Friday, October 4, 2013

A.A. meeting shares

What and how do you share at meetings? Should you share? .
. I think you should share at a meeting any time you're called on especially in a closed A.A. meeting. . paragra
. You should never share if you're not alky. .
. I always share where I am in the step mostly associated with the topic or the tradition. From that place, you can contribute whatever is needed in that meeting or that group. .
Paragraph .
If you just spit out the truth you've got nothing to worry about. You don't have to remember anything, you don't have to memorize anything, etc. Share where you're at or your most recent and relevant experience and you can't go wrong. . paragraph . If you do steps yearly, all the better. This way you're well versed with fresh experience and you have something to offer. I don't go to a meeting to vent or lay any shit on a group. This is what lunches or after meeting talks are for.


  1. I enjoy sharing at my home group when we read a chapter from the BB. It always inspires and sparks something in me that I relate to. Thus, sharing is usually spontaneous for me.

  2. Good to hear from you again Paw. Any good dog will eventually miss his Paw now and again.

    Anywho, with me it's more intentional. I can understand going into the thing, especially a speaker meeting when I am the speaker, with a level of spontaneity. But what about the idea of sizing up the crowd? Deciding how you will approach your share based on what it was like what happened and what it's like now? Who is your Audience?

    Are they a bunch of Book thumpers? Are they your home group? Is there someone in the crowd who is new and doesn't know if they're an alky or not? Someone who has been pretty badly mangled by booze and who is whooped and without a plan? A chronic slipper who does have a plan but who is not well versed on the realities of the first step?

    I think we ponder this stuff at some level, if not by sheer intuition at times.