiritual growth. It's all 100% allegorical. More on that later.

    Long time ago I knew there was something deeper in the Bible than what I was seeing. I found out what it is and have that hard copy info. Mystery School knowledge. The 4 Gospels are told from the perspective of the 4 Cardinal signs of the Zodiac.

    In as Above so Below and Within as Without few people understand the Above and Without and fewer still
    understand the Below and Within. The macrocosm modulates the microcosm and vice versa.

    Written history goes back 36,000 years to The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Spaceships, laser weapons, pyramid building spiritual technology and Bible information. Atlantis. The Land of Khem. Chemists.

    Just fact checked Carl Jung and Emerald tablets. Synchronicity.

    The Code to the Matrix by Sevan Bomar is very comprehensive. For the history of the planet The Ages of Uras by Anton Parks.

    For Gnosticism the Nag Hammadi text discovered in 1945. Historically brand spankin' new. This is the story of the Jesuits master Yaldebaoth called The Hypostasis of the Archons. (Creation Story) We live in simulated, order in a genuine matrix.

    Mathematically proven in the Mandelbrot set, possibly the most important known math equation.

    BTW David Hawkins was calculating consciousness using kinesiology. Using left brain ideas to understand right brain concepts, oil and water. Somebody made a list using Hawkins method, maybe Hawkins himself and I saw IMO disinfo agents above genuine truth tellers. Anne Besant, Alice Bailey, Leadbetter of the Lucis Trust are new age bullshitters.

    Continuing with the Creation Story, there was a mishap in an experiment by the Aeon Pistis Sophia who is the archetype of the Mother Goddess of all mythology. Myths that represent The Truth. "Godly" perfection is fallible.

    Carl Jung knew of this and not a peep in AA. Jung admits fear of retaliation in his writings and historically had a childhood fear of Jesuit Priests. This made hunches fall in to place fairly easy. So no real info for Rowland Hazard.

    The mishap called Sophia's plunge is why we live on a 12th Apocalyptic Monkey Planet. John Lash Gnostic at metahistory.org says that what is occurring or will occur is called Sophia's correction. This makes the most sense
    to me of what is happening. IMO this makes really separating the wheat from the chaff possible

  38. Okay, here's "Carl Jung on the Spiritual Exercises of the West" Don't know who this is addressed to though. I never heard a Jesuit called pastor.

    Dear Pastor van Dijk, 25 February 1946

    The question of meditation is really a problem of the first order. I have read your brochure and gather that you want to put spiritual exercises on a Protestant basis. Two different ways have developed in the West.

    One is historical and probably originates in Benedictine contemplation Benedictine mysticism, in Victorines and in particular the itinerarium of St. Bonaventura.

    Then we have the exercises of Loyloa, stemming from Islam.

    All these various Christian methods of contemplation and meditation have one thing in common: the image to be meditated on upon as well as the kind of meditation are presented to the candidate from outside

    The meditation can do no more than merely fill out the image given.

    If you want to compare the technique of modern psychotherapy with these old methods, you could understand it as something similar, since here too certain contents are reflected upon and observed though the system is different .

    In psychotherapy dreams are subjected to meditative observation for the purpose of restoring the broken connection
    between consciousness and the unconscious or integrating the latter's content

    In this case of course, no external object is prescribed for conscious meditation, it is always provided by the subconscious.

    This kind of psychic experience goes back historically to philosophical alchemy and in ecclesiastical tradition has superficial connections with the sects of the Free Spirit (13 cent.)

    The two Christian trends have a considerable connection with the psychology of Origen. (some Catholic writer)

    But the real source is to be found outside and prior to Christianity in those peculiar psychic processes reported by Apuleius in his Metamorphoses and in the Mithras Liturgy, Acts of Thomas and John.

    With best thanks for your brochure,
    Yours sincerely, C.G. Jung Letters Vol 1, Pages 415-416

    Jung includes the exercises of Loyola, (12 steps of Igantian Spirituality) stemming from Islam, when he says "this meditation can do no more than merely fill out the image given". Does not sound empowering. He leans toward dreams, magic tradition and alchemy as the more effective psychotherapy.

    But Jung told Roland Hazard that he needed a "conversion". Catholic talk. And many years later explains in his letter to Wilson that "he couldn't tell Hazard everything because in those days he had to be careful".

    The sect of the Free Spirit was also called The Heresy of the Free Spirit. If you say you can get along without the Catholic Church that is unacceptable. Your a heretic worthy of death.

    So Jung gets mentioned briefly in AA folklore only to say HEY LOOK, one of, if not the best psychotherapist in the world said Rowland Hazard was beyond human aid and needed a conversion. That's pretty much the gist of it.

    Never mind whatever else Jung knew which was plenty. This in Jesuit/CIA parlance is known as a limited hangout operation. Hazard visited Jung. Jung was into synchronicity. Total silence would be suspicious plus you get to name drop
    world renown Carl Jung into the AA storty line. So a limited hangout of information is used.

    The storytellers speak of the Jung Hazard Thacher Wilson connection as "Jung's synchronicity' to relay the "conversion message". And the Catholic Church and Jesuits took it from there. That's the way I see it.

  39. Or I could have just said this; Bill Wilson was angry and depressed and spoke with Ed Dowling SJ, and according to a biographer; "When Bill asked if there ever was to be ANY satisfaction, the old man snapped back, (love that Jesuit drama) "No, never, never any. Then WTF?

    And get this,"There was only a kind of divine DISSsatisfaction that would keep him going reaching out always". As you trudge the road to crappy destiny.........! (Jesus says {esoterically} if you drink of the waters I give, you will never thirst again) Ed Dowling SJ, a priest from a group calling itself the Society of Jesus knocks Hey Zeus off his throne and says, suffer bitches.

    The Catholic Contribution to the 12th Step Movement also says "This is precisely the challenge faced by Catholics today in recovery (get lost) groups; bringing the heart and head together". A not so precise challenge is peddling Church raffle tickets for 1st prize, a family size jar of Vasoline.
    of vasoline.

  40. I thought I was done, but burning down the house would not be complete without working Aleister Crowley into the story, whose reputation precedes him. Crowley was tutor to Aldous(mind cage)Huxley. Crowley had his own A:.A:., Astrum Argenteum and literature "Diary of a Dope Fiend". There exists a thing called Contagion Magic. Think that's a stretch?

    Thomas Eugenicist Huxley, grandfather of Aldous(mind cage)Huxley, an obvious Satanist Or Luciferian, in his "conundrum and quandary" to describe his view on God INVENTED the word AGNOSTIC. BULLSHIT ALERT, BULLSHIT ALERT.

    You know like "WE AGNOSTICS" in the title of chapter 4 in the BB. Lack of power, that was our dilemma yada yada yada.....? It is a phonetic square peg in round hole. Such as Nostic and AG-nostic for one thing.

    Shouldn't it be A-gnostic with a silent G. Consequently the definition of agnostic is contrived to steer one away from the idea of thinking AG-GNOSTICISM logically would be the OPPOSITE of Gnosticism not uncertainty of God's existence. Make sense? You can cure A-Gnosticisn (if you know what it is) with Gnosticism.

    Nebulous ideas of agnosticism which morph into ATHEISM in chapter 4 are plainly (maybe not so plainly) smoke and mirrors to define and instill one with TPTB spiritual gruel. Alcoholism is a quasi-Spiritual experience, "groping for God" Bill Wilson called it. There are no Atheist in foxholes. Besides why do you think alcohol is called "Spirits"?

    So with AG-Gosticism, letters are Sigils (compound symbols.) There is a deeper metaphysical principle going on here but suffice it to say, this is Discordian Occultism magick which only has rules the occultist has invented and chosen. No level playing field here folks. Our alphabet is part of the matrix. Ma's Tricks. Virgin Mary of The Mother Church. Thanks Mary Mary quite contrary.

    But As Hill-Zilla-ry Clinton says if you die one way or die the other you got dead people, who cares how they got that way so "At this point what difference does it make?" That's Hillary and her cunning stunts, whoa, careful how you say that. Everybody needs a Bengazi survivor to step forward and tell the truth.

    Ag-Nostic, Ag-Gnostic, A-nostic, A-gnostic, Atheist, what difference does it make? If your're a Dark Occultist it's the difference between your life and death.

  41. Herbert Spencer of the BB "contempt prior to investigation" assertion, also made the "survival of the fittest" quote not Darwin. Thomas Eugenicist Huxley was known as "Darwin's bulldog" Darwin is famous for his "natural selection" thesis.

    Disinformation is a tool of soft kill eugenics. Extrapolating on the pathology of Alcoholics Anonymous, it appears to be the to be naturally selecting individuals out of the gene pool.

  42. Here is the discrepancy in the purported "coincidence" of the 12 steps of AA and the 12 exercises of Loyola that Bill Wilson is said to have innocently divined. Phony "synchronicity".

    The original AA manuscript existed in 1938. Around January 1939 a prepublication copy of the AA text was taken to the Catholic Committee on Publications. No red flags on the 12 steps?

    The 12 steps-exercises go unnoticed for a little under two years by the Catholic/Jesuit/CIA, who CIA E. Howard Hunt declares "form the best intelligence service in the world". And this is regarding a social movement for which Aldous(mind cage)Huxley called AA founder Bill Wilson "The Greatest Social Architect of the 20th Century. It's a BFD.

    Jesuit Ed Dowling visits Bill Wilson November 1940 and they discuss the similarities between the 12 steps and 12 exercises. Dowling SJ says owing to the somewhat instantaneous revelation of the 12 steps by Wilson that so paralleled
    the 12 exercises, he would agree that the 12 steps were divinely inspired. I don't buy it.

  43. Except it would be 300,000,000 meters per second, not the other because it's 3 exp 8 not 3 exponential 5. So, is there any significance of 300,000,000 folks?

    So you see no value to David R. Hawkins mapping of the states of consciousness? It seems informative to me and totally dismantles Darwinism, that movement that the radical atheists love so well.

    Oh, and regarding atheists, what do you think of them?

  44. Your right, I should have said 300,000 kilometers per second. World population if you can believe the figures did not reach 300 million until the 11 century. There are other examples of esoteric messages in the Bible forthcoming.

    Maybe I was a little biased by Hawkins critics. We can only stand on the shoulders of those who went before us.
    IMO David Hawkins contribution was not insignificant and provides a paradigm that can be easily grasped. It's good info. I will give him another look and check out Darwin again.

    If the definition of Atheism is scientific proof of the non-existence of God I don't understand how people in this day and age (Aquarius) cannot comprehend that there is nothing that is not God. For example the Tabernacle of Moses is a model of the human cell where God also resides. There is only one consciousness divided by 7 billion.

    Holy of Holies is believed to be the nucleus of the human cell. God does not live in a temple made by human hands.

    Just been notified of family emergency, Glad I ain't drinking. This may require a road trip.

  45. David Hawkins was knighted by Danish Royalty. In Britain that means operating on the dark side. I noticed his style was storytelling but not saying much. Awards and honors from the establishment indicate subservience.

    Heard nothing about the Noosphere, Schumanns Resonance, Double Slit experiment, Collapsing the Wave Function, and Microvita. If nothing else check out microvita.

    He said nothing about the things that repress consciousness that I could tell, then came the death knell.
    In an interview with Alan Steinfeld, Hawkins was describing going from believing in God to an atheist, it was overly simplistic. How could God cause all this suffering? Okay now I'm an atheist.

    Then at 14:27 of the video in the same breath he said he "went to a Jesuit university and got straight A' in theology". Combined with what I thought were vague explanations in a storyteller style, a Jesuit education, and missing info, he does not look to be on the up and up.

    He was Jesuit educated and lecturing on consciousness, but did he mention Society of Jesus' Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
    and the Noosphere? Noosphere is all about consciousness.

  46. Yea, it's kind of wait and see what happens as far as the road trip.

  47. There's no need to suppress lower states of consciousness if they can just be transcended. Alcoholics and drug users know how to transcend lower states and blast right on to bliss in an instant. Problem is the return trip is to quick.

    Lower states of consciousness include shame guilt apathy grief fear desire anger and pride which are all force driven and not of God. The states of consciousness which are Power driven and of God are courage neutrality acceptance reason love joy peace, which has the emotion of bliss, and finally enlightenment.

  48. If you want to get to know David R. Hawkins and his work, I suggest you read Power vs Force or eye of the Eye or I

  49. The Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. With that said I redirect my post, :)
    To Whom It May Concern:

    David R Hawkins is a product of the British Worshipful Master's Company of Worldwide Circus Monkeys. He is a prime example of a CIA counterintelligence disinformation shill sheeple herder and an intellectual quicksand coffee shop banter bullshitologist. A shill or an idiot. Conveniently known as a shidiot. I despise disinfo agents.

    He talks of discerning Truth from Falsehood and Mankind's frustration due to lack of information and knowledge. Let's take a look at that. First of all he conflates dogma and gnosis along with entertaining quaint cultural observations. Keeps things humorous to avoid embarrassing questions. Uses playful superiority/inferiority techniques in videos.

    Hawkins says people under duress act out in an antisocial manner?, with apathy, cruelty, and anger? No shit? Put people in a Skinner Box and poke'em with a stick and they react unfavorably? Brilliant observation. Hawkins says the universe is more expansive and works differently than the average person perceives? Is that an epiphany from the Vault of Heaven?

    TPTB dumb people down with a Jesuit controlled mind rot public education and the mind control weapon of T.V. crapology. Then spew disinformation to the still curious. How can anyone truly transcend to higher states of consciousness when real knowledge is hidden? He talks about emotions but fails to mention that EMOTIONS are the arena of Dark Occult Magick.


    Hawkins says in essence, the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain, this is the way I explain the Mundane. I purused Power versus Force and read some of Hawkins quotes, can't find The Eye of I online and am not going to pay for it.

    Mind's Eye, Third Eye, Knower I, Doer I, sounds like metaphysics 101. Just a guess. 5 minutes of Hawkins stuff and I came down with a case of Cognitive Dissonance. When I fact checked I found out why.

    Hawkins does not differentiate between or recognize known psychopaths like George Bush and Condoleeza Rice who assisted in 9/11. 540 on the CC list. Unbelievable. Does Hawkins tell you that 9/11 was a Dark Occult chaos sorcery consciousness suppressing televised worldwide snuff film?

    It was one big WTF? Chances are anybody reading this does not know the first thing bout 9/11. During 9/11 Bush read "The Pet Goat" upside down, as school children spoke the words Plane Hit Steel Must. Teacher taps book with magic wand. Odd choice of words unless you understand Dark Occult Magic.

    Here's Hawkins shill status credentials; he's a Jesuit educated brainwashed stooge (straight A' in Jesuit theology), Knighted in Denmark (sides with evil), Knighted by the Hospitaliers of St. John (freemason shill), Nominated for the Templeton Prize (ecumenical tripe), and most of all HAWKINS WAS WINNER OF THE THOMAS EUGENICIIST HUXLEY'S, HUXLEY AWARD. (soft kill genocide).

    What do you know? Kill'em Dead Huxley who contributed the CONFABULATED and CONTRIVED word AGNOSTIC to chapter 4 of the Big Book of AA via Aldous(mind cage)Huxley also has an award named after himself which was awarded to the illustrious David R Hawkins. Hawkins has an alphabet soup of diplomas and awards for brain salad surgery which amount to IMO no more bird cage liner.

    Absolute information espionage is the omission of Dr. Walter Russell, Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th century from the Consciousness Calibration List. Russell was/is one of the most brilliant, connected to the Consciousness of the Universe Humans ever to walked the face of the Earth, and he did not make the tediously long Consciousness Calibration List. Why not?

    Dr. Walter Russell among many other things wrote "The Secret of Light' and "The Universal One". There is only Light. Spirituality is just unexplained electromagnetic phenomenon. God, Light and are Consciousness are synonymous.

  50. What do you think of Carlos Castaneda?

  51. I do not doubt that what Carlos Castaneda experienced was genuine. The basis of The Teachings is the story of the Gnostics and the Archons. Only Don Juan called them the Flyers. They are Mind Parasites. He said the Flyers give us their mind and thoughts and we think they are our own thought but they are not. Different cultures have different names for them.

    Doubt generated about Castaneda's authenticity probably comes from those who have everything to lose by the uncovering of the metaphysical mind maze by glimpsing into what Don Juan calls Non-Ordinary reality. The Jesuits are madly trying to keep a lid on things. Jesuits again? I know, sounds ridiculous, ha ha but so are the Jesuits.

    The problem is primordial, from the beginning of creation. Drugs and alcohol allow easier access. Meth is the drug of choice of Archons hence the "Shadow People", IMO (I have experienced it), it's reality bleeding into the lower 4th astral dimension where these low vibrational plane entities hangout. No fun. Especially when you not in control of much of anything. Breaking free is no easy task.

    There is a report that Carlos Castaneda did figure some things out and left this world for a parallel world. This is from Bob Dobbs who's father Renee Dobbs was in the Priori of Scion. Bob Dobbs takes some anti-aging stuff that seems to be working. Everything is documented on "Bob's Timeline, Five Bodied" starting in 1922.

    Dobbs says that "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce is some kind of coded message for or by the TPTB. There are Finnegan's Wake societies tying to decipher it. Bob Dobbs knows what it means. He use to do this spoof on religion called the Church of the Subgenius also. He was in The Secret Council of Ten and flew above government restrictions.

    Bob Dobbs says from the Gutenberg Bible to High Speed Internet each new form of communication for everyday people brought more instability for TPTB. So a lot of history and the wars and mayhem were a panicky response to the growing mobility and consciousness of the world population. Progress in communications technology was the impetus behind TPTB's actions. T.V. is an effective mind control weapon.

    Now we communicate at the speed of thought worldwide. It's just a matter of time. TPTB are up shit creek.
    Ands it's way bigger than just High Speed Internet.

    It's called the Photon Belt, the Real Parousia of Christ Consciousness. This the reason the TPTB have vast underground facilities. See DUMBS, underground cities, and places like Denver Airport described by Phil Schneider.

    We are on the edge of it here in Aquarius once every 26,920 years, and will be in it for the next 2000 years. We zeroed out and most people don't even know it. Then at the half way point there is the other side of the Photon Belt in the sign of Leo for 2000 years.

    In the Bible it says the devil's time is short and he's pissed. This is the Archons who are an accident of creation
    and sense their mortality and demise. So the Dark Magician's are pulling out all the stops to maintain low vibratory states.

    Archons are the original psychopaths and tricksters. Channelers are sometimes unwitting targets to spread disinformation.

    We would be way further advanced if not for the knowledge suppression campaign for who knows how long. The electric age began in the 1700's.

  52. Ok, so what do you think of C.S. Lewis, author of Mere Christianity?