Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will a sponsor fire you over relapse?

Yes. So don't f-up.


  1. I won't. Sponsorship is about personal sobriety. Not the Sponsees. Remember Chapter 7? Nothing will ensure sobriety like intensive work with other alcoholics. Or something like that. I have a chronic relapser under my wing. He's been trying to get sober in AA for eighteen years now. He may be one who's "constitutionally incapable". But nevertheless I have a responsibility to this person, AA and myself to give where I can give and help wherever I can help. Besides. Firing sponsees for drinking is something I would expect girls to do. When someone steps up to the plate it's not really part of the game to ask for east pitches. That's the wimps way out.

  2. Well you're unique. I've had a number of sponsors turn me lose when I drank and came back.

    I did find one guy who would refuse to turn me lose though.

    Most chronic slippers fire themselves.

    It's kind of nice to get and just stay sober for a while. You never know whether your next drink might ne your last or not. Most don't get a second-third chance.