Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mike from Blame Denial deleted most of my posts!

Is A.A. a Cult?

Surprise surprise!

I must have said something... about his stupid and lame video. Sorry Mike, but it sucked weasle shit. Come on! Give us something at least vaguely entertaining.

Here's what I said that he kept;

Wow, BlameTheNile! That video was just like an A.A. meeting. I'm SirMcGowington from the planet McGowdog. Or no. I'm The McGowdog from the planet Sirmcgowington.Don't know for sure. I'm confused. After wearing a light blue shirt for so long and listening to music that goes boop pee doop over and over again gets me disoriented. It makes me want to go home to my wife, kick her out, sell the kids, the house, the vehicles, give it all to A.A. and just snuff it.But hey! At least I'm sober! Have a blessed day!Thank you so much for what you do! A.A. is in real trouble now!

That guy who said he just woke up and decided not to ever ever drink again and that he choses to drink and chose to not drink to better his own life? That guy! We can all just do what he did! I'm sure he speaks for all of us! We are just weak! He is all powerful! He has an answer! That's what all us alcoholics and addicts really need, right? We need an answer! Not an "admission".

Here's part of what he said somewhere;

""mikeblamedenial, on November 12th, 2009 at 12:59 am Said:

Nonsense, anyone can be an AA member. Pedophiles, rapists, and other unsavory sorts are ordered into AA all the time by judges and parole authorities. The only distinction between “genuine” AA members and those I just mentioned exists only in your imagination. A member is anyone and everyone who parks their rear end in a meeting and says “I’m an alcoholic”, regardless of drinking, or criminal history. References aren’t checked, and the organization has no regulatory arm. Allahu akbar.""

Then my response that he tossed:

Mike, that's bullshit...Penn and Teller bullshit. I have family who work in parole, probation, law enforcement, etc. and they don't just stick pedophiles, rapists, and other unsavory types into A.A.

In fact, it's complete bullshit that the courts send anybody to A.A. They give their "client" the choice to giving sobriety a choice. They have this theory that a lot of crime is done under the influence of booze and drugs.

So guess what? When you commit certain crimes, you tear up your right-to-drink and right-to-drug ticket. Then the judge says, "So Clyde, Bubba or A.A."? They sometimes say, "Oh God! No! Send me to Bubba! Don't send me to the cult that is A.A.!"

Your video is dorky and so is your channel. At least do like Danny Boy and send us some Good Fellas.

You dorks on here should go out and drink some booze. You would pass out on the bourbon fumes that I drank. You folks don't even know what drunk is. You all are like the baby robins of alcoholism; all mouth and no brains! Bauck!


  1. Of the simple brains of the Arkansas trailer parks comes the thought process that says we should blame the entire group for the actions of a few.
    All Muslims are bad and want to kill us.

    All blacks rape white women and steal everything they can.

    All Catholic Priests molest young Altar Boys.

    All Mexicans are lazy.

    Bikers never shower.

    All Cops are crooked.

    All Convicts buttfuck each other in the shower.

    All Viet Nam vets have killed little asian kids.

    The list goes on and those with less than average IQs believe it to be true.
    I'll continue to hang out with the brainwashed cultists if it's all the same to them.

  2. Well I think some bikers could use a few more showers.

    Some white women don't need to be raped. Some sort of do "it" willingly.

    I know some Mexicans who can "get the job done!"

    Ummm... I'm recovered Catholic... so ... I don't know what to say about the Priest. I never met Father Nelson, thank God. Who's Father Nelson, you ask? Well, you know half-Nelson, right? Then you must know full-Nelson. That's illegal in the sport of wrestling. Now Father Nelson... that's just down right sick.

    As far as all of those comments, Thank God for our 12 Traditions, huh? Outside issues big time.

    I'm a couple of amends into step 9. What step are you on?