Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy F'in Easter !!!!

Well, I was reflecting on the Easter Season, which is the most holy time of the year for me. There is so much good stuff to ponder, the ultimate example of unselfishness showed by Jesus at the least and the redemtion from sin and resurection from the dead and the whole God became man thing, if you are that much of a believer.

I figured I'd go over and see what our atheist anti-AA friends were talking about during this special time of year. And look what I happened upon......a link to this argicle http://gazettextra.com/news/2010/apr/02/janesville-school-district-reviewing-its-12-step-r/ which is about some group 'Freedom From Religion Foundation' (I know, how unAmerican is that ?) who is taking the Janesville WI school district to task for recommending 12 step attendance (along with other sober social and family activities) for high school kids who have drug and alcohol problems. And to make matters worse the special school meets in .....are you ready, gasp, a church....omg.

I do think it's great that while the Christian world celebrates one of the most unselfish acts of all time, the atheists are showing the world just how petty and selfish they are. Well, they do that every time they open their mouths, but the contrast just warms my heart.

So what kind of organization does FTG and MA and the anti-AA crew look up to ?
How is this group making the world a better place ?

Let's take a look at some of the issues they regularly work on :

"Churches Used as Polling Places
A church is being used as a polling location. Is that legal?"

Yes, you read it right. The atheists are so bigoted and vile that they feel dirty if they even have to step foot in a church. Answer, complain and get an absentee ballot. Bonus, you won't have to go out in public and be around other prople's germs. It's a win/win situation.

"Churches and Political Lobbying Activities
A church is participatiing in political lobbying. What can I do about it?"

Well, if you don't go to church how do you know ?? Churches can not endorse specific candidates or party's but they can speak on issues and such. Grow the fuck up and stop complaining because someone is publicly disagreeing with you. BTW been to any mosques lately ??

"Child Custody and Religion
A court has ordered that my ex-spouse has the right to take my son/daughter to a church, religious school or other religious event with which I disagree. What are my rights?"

Well, you mostly have the right not to spread your legs /pin her locks if your partner is a theist. Once the deed is done, it's too fucking bad for you if the childs parent wants to take the kids to church when he/she has visitation/custody. Here's a thought, grow the hell up and start thinking about your child instead of yourself. Oh, that's right, an atheist can't do that. Sorry, I forgot.

"Church Bulletin Discounts A store is offering a discount or promotion for bringing in a church bulletin. Is that legal?"

It turns out it's not legal. You can't sell your goods in the way you like, in the good ole' US of A. Imagine that. Of course I'd just go up to the manager and tell him I went to church and forgot the bulletin and get the discount, if I wanted it. But, then I'd probably have a church bulletin anyway because I don't feel my eyes burn when I look at a chruch.

"Consumer Complaints
I am tired of stores and restaurants playing gospel music. I feel this violates my right to 'freedom of religion.' Is there anything that can be done about it?"

LOL !!! Find another store, dick weed. My 'rights' are being violated because I don't like the music they play in the store.....this is great. Hey, do you think the store owner, employees and other customers have any rights or did they make 'rights' just for you ??

"Court-Ordered Participation in A.A.
Information for Prisoners and Probationers Required to Attend A.A., N.A., or Other Religiously Centered Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs"

Right. The alternative would be jail. Since that's where you belong anyway, please complain about AA and serve your time. It would show the world how true your 'moral compass' points.

"HUD Housing Violations
I live in a HUD-subsidized housing. What are my rights to avoid religious activities and decorations?"

Yup, 'rights' to avoid religious activites. You have them, so go ahead and ruin it for everyone else. That, again, will prove what a great moral person you are. You fucking baby.

"Nativity Displays on Public Property
Are Christmas displays a violation of the First Amendment?"

Yes, these atheists want to shit all over Christmas. Use it as a teaching oppurtunity to explain to your kids what scum bags these people are.
I seem to remember reading the Puritans banned Xmas also. How did that work out for them ??

"Prayer at Senior Centers
They make us listen to prayer before we eat lunch at public-funded senior centers. Help!"

I want my free lunch now, I don't want to have to wait 10 seconds while someone prays !!!! Here's a hint...when everyone else is praying, start eating. They won't know because they have their eyes closed.

"Religious Tests for Public Office
Why do some states require a religious test for public office? Isn't that unconstitutional?

Unfortunatley, it is. But you may as well complain and donate to this shit brain organization anyway.

"Good Friday Closings
Is it legal for government offices and public schools to close for Good Friday?"

Oh Uh......they close for Martin Luther King day too.....buy atheists only spew their bigotry on certain groups. They like to consider themselves friendly with the Blacks even though I don't see any smiling black faces on the website.

"Prayers at Government Meetings
Is an Establishment Clause violation occurring at government meetings?"

This is great because the atheist actually quote (mis-quote of course) The Bible on this one :

'Even the Jesus of the New Testament condemned public prayer: “Enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret” (Matt. 6:5-13).
Observing a strict separation of church and state offends nobody..'

You know what else offends nobody, you keeping your fat, white atheist ass at home.

"Immigration Oaths
I want to become a U.S. citizen, but am not religious and don’t want to take a religious oath. What are my rights?"

You have the right not to become a US citizen.

"Jury Oaths
I've been called for jury duty. Or, I need to testify at a trial. Am I going to have to take a religious oath or place my hand on a bible?"

You are wise in not touching the Bible as your hands will burn. Best stay home and hide under the bed.

"Marriage License Oaths
When we went to apply for our marriage license, the county clerk told us we had to state an oath to "God." What can we do?"

You mean you have to swear an Oath to a God you don't believe exists ? Better just shack up. It's easier.

"Bible Distribution in Public Schools
Can Gideons pass out bibles at my child's public school?"

Just say no ?

"Churches Renting Public Schools
A church is meeting in a public school. What can I do about it?"

Ummmm, don't go to the service ?

"Pledge of Allegiance
Do I (or my child) have to participate in the religious Pledge of Allegiance in my public school?"

It's good that you don't participate in the pledge since you aren't an American. Best let everyone know.

"Prayers in School
What is the law about prayers in public schools?"

Bla, bla, bla......God forbid you should have to hear someone pray.

"Religious Music
My child's choir is singing religious music. Is that legal?"

Have the little bastard quit.



  1. Happy Easter! And to you atheists, Hoppy Easter!

    I'm not saying I'm the most pious person in the world. For example, my wife knows that the first wife of mine left me for another guy and we were married Catholic. Now, I could have got the marriage anulled, as she "defiled the bed", but there was no need. I met a protestant gal whose not a slutting whore. So... we knock down two birds with one stone and everybody's happy. Besides that, my wife... knowing my antics a little bit now, says it's good I stay away from the Catholic churches as I would probably make the Holy Water boil.

    So... I'm at church with the family for the Easter service and we're up on our feet singing and singing and singing about... the Cross... pretty much. Then near the end of the service, the minister comes out and does the Gospel thing and talks about what's important about Easter. It's not the Cross itself we should be grateful for, right? it's the Man Himself, right? So... after he gets done with his sermon, the choir gets back up and starts singing again... about guess what? That damned Cross again! At least some of us get it.

    I thought the separation of Church and State was so that we COULD worship as we see fit, in which ever way we saw fit. Go pray to Mecca if you wish. I may not join you, but you won't be beheaded if you do. Do it on Christmas day if you wish. Just don't go getting naked near JFK's memorial spot, right?

    And another thing about Church and State; atheists want churches to lose their tax exempt status. Oh really? Same reason why A.A. is by contributions/donations from within its own members when you look at it. Do you really want the government taking money from churches? Here's the problem with that you stupid douche-holes... then the Church can tell the Government what to do. How do you like me now? This is why A.A. doesn't accept YOUR money. Because you can't tell A.A. Jack-Shit. Bitches.

    So... as far as the gospel music in public places thingy... I could do without gospel music to be honest with you. I'm waiting for the day that Hells Bells becomes elevator music. Will this happen in our lifetimes?


    The information and materials on this website are intended for informational purposes only and are not intended to be treated as legal advice.

    The information is general in nature, pertains to laws and policy which may become quickly dated, and may not apply to particular factual or legal circumstances.

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions on this website. The Foundation shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, direct or indirect damages, including lost revenues, that might conceivably result from use of this site."


    Well isn't that special? So what the FFRF wants is for the courts to consider A.A. and N.A. to be a religion, to have their potential "clients" to not be coerced into these "religious organizations"... aka be given clemency and leniency due to trying to better themselves and going after amended reform...

    ...but then they ask that non-secular options be added as an alternative? WTFuck? So, you get pissed off when the Probation Dept, Parole Dept, Judges, etc. give leniency when these criminals attempt to better themselves with 12-Step, but only because it's God focussed. You see it as a violation of the 1st Amendment, but if you give them the "Atheists Are Us" option, then it's ok?

    Does somebody in here see this as a contradiction at best?

    Oh, and from the way I understand it, you'd better keep your hands on your goddamned wallet too! Keep one hand on your wallet and one hand on your stinkeye!

    Now a good atheist would never become an addict or an alcoholic in the first place, would they? They'd just rationalize it out and just not drink once they saw that they were becoming "harmful to their fellows", wouldn't they?

    In fact, to become a murdering rapist requires a good Hellfire-backed religion, does it not?

    Hell, if we all would just become atheists, the Universe would be a back-stroke in ecstacy Utopia, would it not? There'd be no need for A.A., Church, prison, gov'ment, shoes, jobs, soap, razors...

  3. "we'll hang out here and work with drunks who want/need/do the work as outlined in the A.A. book."

    Which parts of the book are you referring to, I don't see anything that resembles the spiritual program that's outlined in my book. I check this site out from time to time, nothing attractive going on here guys. My guess is that there is a drink waiting patiently for the mental blank spot. This kind of ego based site is the perfect breeding site for this to occur.

    Put me in column one if this pisses you off, by the looks of it, some inventory is in order. I won't give feedback again, but the current inventory I wrote told me to say something.

  4. Put yourself in column 1 and go fuck yourself Rob.

    I didn't ask your permission.

    Be a nice silent monk kung fu.

  5. Oh uh, someone is more 'spiritual' than we are......

    If he wrote an inventory on our site, it must have pissed him off. He likes the anti-AA blogs and the atheists alright, but he's got a resentment against our little blog ?

    I'd like to hear more about 'our' mental blank spots though. A few more posts like that and I may go over and bet the crew at stinkin thinin to let me be a part of the team.

    That shit is downright creepy. No wonder they think AA is a cult. I'm pretty well versed in AA and that post was fucking cryptic. And he threatened us with a drink (leading to death) just like the anti-AA's said he would.


  6. Wowza! My ego bristles with rebellion tonight. I've been recently discussing our direction on this here site and was very politely approached by one of our authors here... about how we should try and get back to our stated mission and not engage in the petty bickering of antiAAers and such. I would like us to do that. But for little tremors here and there... a few more jabs being thrown... So I see my comrades accept the same fate as I did on some antiAA site.

    So we're still acting out childishly and letting our egos get the best of us. We're not looking forward and focussing on what the program offers us and expressing ourselves in a spiritually fit manner. So shame on us. We stand in our shame. But at very least, we're free to fuck up and go off an rants as we see fit. Not very attractive? So what else is new? Our best attempts at being spiritual and helping other drunks with the A.A principles have been met with the same disrespect and ... ego, if you will.

    I've given Rob and others ample opportunity to talk with me via email, telephone... as with at least 3 of you, PM, DM, etc. I've gone to you with consent,etc. and was answered with your technique of being spiritual, taking inventory, and pretty much only posting when the spirit moves you. Well that's wonderful. But eventually, I pushed you and you came at me with you, standing on your superior spiritual hilltop, and how it took all the mercy you could muster, to tell me that I was so goddamned selfish and self-centered.

    Then you go off about how silent and spiritual you are and how you want to offer anybody to PM you for one-on-one consultation. But you love to come right out and insult and shame me and my fellows in public? So I know someone in the f2f world who is just like you, Rob. Spiritually fit, doing great, looking great, self-sacraficing, humble, but in a very democratic way, likes to keep you under his thumb.

    I need freedom. Freedom to express myself, freedom to succeed, freedom to fuck up, freedom to fight, freedom to seek. That's what I/we have here. I can be controversial, egotistical, mean, nasty, funny, etc.

    I was actually honored when I saw that Rob had left a comment on our blog. Then I wondered back to whether I ever offered him authorship here. I'm quite sure I did. But I do remember being embarassed for the likes of him to see this blog in the first place. I didn't self promote. I do believe that Ribeye mentioned it first, although Karl knew about it first. But I do recall Rob meeting it with initial approval, saying he got a chuckle or two out of it and that he might stop by from time to time.

    Newsflash... the whole internet is based on ego! In fact, the whole avoidance of this cyber-world is based on ego too. If there wasn't a certain bit of arrogance, it would be pretty dull.

    But please, don't go losing sleep over my spiritual fitness. Mental blankspots can get any of us. But you can bet I'll be sober tomorrow. I wouldn't bet a whole big bunch on me, but I'm not likely to unravel over night. I'm set to do an inventory later this year. But not just yet.

    I would like us to get back to being spiritual little good dogs and posting about steps and traditions, but go back and look at my previous posts where I did this. Maybe some have been laden with resentment and ego, but not all. Either way, not too much traffic or too many comments.

    You want to show me how to run this blog? Fine. Step on up and run the next post. Or don't. Ignore me. Maybe when I become a good dawg, I'll get the infamy I deserve, huh?

  7. Sorry Rob. I respect your view point and have been given the chance to being accountable on the www through your suggestions and I've rebelled.

    Thanks for your concern, honest feedback, and well wishes on my interview.

  8. You're a good man Patrick, I'm glad we talked. It's all good. An aspect of humility my current teacher points out to me is that of having the willingness to discover the truth about myself.
    Wax on--------Wax off There's a monk reference for you LOL.