Thursday, December 8, 2016




  1. Hey Mcgodog, I never got back to you about C.S. Lewis. A lot has happened since then. The shit has done hit the fan.

    Mainstream Media has been caught plotting against United States. Washington D.C. is over it's head in treason and corruption. You must have heard of Pizzagate by now, that's just the tip of the iceberg. MSM is not reporting it, but maybe their waiting for Trump's inauguration. It's a weird situation A congressman name Trey Gowdy is having a merciless Turkey Shoot. It's all over but the crying for the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, TPTB.

    I've been waiting decades for this. Trying to tell people along the way. I knew one thing, I did not want to get caught with my pants down and that is all A.A. was ever going to do for me. I don't see how people didn't see this coming. Blind drunk for three decades and I could still see it.

    Clinton supporters are the stupidest lazy blind fucking retards in the whole fucking Solar System. High Speed Internet and they still have their collective heads up their flabby lazy sodo mized shitholes. YEA CLINTON SUPPORTERS FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. Colorado voters gave our electoral votes to that documented murdering pedophile vampire cannibal witch? Did I say documented? yea documented. I would burn that bitch alive. The Clintons helped fuck up the whole planet, Arkansas, the U.S the Middle East, Hati, Honduas.

    This whole country would be like Detroit under Hill-Zilla Clinton in no time flat. But you know what? Heads would have been cut off before people could them pull out of there bifurcated fart generator. Obamacare code ICD9E78 provides for the use of guillotines. WTF? How Islamic? Or is that just "fear porn" Rudy Guliani came clean. He was involved in 9-11 Probably signed his death warrant. See what he has to say about human clones. See Donald Marshall and illuminati cloning centers. Had some doubts but not so much now.

    But timelines are converging on the planet, I just realized this today when I was surfing the net, have heard it about going to happen for years. People are having different memories of details the past. It's called the MANDELA EFFCT, first coined five years ago due to groups of people having different recall of Nelson Mandela's death date. Check out the Bernstein or is it Bernstain bears. There is physical evidence for both on I think Reddit. 2012 came and went and people put theirs heads back in the sand. Thank Tavistiock and MK-Utra for that.

    Hillary is one of the British Crown Sisters and they make Charles Manson look like a boy scout if not an Eagle Scout.
    Even Jimmy Savile pales in comparison to Hillary. She is way worse than Bill too.

    Plenty of info At State of the Nation for Pizza Gate, Abledanger.net by Field Mcconnell (his sister was involved at a high level) has pedophile snuff film info, and the electronic sophistication info to
    stay under the intelligence radar and how they crash planes with an uninterruptable auto pilot. Hill-Zilla was using an Onion Router and/or I guess the dark web and deep web.

    That's it for now, also check out Antarctica, there was an escape route that got shut down by the good guys.
    Nowhere to run to nowhere to hide. These entities are also wanted elsewhere. I read there is a cosmic posse waiting for them. Due to the law of thermodynamics these entities energy is going to be transmutated or permanently destroyed. They have been given chances in the past. 2017 is going one hell of a year. Who's also involved in all this? If you said Jesuits give yourself a gold star.

    Also Alex Collier Contactee and David Wilcock and Corey Goode have good info. I need feedback on the Mandela Effect. Maybe I'm just smoking too much pot but this sure looks the Book of Revelation playing out.

  2. Hey Mike, Happy New Year!

    As usual, you are way ahead of the curve than me on this.

    I'm having a blast too. Ever heard of this guy? Paul Craig Roberts? Scarry stuff. I'll dedicate a new post to it.