Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good A.A. Group

Went to my Monday Night tonight.  Good meeting.  We had a guy from out of town and one of his protege's.

He liked our meeting format and seemed to really like our crossfire.

He travels a lot.  He said he'd been to many meetings in the DC area.  I asked him after the meeting about where he lived in the Beltway area.  He then told me that he travels a lot to there.  He lives in Lakewood near Denver not far from where I once lived.  I then asked him if he attended a certain meeting or group in the area.  He named off his group and I recognized it as the best meeting in the club and the only step-doing meeting in the whole place.

I asked if so-and-so was still around.  He said, yeah... in fact she runs the club too. 

I was happy to hear this.  Good things happen to good groups who do good things sometimes.  Hope the same is true for our little group.


  1. Nothing great or inspiring to say. Just checking in from LA, where my patience is being greatly challenged. Have been to a few meetings but nothing exceptional. Mostly spending my time with people who make AA members look like exceptional human beings, which of course many are.
    The legal pot stores are mighty tempting after listening to conversations peppered with "awesome". "far out!" etc. I feel like I'm at a fckn surfers' convention and these are 30-something adults I'm dealing with. The Serenity Prayer has helped a lot....

  2. My last drunk was near LA, there at Sharky's bar in Torrence.

    Went to a meeting in Santa Monica just to hear some kid babble about sniffing glue.

    I headed over to Chatsworth and wound up at a pretty good meeting in Reseda and got some good Carnitas.

    Eat some Mexican Food, chill, and do a little California Girl watchin'.

    If you're in the Orange County area, there's supposed to be a good Chinese food place called Sam Woo.

    Italian food, The Stinking Rose on La Cienega Blvd in Beverly Hills is supposed to be good... if you love garlic.

    The Hat, Canter's, Zucky's... some other places I've heard of.

    Good Mexican Food... besides in the Roach Coaches... La Cabañita, Montrose... very homemade,

    Alegria on Sunset -- Silver Lake... cash only.

    Guelageutza... said to be the best Oaxacan food.

    Babitas in San Gabriel, La Casita in Bell, Huasteca in Lynwood... a few to hunt down if you have time.

    Cielito Lindo at Olvera Street for Taquitos I hear.

    El Tarasco near Manhattan Beach on Rosecranz is supposed to have a good burrito.

    But it's been a while since I've been out there. If I remember right, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some incredible mom&pop type place.


  3. Actually I'm tired of burritos, but have otherwise many fine Mexican places, although the Carnita Wagons are my favorite.

    The Pastry Shop I'm working on for my daughter is next to UCLA on the west side, and there are tons of good small places around her area. Only ethnic food I haven't had yet is Korean BBQ, but it's on the list.

    Trouble is finding time as I'm working til 7:00 or 8:00 every night trying to get this place ready to open in 2 week. Just got the wallpaper up yesterday and that's fun w/ 12 foot ceilings. Have the pastry cases built and am waiting for the plexiglass tops, still have to finish making/installing 75' of molding, then paint the rest (kitchen, etc.) I think of this as a sort of service work...I squeeze in meetings when I can. Pasadena mostly, as my daughter lives on the border.