Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Keepers, Netflix docuseries about how Catholic Church rapes children


Hey Mike, you got any comments about the Catholic Church for us?


  1. Yea Mcgowdog, plenty to comment on the Catholic Church as THE life support system for pedophilia. Eye witnesses have testified that Pope Francis and the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult have raped and killed children. Pope Francis and Queen Lizardbreath have been found guilty in absentia.

    So if the head of the Catholic Church, Pontifex Maximus/Nazi/Jesuit/CIA/Satanic Luciferian Pope Francis "sanctifies" pedophilia, murder, kidnapping, (remember the milk carton kids?), and Satanic Ritual Abuse where do you go to enforce doing the right thing? The SSSystem is a seething caldron of corruption.

    I read that Trump who appears to be tight with the Pope, did "drain the swamp. And he found his current cabinet members at the bottom." But to be fair no President gets to choose their own cabinet. Would Trump really do the right thing if he was not hounded by the CIA? Who knows?

    I noticed Jeff Sessions has been addressing these child exploitation issues recently. He seems decent. He just pissed me off talking about reversing recent cannabis laws early on.

    800,000 kids go missing every year. If just a fraction are truly SRA victims, let me put it this way, what if it was you?

    Keep in mind that the Jesuits control all Freemasonry. There is a chapter of high level Masons called the Royal Order of the Jesters. This is the pimp daddy organization for luminaries and VIP's. Blackmail is a large component of pedophilia.

    Best explanation on pedophilia I heard was from James Casbolt.

    People who get blackmailed, (perverted weirdos), is one type of pedophilia. The other type, is energy vampirism.
    It seems to me that the perversion type of pedophilia is a cover for the energy vampires.

    Sodomy has to do with accessing the root chakra, males are preferred. This is how the Anunnaki indirectly gain Source energy through Light Beings. The Talmudic Synagogue of Satan, so called "Jews" are involved with blood libel.

    Pope Francis is a Crypto Jew.

    Bottom line is the Catholic Church gives life support to pedophilia and pedophilia gives life support to the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are the World System Administrators.

    Comprehend the Anunnaki and then you will comprehend the Catholic Church and the Empire of the City. Enlil is the founder of all the religions on Earth. I recently real-eyes-ed an Anunnaki primer is a requirement to have any idea what is really going on.

    Ignatius of Loyola who made contact with the Anunnaki (according to the Pleiadians), is the Author of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is an airtight case. As stated by the Catholic Church itself. Conventional A.A. history is fake just like the Jesus story is fake on steroids.

    Churchanity is complete and utter bullshit. Put all your eggs in the Jesus basket, do zero research, cross your fingers, go ape shit if it is suggested that some hoodwinking has taken place, and sit on your thumb literally until Kingdom Come.

    To the metaphysically challenged: NEWS FLASH, the Kingdom Of Heaven is WITHIN. Christians, take your doorstop edition Bible and read it for a change.

  2. Okay, checked out some of the "The Keepers" information.
    And must say, Un-(Holy) (F)or (U)nlawful (C)arnal (K)nowledge!!!

    But IMO opinion this is a CIA limited hangout information operation. Basically giving up comparatively insignificant (I say comparatively, but it's not my nightmare) information to divert attention to what is really going on.

    Remember Donald "Bacardi Rumsfeld". "There are known knowns, there are known unknowns, there are unknown knowns and there are unknown unknowns." In other words "we the controllers" are only going to leak information that is impossible to hide and only after being treated by the spin doctors.

    This is a known known about Mother Theresa who happened to conveniently die the same week as Princess Diana. Mother Thersa's legacy smells like a dead rat and also exemplifies aspects of the nunnery.

    I ran across this researching A.A. through Jesuit John {Hardon} (ha, ha aren't they all?) who went to Towns Hospital for alcoholism. Hmmm, very fishy. Mcquire limited what Hardon could speak about because he had been an active alcoholic.

    Yet Father Ralph Pfau was an alcoholic and electro-shock nut job who would disrupt A.A. meetings and sew agenda based confusion and discord into the A.A. sorting out process.

    A.A. may have been on the right track originally but it was at the very least co-opted by the Jesuits. I already covered that previously in my A.A. unveiling rants.

    Back to the story short and sweet. Mother Theresa was Pedophile Priest Donald Mcquire's confessor. Okay?
    Then Pedophile Priest Donald Mcquire gets convicted of sex molestation charges and sentenced to 25 years.

    IMO this discrepancy epitomizes the mind control slavery that manifest the actual sex slavery with nuns.

    And we do not know, (it's a unknown known?, at least to me) if Mother Theresa was sexually abused somewhere along the line.

    So I say "The Keepers" is a CIA limited hangout because the real truth is incomprehensible to the rank and file.
    Most people will recoil from the offensiveness of something like "The Keepers". That's part of the purpose of a limited hangout. Problem is the rank and file have not seen or heard anything yet.


    1. I ran across this researching A.A. through Jesuit John {Hardon} (ha, ha aren't they all?)

      You a funny dude!

    2. Oh I guess I should have put the reply here. Happy belated 4th of July.

  3. Okay, here's something I thought I would have known by now. But only found out a few months ago. Another known known.

    Barring the Vatican/Anunnaki story, (pretend to be deaf, dumb and blind)......explain to me what the (((Paul VI Audience Hall))) is all about? First and only clue is YOU CAN'T.

    There is the "Court of the Pine Cone" at the Vatican. Largest symbol of the Pineal gland in the world hidden in plain sight. The Pineal gland gives one the ability to perceive god consciousness, you know to see past the mind control trauma of seeing "your lord and savior" depicted on the Popes crucifix like an insect.

    The Paul VI Audience Hall is blatant as hell, except to delusional Catholics who are ironically saying a person has to be a twisted nincompoop to actually see the obvious in front of their face. Staunch Catholics have acquired a special kind of stupid.

    This is also a good general case in point of the existence of the "Sky is green, grass is blue" Anunnaki automatons.
    Plenty of blue pills to go around.

    But with a clean astute Catholic mind (aka brainwashed) mental gymnastics of Olympian caliber are a daily pre-breakfast routine for the "faithful" (aka snake food.)

    The Paul VI Audience Hall is shaped inside and out to have the unmistakable appearance of a serpent/snake head, the Pope sits in the mouth between the fangs of the snake. There is no Vatican style ornamentation in the Hall.

    What does this symbolize and where is this headed?

    There is a creepy sculpture of Jesus rising from a nuclear explosion. Rod Serling on LSD could not make this stuff up.

    To me the Paul VI Audience Hall is signed sealed and delivered evidence that the Vatican and the Anunnaki are in essence one and the same. This cuts to the chase of all feeble attempts to explain away hypocrisy in the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church is not what people think it is.

  4. Don't get overwhelmed by the Anunnaki story. It is the SAME entities in different incarnations, in different time periods, with many different names, with different cultures telling their versions of what took place with the Anunnaki.

    For example Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II are all the same entity. E+liza=lizard, beth=born of. Literally Elizabeth means born of a lizard. The Anunnaki story is the framework around the conspiracy jigsaw puzzle.

    Get the frame of the Anunnaki jigsaw puzzle put together and then you can fill in the rest. Then a person can rise above the walls of the maze and see the beginning, the end, and just about everything in between.

  5. What I was going to say on the failed weather prediction post is that Enlil, also the weather god was known to the Mayans as Huracan where we get the term Hurricane. Hurry Cain? Ha, ha, okay maybe too much caffeine. And mums the word about my invisible helpers. "The answers will come if your own house is in order." Oh yea, just had to say that.

    I was wrong, NOAA does deal with space weather.

    The Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Observation and Atmospheric (At-most-fear-ic) Administration have what is called the WSA >>>Enlil<<< Solar Wind Prediction model to monitor Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun.

    Did I mention Sorcery and Hurricanes go together like peanut butter and jelly? Did I also mention that technology and sorcery are opposite sides of the same coin? Just keep that in mind.

    According to the Pleiadians the Anunnaki are stuck between a rock and a hard place. But since the Media (the Medes in the Bible) can influence our thoughts which create our reality, TPTB can push a thought form long and hard enough to cause it to manifest.

    Consequently they are like the desperate alcoholic trying to put together a morning drink out of empties scrounged from the pile of bottles so diligently collected. The Anunnaki are "Running on empty, running blind, running into the Sun but (they're) running behind."

    But if a person can't get past the Jesus balderdash one is still being led around by the ring in their nose. The population is considered human cattle after all.

    And the Anunnaki like red meat and a lot of red snapper if you know what I mean. They are the archetypes of sex addiction.

    Energy from the Galactic core to activate our DNA is on the way. It's already happening to some extent. This is known. What is not known is when the tidal wave will hit if I am getting this correctly. You can read about this on the Prepare For Change website. It's called "The Event."

    I don't think our Sun is a direct threat to the Anunnaki. But our Sun is a step down transformer of the Central Sun and Great Central Sun. It looks like TPTB need to know when to make their move underground, which I hear they are probably not wanting to do before it is necessary.

    There's a lot of smoke and mirrors because I have heard TPTB fear reprisal at some level from all the senseless killing, sickness, and mayhem just so they can stick the needle in their arm just one more time. If people only knew the fury would go thermonuclear.

  6. Hey Mcgowdog, happy belated 4th of July.

    1. Good stuff Mike! I'm slowly trying to catch up to you.

    2. Cool, I'm not use to making replies so I'll try to keep things a little neater.

  7. Correction it was Jesuit John C. Ford who went through Towns Hospital not John Hardon. John C. Ford SJ as well as Bill Wilson's sponsor Ed Dowling SJ did Big Book and 12x12 editing.

    With a thank you from Bill Wilson for preventing him getting crossways with the Catholic Church. You see Bill Wilson's Jesuit problem?

    Ran across Hardon SJ when I was checking out Marian Cult groups called sodalities of which Bill Wilson had dealings with. Extremely devoted to the Catholic Church.

    Ed Dowling SJ wrote for the Marian Cult sodality ragazine called "The Queen's Work". Can anyone say A-G-E-N-D-A?

    So Pope Francis is doing some hocus pocus in a building shaped like a serpent's head. It seats 6300 which in gematria is 9, the number of Satan/Saturn.

    However the Catholic Alcoholic website will explain "why Pope Francis is a good choice for alcoholics." Ignatian Spiritually. Which is really the Anunnaki Ignatius of Loyola's 12 exercise's, aka The 12 steps of Alcoholic's Anonymous.

    Then you have Jesuit Manipulated Catholic Nazi at the "Spiritually Smart" website. We already maybe in a Concordat of sorts with the Catholic Church.

    And the Pope appears to be praying for a nuclear blast with the Jesus statue thingy at the Reptilian Head Paul VI Audience Hall. All roads lead to Rome where the Anunnki roam.

  8. "Vatican's Nervi Hall" YouTube has an explanation of the "nuclear explosion Jesus statue." It's the real Anunnaki creation story that's in the sculpture.

    And the Paul VI Audience Hall Building represents a Boa constrictor shedding it's skin indicated by the windows that have the appearance of opaque snake eyes.

    Here's my take on the symbolism. Enlil gave us religion and 2 strand DNA to enslave mankind. Enki gave us Christ Consciousness to free mankind through his DNA which is returning 12 strand again slowly but surely. That's the "fall" and redemption story.

    No way around it the Anunnaki will be announced eventually. How is the Vatican going to admit to the Anunnaki creation story without admitting to "being of their father the devil". The Jesus and the Pharisees are really the same forces as Enki and Enlil. Enlil=Vatican. Enki=Christ within.

    So the servants of Enlil are also wanting people to believe they represent Christ but are really the Christ killers.

    On Sep. 23 2017 "the great wonder in heaven", of Revelation 12 will commence. The Bible's a playbook.

    YouTube video "2017 will be huge, Sep 23, Pope Francis, The Vatican, U.N. and more."

    The video says Jesus is rising out of the nucleus of a cell. Makes sense if you know our genetic history. Chec

  9. Looks like Papa Francisco has demon-strated his "Sympathy for the Devil"

    .... Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game?

    What's puzzling me is how I missed the Paul VI Audience Hall that has been around since the 70's. "Vatican Assassins" author Eric Jon Phelps the "official Jesuit agenda snitch" doesn't seem to mention it.

    But he is not a good info source. Phelps is another shidiot. Shill or idiot. Take your pick. I have done a decent amount of research and have not heard mention of The Paul VI Audience Hall before. Feels like the Mandela Effect.

    What is known is that the Old Testament of the Bible is the story of Atlantis. And Atlantis is under Antarctica.

    The Anunnaki are the time keepers. Predicting and synchronizing future events is what they do. But if your told Astrology is of the devil and you believe the main tool to understand all his is eliminated.

    1. Shidiot seems like a useful word, passing through forum filters. I might have to borrow that one.

    2. Got that from Kate Of Gaia as I was going through a knowledge and information explosion a few years ago. I find it handy.

  10. What I meant to say is the belief that Astrology is of the devil, is a lie from the devil. And little can be comprehended without this knowledge.

  11. Exposing Vatican's Nervi Hall Sculpture via Mirrored Imaging by Gerone Wright. YouTube. This goes into greater detail into who and what Jesus is. Plus a whole lot more.

    This guy seems to have some difficulties during his presentations. But he tells why. Says he's been having paranormal experiences.

    Seems a little disorganized but knowing what I know now this video is like the Holy Grail of the information that I want to see. IMO he's on target. I know black mirrors are used in sorcery.

    So using mirrors to reveal something makes sense. Looks like one rude awakening coming up.

    Besides as I mentioned before Christ=Messiah=MSSH=Lizard King. Have also heard from reliable sources that King Tut was Jesus. It ain't looking good for the home team.

    Like I said you can cut to the chase on all this B.S. dog and pony show by listening to Barbara Marcinaik and the Pleiadian message. Plus there are others. Probably don't sound so crazy now, huh?

  12. Regarding the weather, found out that the Vatican controlled military industrial complex has "coupled into the van Allen belts surrounding the planet allowing them to direct natural weather and earth events through the control of God's electricity for the purpose of creating natural disasters."

    Bible prophecy is pretty much contrived.

    Dr. Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla had/have all the knowledge to turn planet Earth into a paradise. Their knowledge and info was hijacked by the military industrial complex and is being used against.

    Instead we have the Corporate Institution of Scientardogy. All that is required is an ego bigger than Jupiter, a shriveled pea brain, oral/anal/parrot spew syndrome, and a signature on their contract with Satan.

    That's why we have a Coronal Mass Ejection prediction apparatus called the WSA-Enlil. The god of weather and all absolutely worthless "faith based organizations."

    All highly recommended by Satanist George Bush Jr. in his first days in office as he helped set up 911. Just makes me want to jump up and sing hymns.

    Real scientist end up deceased. Check out the dead scientist list.

    I think I found out how and why the artificial matrix is laid over the natural matrix. Somebody said they started a website basically out of divine revelation due to a man-made earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand.

    This has to due to with genuine Egyptology and the Anunnaki hijacking of this knowledge for their own selfish purposes. In short if the energy flowing from the cosmos can be controlled and manipulated then you can control the masses on planet earth.

    This should fill in a lot of blanks about the Vatican in general and that twisted ass Paul VI Audience Hall.

  13. But first another correction, It was Donald McQuire who WAS Mother Theresa's confessor, but she had to know McQuire was a pedophile. But speaking about it would be death, without doubt. Kind of like the Mafia huh? The Catholic Church is the Mafia.

    With that said there would be no Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book as we know it without Roman Catholic Church approval of the manuscript. Bill Wilson had as many Jesuits as Trump swarming around him like the Beelzebub Flies they are.

    And the Rockefellers sunk millions into prohibition, (the Volstead act). One facet of the result of prohibition was that underage drinking shot way up.

    Nelson Rockefeller who was at the big money A.A. solicitation meeting wrote a book called "Thy Will Be Done, Conquest of the Amazon". Theft of Resources.

    Bill Wilson paints N.R. as a saint in Wilson's talk on how the Big book came about.

    And we know astute spiritual giants like "Full Nelson" Rockefeller receiving guidance from God know when someone doesn't need money right?

    You think the Rockefellers are go to throw money at a problem they helped create? What did they create?

    The Rockefellers created a larger demographic that could help get Alcoholics Anonymous kick started. This is socio-engineering 101 folks. Problem, reaction, solution.

    TPTB have a bird's eye view and operate on a different perception of time than human cattle.

    If you think this is farfetched, I suggest a bag of shrooms and a trip to the mountains. Personally I am past that.
    But Gaia grows these things for a reason.

    Anunnaki=Enlil=Yaweh=God=Choice in Higher Power. Which is no choice at all. Recovering Catholics & Alcoholics IMO have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    A H.P. is chosen. But at the end of an A.A. meeting a ritual is performed. Corporate prayer to our "Our Father Enlil hallowed be thy blah blah blah. You just shot your H.P.down in flames. It feels like God right? It's an EGREGORE!!!

    Can anybody prove to me a person is getting past the Anunnaki phony god Enlil glass ceiling. At the very least these are mixed signals. "Road to Happy Destiny" which I doubt or "E" ticket ride to who knows where?

    I have read really good articles about YHWH and DNA coding only to realize people don't know the difference between
    Prime Creator and Enlil-Yahweh-YHWH and the rest of the crew.

    Why would the so called Almighty in Old Testament say "I am a jealous God." Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that one of the 7 Deadly sins talked about in the 12x12 4th step of all things? Is it progress not perfection for God too?

    Besides the real Father Of Light in the Cosmos doesn't want your time and energy groveling around in WARSHIP. Is that who you are making contact with? Great. If not there is one hell of a metaphysical quagmire going on.

    So why does your H.P. start running out of gas between meetings. Or you get that creepy feeling when you try to wean yourself off from time consuming meetings. Same impending doom as drinking.

    I will eat every last word I ever said about A.A. if somebody using A.A. standards can tell me why I do not have to be concerned about today, tomorrow, or the HEREAFTER. What's the end game? Anybody care to expound on the "Road to Happy Destiny."

    1. I hear ya Mike! God better not be progress not perfection! That's hilarious. I totally believe you about Rockefeller supporting prohibition. Made a lot of bad guys a lot of money.

    2. Road to Happy Destiny? We're on it. I think it's gonna be ok, even through the Helter Skelter along the way.

    3. A fallen angel god with human attributes is only a demi-god, Yahweh and Jehovah, got issues.

      Part of me says nothing to worry about and part of me says not so sure. I am going to keep my navigation skills as sharp as possible just the same.

      But from what I hear, especially now, is the reality one focuses on is the reality one manifests. So thought control is very important. Maybe I am uneasy because that is an area I need to work on.

      But what I found out is though we are Eternal Light Beings, we can get stuck on the Astral plan for a long period if one does not learn the Cosmic ropes. More will be revealed.

  14. I am covering some old ground to review what I am going to talk about next. I real-eyes A.A. helps some people but it's after the fact damage control created by TPTB to deceive people. Better than nothing, but not better than the truth.

    Come on now though, the Catholic/Jesuit/Anunnaki/Ignatius of Loyola generated social movement of A.A. says Pope Satan Claws is a good choice for alcoholics? Catholic Alcoholic website. Why take the 12 steps when you got the hellavator?

    Anybody doing the math here. Could probably have one HELL of an A.A. meeting at the Paul VI Audience Hall with Pope Frankistein.

    I am sure it has perfect acoustics for hive minded group think. I don't think I can make it any clearer folks.
    You know what is said about "resting on your laurels."

    If your comfortable with something you can't explain, don't let me wreck your comfort zone.

    Hey if anyone desires a travel agent for the "Happy Road to Destiny", One is available. He's a reformed serial killer but if you don't trust him you can just use Pope Francis, who actually has the whole "Road Map to Happy Destiny".

    Who can give better directions than the Pope?

    If your in A.A. and have irrational cognitive dissonance your in like Flynn ;).

    Keep an open mind because "Everything You Know Is Wrong" Lloyd Pye.

    For a preview of what I am going to try to layout next you can go to Godelectric.org.

    Hopefully when I am done, metaphorically speaking The Whore of Babylon Roman Catholic Church and all it's Harlot churches and "faith based" organizations won't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

    For those who need to cling to delusions you'll need to own them when it's time to pay the piper.

    1. Why take the 12 Steps when you have the Hellavator? Golden!

    2. Glad you like it Mcgowdog.

  15. Slipped my mind but the artificial matrix is generated by the Saturn Moon Matrix. David Icke. It's going to take some looking into, but meanwhile could somebody help me out with what appears to be just a slight discrepancy between the Big Book and the Bible?

    How does one find God, get more of God, need more God, be more Godly, ect. All these desperate questions that are asked in A.A.

    Big Book pg 45; Lack of power that was are dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves. Obviously. But where and how were we to find this power?

    By looking in the MIRROR!!! So easy and yet so disappointing :)

    My KJV Study Bible says, not get this:

    John 10:(33) The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, maketh thyself to be God.

    John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said; Ye ARE GODS?

    John 10:35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

    John 10:36 Say ye of him , whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said I am the Son of God?

    Psalm 82:6 I have said ye are gods and ALL of you are children of the ((((Most High))). So when people throw the word God around who is anybody talking about?

    Jesus is talking to mortal men just like you and me. I real-eyes the exoteric and esoteric meaning of these verses. By the Letter of the Law or the Spirit of the Law, anyone who says they are NOT God blaspheme against Most High or Prime Creator the only God there is.

    Big Book pg. 62, This is the how and why of it. First of all we had to quit playing God. (who's playing?)
    It didn't work. (that's because 10 strands of our DNA are offline.)

    Then the Big Book goes on how to submit to an authoritarian god using Catholic/Jesuit drivel. Puke and Gag.

  16. And as Columbo used to say, just one more thing.......a little rehash of how the Jesuit/A.A. brick got dropped on my foot without realizing it for a long time.

    Lived in San Antonio Texas during elementary school. Field trip every year to the Alamo which is part of the "Jesuit Mission System". Church/military compound. When Ozzy Osbourne pissed on the Alamo, IMO he was calling out the "Warpigs", ha ha go Ozzy.

    I got serious exposure to Southwest U.S. history in Jr. High., but too young to connect dots not realizing the Spanish explorers were the newly formed Jesuits.

    Fast forward to my first alcohol treatment experiences at Three Stooges Medical Center (Fresno V.A. Hospital), details are in previous comment sections. My first introduction to A.A. was by the Veteran Administration Hospital.

    Can't remember if it was the Moe or Shemp floor?

    T.A. Verrill, (deep throat letters)who destroyed massive amounts of V.A. claims records filed by nuke testing victims was obviously a CIA asset, handled my V.A. claims cases.

    Ronald Kokes my first psych doctor was a Catholic zombie who I know was being influenced by Verrill. And my first
    alcohol treatment counsler Tom Ryan was a Jesuit manipulated Catholic who sang as a child radio personality in Chicago (Jesuit stronghold), at Loyola University.

    Did the research on Verrill, Kokes, and Ryan and have the medical records to show the malpractice and felonies. V.A. law sucks.

    Got some response from Legal Bistro in San Francisco because I do have a case but have declined due to the nature of the war economy. It's blood money. Don't really need it now and would hopefully exchange that for higher states of consciousness.

    So why do you suppose all this CIA/Jesuit/Catholic/Alcoholics Anonymous B.S. was bundled up in the Psych Dept. Of the Fresno V.A. Hosp. IT'S CALLED MK-ULTRA. Alcoholics Anonymous is part of the MK-ULTRA CANOPY.

    And how many other 12 step programs are there? It's all hand signals for the blind and life preservers from Satan

    The chain: Rothschilds, Tavistock Institute, Stanford University, Menlo Park (LSD coo coo nest's fame) Fresno V.A then Myself. I had to deprogram myself. Cannabis is the key to deprogramming for a lot of people.

    Cannabis was/is a Federal crime, F**K the V.A, and I still have the holier than thou Marijuana Maintenance phrase ringing in my ears from A.A. nincompoops. Do you know how many times I drank because I was a "spiritual worm" based on A.A. criteria?

    A.A is pure self policing MK-ULTRA. Alcoholics Anonymous is the most selfish, myopic, bunch of fish bowl spirituality besides the Catholic Church.

    If Jesuits use Catholic confessionals as their spy network, what do you think they do with Alcoholics Anonymous?
    All you need is a few people here and there to plant a thought, idea, slogan, or a meme.

    Here's one, "Just for today, I will not be in charge". When you give your power away, drinking or not, A.A. or not,
    your vehicle has been hijacked, and don't worry YOU AREN'T IN CHARGE, and neither is "God". The A.A. genie has granted your wish.

    And how does the V.A. selling A.A. not nuke the 12 traditions. The 12 Steps failed me, the 12 Traditions failed me, as it was designed to for anybody not buying the hog tripe.

    Group slogans are great until reality sinks in, but some people can fake it 'til they make it all the way to the grave.

  17. BTW I have a way of alpha testing feedback on my ideas and info by a solid but flexible A.A. member. We agree to disagree on a lot of issues. But this person does mainly stick to the A.A. party line.

    Which is actually helpful for dissecting A.A. and the artificial matrix in general. Obviously the subject of the
    Natural/Artificial Matrix is huge.

    So I am going to grab the A.A. thread as a case in point and continue to unravel it like the cheap sweater it is. Working from the inside out using Jesuit generated or co-opted A.A. as a case in point as part of the artificial matrix overlay.

    I will not go off Post topic because let's face it the Catholic Church and Jesuits are the CEO's and foot soldiers for the Black Nobility and the Empire of the City that rules the world.

    IMO if one supports an organization such as A.A. that is part of the SSSystem that has a eugenics plan in place and you turn a blind eye to that organization's indiscretions and lack of transparency because it is the only venue by which you "found God" and "attained sobriety", and will not consider "the pebble in the pond" (more like boulder)that goes unseen by A.A. members (see LOOSH 101) you are not qualified to discuss "God" consciousness.

    Anybody for an Big Book burning? If you are truly restored to sanity you probably will be soon because the Big Book is looking really small. We all know about the 164 page hand jive, but H.O.W. many people take a look at the back of Big Book which is nothing more than a SALES JOB. And a mis-quote attributed to eugenics proponent Herbert Spencer.

    You know, a New York style sales job, like guarding Morgan Ryan (see A.A. manuscript, RCC approval)and (Bill Wilson Big Book origins)for 10 days so he wouldn't drink before a radio show, so he could go on and share his "experience, strength, and hope" about what a great idea A.A. is. Mostly promotion not attraction.

  18. You know what's harder than admitting to alcoholism, admitting to getting hoodwinked. Besides anything that ends in ISM is a philosophy, political idealogy, or artistic movement. Fascism comes to mind, Disease-ism not so much.

    But TPTB are great at semantics, double speak, and pretzel logic. Crux of the matter I have heard is that alcoholics have a "Spiritual Malady" I heard defined as not needing God. To which I submit exibit A: Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34 of the KJV Bible which I know the Jesuits don't really care for. Okay hear thunder gotta go before possible power outage, later

  19. "Vaccination-Vatican Medical Inquisition Revealed at Last" (easy to glance over site)

    Jesuit Francis Xavier, Pope Fracis' namesake, (It's not Francis of Assisi) was sent by Ignatius of Loyola to India and Japan almost 500 years to find better ways to sssystematically poison, maim and kill. Edward Jenner of smallpox fame was a Jesuit who killed his 18 month old son by inolculation. Died at age 20 of TB.

    The more things change the more they stay the same. Vaccination roulette, for school, to join the military or travel. Biological warfare has been going on forever.

    Crimson flames tied through my ears
    Rolling high and mighty traps
    Pounced with fire on flaming roads
    Using ideas as my maps
    "We'll meet on edges, soon," said I
    Proud 'neath heated brow......

    ....Yes my gaurd stood hard when abstract threats
    Too noble to neglect (Alcoholics Anonymous)
    Deceived me into thinking
    I had something to protect
    Good and bad, I define these terms
    Quite clear, no doubt, somehow

    Ah, but I was so much older then
    I'm younger than that now....My Back Pages-Dylan.

    Catching a big whiff of Bullshit concentrate on the Big Book's back pages. Bullshit that there is no rebuttal for.
    Should be interesting.

    Some might feign righteous indignation ala James Comey......but is that really rigourous honesty? Who cares as long as your "sober" right?

  20. Speaking of cults, I jeard Narcotics Anonymous was run by Scientology. They have a few bucks too, but nothing like Mormons and Catholics.

    1. Okay, fact checked, N.A. is legit as far as 12 step treatments go, Scientology had Narconon as their "treatment model". If you can call it that.

  21. The Anunnaki who are fallen, not all are, have done something along the line to cause their DNA to deteriorate.

    This is were the psychopathy and vampirism comes from which is a cause and/or effect of the hideous ways that are needed to farm energy on Earth because they have no connection to Source.

    What they do have is interdimensional travel capabilities, serious technology, the money system and a desperate desire to stay alive. Gold is valuable because it is actually consumed to help with DNA deficits.

    These guys are high maintenance don't you think? 250,000 years later we are still mining gold for these MoFos.

    They are locked into the R-complex and Left Brain logic. Try to leave nothing to chance using numerology and Astrology. But are losing their grip. But as the Pleiadian message says these are wild card times.

    We are dealing with probabilities, nothing is etched in stone and factions of the TPTB do not get along.
    Critical mass consciousness (hundredth monkey) can change the outcomes of probabilities and prognostications.

    But if you have powerlessness pounded into your psyche all your life, home, school, military, employment, religion, politics, and the media it's difficult to UNBELIEVE.

    And what would we do without the 12 Exercises/Steps of Ignatius of Loyola's CARNIVAL CELEBRATION OF POWERLESSNESS. With plenty of 12 step programs for everyone.

    You are not powerless unless you believe Bullshit. Review the Double Slit Light Experiment. Things won't change overnight but they will never change if one does not wake up.

    So they use Light Being's (us) thoughts and creative power to make their world. Satanist's are Luciferians. Light manipulators. Pope Francis is a Satanist/Luciferian. Don't hurt yourself trying to figure out Sorcery and Dark Magic just know it is real and TPTB use it against you.

    They have the knowledge but no power. We, believe it or not, have ALL the power but are in the dark in many areas, and are distracted by the Luciferians. Time to pull up your spiritual huggies and find out what's going on.

    Something to ponder. I would like to know why the Prime Creator or any god/creator/manipulator/slavemaster
    would have 83 percent of our DNA non-functioning? And the scion-tists called it junk DNA?

    That's some sloppy ass creating or evolution. Prime Creator? or somebody that just had their hand in the DNA cookie jar without permission?

    Vladimir Lenin said Healthcare/Deathcare is the Arch support for social-ISM. Let's start with the Medical view A.A.

    In soldiers stance I aimed my hand
    At the mongrel dogs who teach
    Fearing not that I'd become my enemy
    In the instant that I preach
    My existence led by confusion boats
    Mutiny from stern to bow

    Ah but I was so much older then
    I'm younger than that now

  22. Mormons and Catholics got all the dough for sure. Yea, L. Ron Hubbard was a total Naval Intel plant. I could not stand N.A. meetings. The hacker group Anonymous has hammered Scientology in the past.

    So Hubbard knew Aleistar Crowely and got involved with Jack Parsons who started JPL in Pasedena. Did a magical working to bring in the Scarlett women. Crowely actually told them they were fools. So Hubbard and Parsons are thought to have opened a portal that should have been left alone.

    Others wacko cults were Synanon, Esalen, and The Process Church where Charles Manson came from.

  23. Consider the above comment a brief interlude in you're stroll down reality lane. (my reality anyways)

    All right A.A. hard liners, (and faith basers), get your James Comey "rope a nope" denial mask on, because your Alcoholics Anonymous Force Field B.S. Defense is about to be vaporized.

    I will get to the Big Book appendix part of the Rockefeller's total mind f**k endeavors later.

    I am amazed at what I stumbled across this morning. This is too easy. This is in your face point blank evidence that anybody with any interest in their own welfare will have to acknowledge.

    There is no let up to the let down ;). I have a slogan it's call "Worst Things First".

    With God all things are possible, just not this, right?

    "This Is How The Anunnaki Took Control Of Humanity-in5d.com"

    "The current administrators of the empire government on the planet have lineage back to the Orion hybrid reptilians, while the money was given to Ra's (Marduk's) children, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds."

    "As you can see the names of Rockefeller (RA-KA Pharohs) and Rothschilds (RA-KAM=RA-Shield=Rothschild)ARE PART OF THIS WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS." Can I get an AMEN? How about an AMEN RA? Okay how about just some RAMEN?

    The Rockefellers AMA and APA are havens for psychopaths and twisted scientists. These are the NAZI torturers. Just Key in "Rockefeller's Psychiatry", Actionlyme.org. THE ROCKEFELLERS FINANCED AND TRAINED THE NAZI"S.

    The Rockefellers Alcoholics Anonymous keeps 12 steppers on a short leash with a choke chain to boot. Nobody is more enslaved than those who think they are free.

    At fourthdiimensionalrecovery.wordpress.com---"How the Rockefellers Blocked The Gold Cure For Addiction." Which is the epitome of irony in the endless sea of misery.

    The malevolent Anunnaki RA-KA Pharohs need USE MONOTOMIC GOLD themselves. This is known about the Anunnaki. But the Gold Nazi's said, No gold for you!!!.

    Cont. in next comment section. I downsized the text by accident. Other than typing some words I am blogspot challenged. I'll see if reopening helps.

  24. Okay minor glitch. Touch one wrong button and everything disappears into the vacuum of cyberspace.

    "There was/is a {CURE}(silence your brainwashed mind) addiction prior to the great Depression and Prohibition years.

    "It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol."

    "The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is a 76 year old (now 81)paradigm of thought that has STUNNED THE WORLD INTO SUBMISSION."

    "This compound may be known as Shussler's missing cell salt."

    Speaking of the Rockefellers plan:

    "The deception may have been secretive that nobody knew, not even Silkworth, or even Charles Towns at the hospital could understand."

    "Towns and Silkworth must both account for twenty years the world new about a curative approach that had been widely observed."

    It's on record at Silkworth.net that Silkworth used colloidial gold. 3 times that I know of, in extreme cases no less.

    "It is possible that Silkworth and Towns were pawns as key role players in suppressing vital medical information for the organization Alcoholics Anonymous by design in order to defend against competition."

    "The Rockefellers understand and implement psychological mind control so well the system of deception had become easily executed on all fronts."

    "John D. Rockefeller MANAGED Alcoholics Anonymous so that it would not fail and this is noted today because the organization is not considered a failure when in fact few people truly recover relying on a one sided system."

    BB pg 569, Dr. G. Kirby Collier, psychiatrist(see actionlyme.org): "I felt that A.A. is A GROUP UNTO THEMSELVES (managed by JD RaKa Pharaoh), and their best results can be had under their own guidance, as result of their philosophy."

    What a F**king joke!!! You get Karl and Groucho Marx all in one shot.

    "Any therapeutic or philosophic procedure which can prove a recovery rate of 50% to 60% must merit our consideration."
    What is being said here?

    We the Rockefellers will take that 60% recovery rate and improve on it? If it's really at 60% who needs any involvement with TPTB.

    Or if it's less then 50% we won't bother with it?

    So the Alcoholic Anonymous we know that has "merited they're consideration" stays at somewhere between 5% and generously 10%. Thank You John D. Rockefeller and fellow minions for giving Alcoholic Anonymous consideration. How considerate.

    To be continued.

  25. A brief intermission brought you by Psychological Nudity Inc. Registered Trademark. You must be mature enough to read to continue reading this comment.

    The etymology of the term Anunnaki actually has it's origins in the incestuous Matriarchal progenitor of the reptilians. Anunnaki is a corruption of the name Aunty-nookie. So, there you have it folks. Make sure you do your language history.

  26. A disclaimer to whom it may concern. Bill Wilson calls A.A. a spiritual kindergarten, and that has been my experience.

    It appears appears that Bill Wilson, Silkworth, and even Charles Towns, had the wool pulled over their eyes. Best laid plans.....yada yada yada.

    And Clarence Snyder has remarked about "those damn Catholics". Something happened with Dr. Bob as I recall but can't remember what it was. Catholics were threatened with excommunication for going to A.A.

    So Alcoholics Anonymous was always going to be tailored to be "Vatican acceptable". Like I said before what the Catholic Church and the Jesuits could not stand was the idea of "open confession".

    Because people might actually start communicating with each other and expand outside the of the A.A. box.

    Confession is part of the Jesuit spy network, this one way they control people. Keeping people mired in bullshit.

    In the beginning A.A. was mostly speaker meetings, then came the discussion, shoot the bull, meetings where you sit for 59 minutes to get one minute of experience strength and hope.

    They didn't have to do that, they could have just had the speaker meetings in Latin.

    DMT "the God molecule" was synthesized in 1931. I have done it before, and it is not much different than what Bill Wilson describes as his "white light experience".

    Good thing he didn't see the Virgin Mary, huh?

    Nobody else in A.A. has ever had this "unique" experience working the steps or otherwise right?

    I also have had pineal gland activation when I was about 20 years old, no drugs or alcohol involved. I have also done experimental amounts of psychedelics.

    Bill Wilson's physical condition at the time of his "white light experience" was nervous exhaustion, endocrine disruption, and without a doubt an acidic PH. These are not conducive to lighting up your pineal gland.

    Plus Wilson was being given belladonna, "withes brew", and maybe that's all it was. I am repeating things from previous posts but they need repeating.

    I know just about everything in A.A, is fabricated, contrived, or co-opted by the Jesuits.

    I cannot reconcile the crap I have discovered about A.A. and somehow glean an effective personal strategy for sobriety utilizing the A.A. program.

    The principles are solid, the application of the principles in A.A. are anemic. I am going after A.A. as an institution, don't take it personally.

  27. For a music soundtrack to the following and subsequent comments I suggest "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads and "God of Hell" Fire by Arthur Brown.

    Continuing with the My Back Pages Big Book Study. Just follow the stench.

    A quote from a book titled "John D. Rockefeller: Oil In The Family." (ha ha, notice the incest theme?)

    This is about William James "The Father of American Psychology" whose information was attributed to defining the "Spiritual Experience" on pg. 567 of "The Big Book". Again see, "Rockefeller's Psychiatry" ActionLyme.org.

    Bill Wilson's "white light experience" is explained away in BB pg. 567 in the second paragraph. "The Spiritual Experience" on pg. 567 is a bullshit-o-rama.

    I have no doubt Wilson's "sudden spiritual experience was drug induced and/or was faked in the first place.

    Psychiatry is made up profession, with made up diseases & diagnoses, and made up drugs (phramakiea and sorcery), for a made up reality.

    Psychiatry and the DSM 1 thru whatever comprise nothing more than a mind manipulating Illuminati front organization.

    In the book:

    "William James played golf with John D. Rockefeller now and then. The philosopher of pragmatism admired the psalm-singing old pirate of Standard Oil. James was bemused that Rockefeller could be "so complex, so subtle, oily ,fierce, and a strongly good human being." John D. was "a most lovable person" and yet as James wrote to his brother Henry in 1905, seemed seemed "a man 10 stories deep, and quite unfathomable....."

    James sounds like a star struck yes man for John D. Rockefeller (who managed A.A.) and then some. And Herbert Spencer was part of the eugenics crowd who made the "survival of the fittest quote" not the "contempt prior to investigation" quote.

    And James and Spencer both were used to describe and define the A.A. "spiritual experience".

    William Paley is the one wrote about "contempt prior to investigation". What is the reason for lying about this in Book that calls for "rigourous honesty"?

    Does any critically thinking person buy this?

  28. If you can't call a pile of shit a pile of shit you may be BRAINWASHED!!!!

    You have to be wearing rose colored glasses made from the bottom of a couple Coke of bottles to be okay with the above statements. Oh, it's just a little white lie. It's okay because the "ends justify he means". Right? That's what the Jesuits say.

    William James and the "spiritual experience" is a pile of shit. An elephant size pile of shit.

    The expansion of ignorance in Alcoholics Anonymous cannot be calculated using current math formulas because the variables in stupidity seem to have their origins from a parallel universe possessing their own individual perplexities thereby thwarting any logical application of currently known algorithms.

    Adding to the dilemma is extraneous fabricated nincompoopery from those who still cannot spiritually wipe their ass in A.A. nor anywhere else, yet have no problem encouraging "brain function neutrality" combined with "cornucopia motor-mouthery".

    The inadequate math formula thus far is {Co-sign of the Bullshit squared x Pi}. Co-sign of the Bullshit represents superstitious quantum entanglement.

    Pi, an irrational number, is representative of going around in circles forever. Alternately one can fly off on a tangent encountering a spiraling black hole of erroneous data.

    So definitely in the ball park with that formula.

    Gee, it's hard to keep my JeDi Light Saber charged up with such a target rich "Conspiracy Fact" environment.

    In a conversation just last night was asked why are you angry about A.A.? It's your choice to come or go. Oh, really? I have been to an embarrassing amount of detoxes and treatment programs.

    About 120 in all, and every fucking one directed me to A.A. I have seen a large portion of everything there is to see in the Alcoholism/Addiction Fake Ass World of Recovery.

    I Personally met Jack Trimpey of Rational Recovery and caught on to the method. But still had a head full of A.A.
    I sabotaged myself which seems to be a pattern stemming from my first and most perplexing exposure to A.A. by the V.A.

    R.R. says understand Addictive Voice Recognition as( here we go folks)your reptilian R-complex Beast Brain that is tied into your survival mechanism. Ever feel like you were going to die if you didn't get a drink? Like you couldn't breathe, that your R-complex.

    In a lot of cases people who just get sober in A.A. go from a clueless drunk to a clueless undrunk doing their phony humble/brag about "coming to believe".

    Non-medical detoxes do nervous system damage called "Kindling" which keeps the merry-go round going. Who knows about that, anybody in the A.A. tard-a-thon? Hell no.

    I found even the most "sincere" A.A.er" when out of intel ammo will proceed to talk out of their ass making desperate and unqualified statements.

    What if it's Zero progress after 10 or 15 years in A.A.? You got spiritual Alzheimers.

    It's doesn't take many non-med detoxes to get the ball rolling to start an endless cycle. I have had about 80 over an 18 year period. My whole life is rapped up in the SSSystem and in the A.A. spiritual dung heap.

    A.A. is a prime example of the SSSystem creating the problem that it purports "to be working toward a solution" on.

  29. When I an ready I am going launch an ICBM with multiple warheads in the form of the words of Carl Jung himself.

    A.A. pays token lip service to Carl Jung. That that is going to get sliced, diced and exposed.

    Because "There is a principle against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance---that principle is contempt prior to investigation".

    The phony sales pitch on pg. 567 of the Big Book is just that. A phony sales pitch.

  30. wow, I must sound like a broken record from my past post comments. However there is unaddressed uncovered information that requires a reweaving of the tapestry.

  31. Here is something that might be new. Did I ever mention "How the Catholic Church Created Islam"?

    The Vatican Crypto-Jews created Christianity and Islam. This is the ultimate dog and pony show on planet Earth.

    So there are 3 fake religions foaming at the mouth over the fake ass burial spot of Abraham that is housed under the Dome of the Rock. Abraham is the supposed patriarch of all three religions.

    The so called Islamic Jihad is a fabrication of the Vatican. Christianity was INVENTED at the Council of Nicea. These are the basic facts.

    This entails the legendary peace agreement that goes sour as per the predictive programming that has been shoved up our rear ends.

    Hmmm, I wonder what Carl Jung would have to say about that?

  32. Returning to the Legacy of Lies in the "My Back Pages Big Book Study" Here's some mind control speak coming from Dr. Harry M. Tiebout.

    BB pg. 569 "I now conceive the {psychiatrist's job} to be the task of ???{BREAKING DOWN THE PATIENTS INNER RESISTANCE}??? so that which is inside him will flower, as under the activity of the A.A. program."

    This is nothing more than Nazi-lite. Tiebout wrote a lot about "breaking down patients" and "surrender".

    Definition of surrender---cease resistance to an ENEMY or OPPONENT and SUBMIT to their AUTHORITY. Seems pretty clear to me.

    That is exactly what happens in A.A. and religion. The idea that you surrender and submit to an Authority and know God means that AUTHORITY IS YOUR GOD.

    Prime Creator doesn't authorize anything. You see the difference? Under UNIVERSAL LAW it's a free will Universe.

    But possibly Tiebout is a messenger from God. An angel of mercy even. And God's will is to BREAK DOWN PATIENTS INNER RESISTANCE. Tiebout is such a great psychiatrist that he knows the mind of God? It's for the patients own good right?

    Tiebout is just helping people see the need for a spiritual strait-jacket, so they can better fit into the artificial matrix. Prime Creator's will? What do you think?

    The spiritually blind will go to any length to worship Satan to stay "sober" or attain some phony salvation. WAKE UP.

    If your "spiritual experience" comes from Dogma, it's just a pseudo spiritual experience.

    The negative metaphysical fallout that 3D bobble heads create is tremendous. If the electro-magnetic light spectrum was 3 feet long. Humans see about one inch of that in visible light. It's like looking through a keyhole.

    The pebble tossed in the pond has more impact than people can imagine.

    You see why you have to quit playing God? That's the job of the fabricators of the A.A. Hypocrites Anonymous Psychiatric Department.

    Oh yea, Myself, Tiebout, Carl Jung, and Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits are going to have a little go around over the Anti-Christ system.


    Psychiatry is an Illuminati front organization "with a singleness of purpose". To suppress true Spiritual knowledge.

    If I can't get angry because I might drink and self-knowledge won't keep me sober WHAT IS LEFT of truth seeking and self-discovery?

    World Class Thumb Twiddling?

    I will get into the fabricated Carl Jung Rowland Hazzard phony "GENESIS" of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is the lynchpin of A.A.

    Knowledge vs. Dogma. Jung vs. the Jesuits. True Spiritual Awakening vs. Conversion.

  33. The Alcoholic Anonymous Foundation has termites in it's own JESUIT EDITED literature.

    If lies are told about the Spiritual Experience of all things, using Institutional Genocide expert Herbert Spencer and Rockefeller sycophant William James to explain to you what your supposed to be "spiritually experiencing", and Spencer and James in essence worked for Satan, what are you left with? A really sinister agenda.

    All religions have foundations of sand. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are Koran Synonymous.

    Jews/Christians/Muslims, united by the ecumenical movement and by the patriarch Abraham, are controlled by the Vatican/Talmud/Satan.

    What else do you think is being lied about in A.A.? Besides the fact that 12 Exercises/Steps of Loyola are of Muslim origin. It's indisputable. Muslims agree. Carl Jung says so.

    "Faith Basers" are selling their birthright for a mess of pottage. See Jacob and Esau.

    If pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress, and resentments are avoided like the plague, like Institutional resentments, and you can brush anything aside with the Serenity/Complacency Prayer, again, what are you left with?

    The Serenity Prayer? Give me a break. It's a little over used. "Oh please God, give me the strength to ignore my conscience."

    I John 2:22: "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is anti-Christ, that denieth the Father and the Son."

    This is ESOTERIC (hidden meaning) information and is referring to the Christ Within, the Pineal Gland, True God Consciousness.

    Not some phony VICARIUS ATONEMENT historical Christ. Which is impossible, even for God. The universe does not work that way children. The Bible taken at face value is a physical and spiritual death trap.

    Matt 6:22 "The light of the body is the eye: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

    Talking about the pineal gland here, which has rods and cones like your external two eyes.

    Matt6:23 "But if thine eye be evil thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness how great is that darkness!"

    In my KJV Bible, in the margin, SINGLE and EVIL are translated as HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY, which really means ACTVATED and UNACTIVATED. Pineal gland activation is vital to experiencing God (Prime Creator) consciousness.

    Pineal Gland deactivated = 666 Mark of the Beast. This is the darkness being referred to. The question is "How great is that darkness?"

    Everything else is pretty much Dogma and Agenda based misinformation regarding the Catholic Church's and all "faith based definitions of "God Consciousness." Ignore pineal gland activation at your own peril.

    2 Corinthians 11:14, And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    Will people be fooled? Most already are. Why? Because of an UNACTIVATED PINEAL GLAND!!!

  34. Don't worry you don't have "join the debating society" because there is nothing to debate.

    A.A.ers (and all faith basers) who bring a knife to a gunfight has proven to be an inadequate strategy leading to a desperate plethora of ROBITOID A.A. speak indicating one has not been restored to sanity.

    This is what happens when questions become awkward due to the vacuum of space inside a "trudgers" head. As above so below :)

    The largest depiction of the pineal gland in the world at The Vatican Court of the Pine Cone says "you want to experience REAL CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS? "Not on our watch, F**K YOU."

    "Once in a Lifetime"

    And you may ask yourself

    What is that beautiful house?

    ((((You mean the A.A. last house on the block? It has termites in the foundation. Fumigation will not suffice because nothing can out fumigate the horrid stench of Alcoholics Anonymous. So it looks A.A. Casa Flambeau has been scheduled in a timely manner as per Prime Creators instructions.)))

    And you may ask yourself

    Where does that highway go?

    Oh you mean the A.A. Broad Highway? aka "The Road To Happy Destiny?" It goes to the Anunnuaki reincarnation recycling center. This is a PROMISE. And "May Satan Curse you and keep until then." (The trademark term "Satan's Curse" is copy-RITED and is for entertainment/educational/brainwashing purposes only).

    And you may ask yourself

    Am I right?...Am I wrong? What do you think?

    And you may ask yourself (or not)

    MY GOD!...WHAT HAVE I DONE?.....Talking Heads.

    I can hear the rolodex of your mind flipping through names to call me. I have one.


  35. Hey Mcgowdog.....went through some alcohol induced changes.....yea kids, keep the plug in the jug. I am invoking the Garbage In Garbage Out application of A.A. nonsense. (de-Programming is difficult) Sound like I am blaming others? A.A. coercion is palpable and ubiquitous.

    Ever get the feeling that A.A. is a religion of ignorance.

    The words of a soon to be "excommunicated" (by me) A.A. frenemy; "I pray(prey?)to a god I don't understand" This person said that in an A.A. meeting. WTF?

    So the Prime Creator of my overstanding gets homogenized into corporate hand holding Enlil (fabricator of all religions) worship.

    Supreme court ruled on June 11, 1996 that Alcoholics Anonymous has all the components of a religion and therefore a RELIGION.

    A religion that ambiguously condones unacceptable behavior such as destroying the corpus callosum, the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain, with radioactive cigarettes thereby preventing a balanced thought process that would lead to an epiphany of enlightened state of mind.

    Ya know, like the larcenous Bill Wilson who died from emphysema because he smoked like a chimney and demanded whiskey on his death bed? White light experience? Yea right.

  36. Hey Mike! Long time no see. Hope all is well. Still AA free and still sober. Sober or not, keep being you.