Friday, June 2, 2017

My colleague in recovery, Michael...

Saw my friend at the grocery store the other day.

Would like to hear from him here and thank him for his ongoing contributions to the blog.


  1. Hey Mcgowdog, your welcome. Also organic verified non-GMO (so "they" say) uncooked Mission corn and flour tortillas at the Pueblo West Safeway. That's some good 3D news to me. Take that Monsanto. Monsanto (Satanic Farmers for Rex Mundi) is the Grim Reaper on planet Earth. One of the tentacles anyway.

    I've delayed looking at your post because I've been busy with stuff and trying to sort out this cosmic cluster f**k and other things that can't be sorted out. In other words constantly down the rabbit hole treadmill.

    But I found out some rabbit holes do have an end to them. Global warming malarkey is one of them. As usual this topic
    is upside down and inside out. Anytime that these Power That Be assholes say or do anything it's perverted and inverted.

    Your post time was/is 10:33 a.m., hmmm. I have been getting slammed with 33's (and other significant numbers) left and right. This is a good thing. I feel like I am getting a nod and a wink from my spirit guides.

    Okay, there is something going on metaphysically with weather manipulation. A real Shaman can steer a tornado.
    Weather forecasting is tantamount to Sorcery. We create our reality through our thoughts. Mess with our thoughts and TPTB can mess with our reality.

    For example advertising is sorcery. Selling the unaware shit they don't need, with money they don't have to impress blue pill takers of the artificial matrix?

    Forecast. Fore (in advance,) Cast (throw something forcefully in a specified direction) The "weatherman" uses words that are "spelled" with sigils. Weather forecasting is/can be Spell Casting. Dark Sorcerers conjure up Hurricanes and other weather patterns. Putting thoughts into peoples minds are part of their mojo.

    Haarp, Chemtrails, Cern, are the main technological components (that I know of) to weather control. Remember technology and magic are opposite sides of the same coin.

    The mainstream and alternate media quagmire is such that it can only be explained by KJV Bible verse 2nd Timothy 3:13. (33 again, just looked it up, who knew?)

    Anyway it says "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."

    Unfortunately for us Earthlings, Mother Nature holds all the cards in the end. We are headed for a 35 year mini-ice starting this winter. How's that for a curve ball? I will explain from a very reliable source in the comment section of your Global Warming prediction post later.

    So instead of preparing for what appears to be coming down the pike (freezing temperatures), people have been distracted by carbon taxes, C02 emissions, oil prices, shortages and worst of all fracking, even though I know we could have clean and virtually free energy.

    It's a good thing you brought this up Mcgowdog. Warnings about preparation have been made. We'll see what kind of winter we have. It will be here in no time. Like I said more details later.

  2. Good seeing you Michael.

    My mom passed on June 4th. Rough time for her last couple years. I've been obviously busy with service and aftermath of that and spending a lot of time with my dad lately.

    Tell us more about this clean power.

  3. My condolences Mcgowdog.

    My mom passed away May 9th after a long downhill slide. Some synchronicity surrounding Mothers Day It appears.

    Lack of power (energy) that was our dilemma. We had to find a power (energy) by which we could live, and it had to be a Power (energy) greater than (or equal to) ourselves. Well that's exactly what this (blurb) is all about. It's main object is to enable you to find a Power greater than (or equal to) yourself which will solve your {problem}.(like a potential mini-ice age maybe).

    Remember Albert Einstein was one of "them" and worked in a patent office at one time:/?

    First a story that epitomizes energy suppression and the power of the petrodollar.

    Stan Meyers of Colorado Springs invented a device to run engines on water by separating the Hydrogen and Oxygen using electrolysis. It was reported on the local news and is on youtube. He was offered a billion dollars by OPEC to shut up and go away.

    Meyers said no and was then poisoned in 1998 at a Cracker Barrel restaurant witnessed by his brother.
    See water powered car inventers murdered. John Andrew had a way to run engines on water in 1917.

    See Tesla and Wardenclyffe, limitless energy from the Earth over a century ago. Tesla was destroyed by the Robber Barons of the 19th and 20th centuries. J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Rothschilds. Thomas Edison was a turd with eyes.

    There's the Keshe Foundation and his plasma generator.

    There's the Pure Energy Systems News website PESN.com. If you get the new website go to the Archives and you can get a quick glance at just about all energy sources on the old site.

    See over unity devices.

    See the history of energy suppression, inventors and scientists who were killed, suicided or disappeared.

    Our whole Universe, Milky Way galaxy, and Solar System run on sustainable never ending energy. But Earth can't? Bullshit!!!

    See Maxwell Loughan, 13 year old physicist, and a Nikola Tesla protégé. At 13 he already blows Einsteins doors off. Ahh, Tesla's revenge at last. The Pleiadians and other channeled messages have indicated that "helpers" will be showing up. You can see some of them on Ted Talks and Tedx.

    I read that we don't have an energy problem we have a political problem. Gee, you think anybody has noticed it. Only every freaking star system in the universe. Everything in the Universe is inter-dependent. And right now planet Earth is the weak link.

    We make other higher evolved entities apprehensive with our complacency, nuclear arsenal, and general obliviousness.
    The result of "Operation Mind Control" and Mk-Ultra.

    Bottom line free energy for us=the end of TPTB. People would quit going to work, grow their own food, improve their health, etc. We can't have that now can we. It will ruin the whole prison planet scenario.