Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's 6:01, now what?

Nothing is happening.

No rapture.

No floaties, no crashed airplanes cars or trains.

Look here you 83 year old foo... go home now and shut the f up. If you're gonna whip out your bible and start thumping us with it, read the part that says you are nothing special. You don't know that which nobody else can know. You are a fraud and you got your day in the sun... some attention, now stfd and stfu. The day I hear the likes of Charles Stanley spouting these warnings is the day I'll start to sweat.


  1. Dear Patrick, I set my computer to send this message in the event of the rapture and my being one of the chosen few. If you receive it, then you'll know that the prediction was indeed true and that because you led a life of evil debauchery you're fucked. Enjoy the quakes and lava flows. Joe

  2. Well put in a good word for me, a-hole.

  3. I'm kinda bummed. Since I'd be one the screwed ones, I figured if it happened I could have my neighbor's nice BBQ grill that I've been coveting. I know they would be going.

  4. Fuck! They had the wrong Joe. I got sent back. Glad I didn't mention the keys to the DeVille were in the ignition, Patrick.

  5. OK, since we made through this momentous occasion, can I now get a litle play from you fuckers or am I still in the dog house.
    Just say'in in my most subtle way.

  6. I'm curious about the other responses too.

    You seem to be involved in a mess of accusations and many battles and are accused of perhaps more than you deserve.

    In any case, can the few folks who contribute to this site let bygones be bygones and continue to move forward in our new direction... and stay off of the path of fighting the anti/XAers but rather find the path to demonstrating what's positive in our respective recoveries and maybe even attracting a suffering drunk to our path?

    As I said before, I'm game if this is what you want as well.

  7. I have no problems with anyone who contributes to this site. But, if someone acts like an asshole that's how I'll view them. If they act like adults, they're viewed accordingly. What happens on other sites doesn't concern me.

  8. First off, I really like you guys. You happen to be the most sensible non dramatic men I have met in a long time. I know "I" was causing my own problems here. I brought a chip on my shoulder and projected it all over the place.
    So what does a alky do with 24 years of sobriety, I prayed first, called my sponsor next took his suggestions and made amends where needed and left the rest to god.
    Here on Patricks site my amends will be walking the walk (so to speak).
    Now for all that other garbage that ST wanted to get involved with to hurt me, well I took the air out of that by making huge inroads with the 5 people causing it. We had a meeting so to speak hashed out the problems, made amends where needed shook hands and went about our business. It is over, does google say it is over no but it will shortly.
    Most of the people who were dogging me have joined my site/group on facebook and they are giving back now helping others.
    My group is called Elan "The After Years".
    Check it out if it pleases you. https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_168122273247965&ap=1
    Guys thanks for not totally abandoning me, Patrick you are a testament to your recovery.

  9. Actually my site kind of reflects the same attitude or better said direction Patrick is taking here.
    I'll tell most sites, blogs and pages just want arguing. What ever the subject is the more fighting the better. They live for it. I was a part of it. Took me some time to disengage.
    Shit is addictive.

  10. I am willing to let it rest Danny. I think I owe you an amend for stirring up the shit. One of my faults is that I like to stir the pot. Sometimes it's a good thing because it gets people to think and other times it is just to get a rise out of someone. I think in this case it was the latter.

  11. Like the rest of the guys here, I'm cool with you. Honestly, I'm glad I am not walking in your shoes, there are a lot of pissed off people who don't care for you. Are their accusations true? Maybe-maybe not, either way it is not my problem or my business.

    As far as this site goes, I will develop my own judgment regarding your character based on your actions and your words, nobody else. So far, you seem legitimate and are trying your best to live by spiritual principals. Same as the rest of us, we fail, and fall short (often) but we keep trudging.

    I don't believe the majority of shit I see, hear or read anyways.

  12. That's what I had hoped for... if there was anything out there that was a problem for you, here was the opportunity for you to clean your side of the street.

    That attempt isn't always well received, but no matter. If it is well received, then that's icing on the cake.

    Good to see you move forward from there and join the road... allbeit sparse.

  13. Rob,
    Thanks for your insight. Trust don't buy into all the fluff people write. Go look on my sight most of them are there. Why???
    Shit I don't really know, maybe it was because I decided to listen or maybe they feel validated by being there. I do know this Wayne Kernochan who wrote the book that started all of this is going to have my full undivided attention from here on out. We are the admins of this site and are going to learn to work together by giving back.
    One thing we both realized is the innocent people, sites and blogs that got hurt because of our actions.
    Elan does make for a tragic story.

    If AA has taught me anything in these last two decades is to realize that whatever you do impacts someone or something. "How" is my business.


  14. Once again thanks guys!!!!

  15. The main reason I don't post much ; lately is I'm busy. My plate is full.

  16. Hi guys, I'm Wayne Kernochan and I just want to say that working with Danny on "Elan The After Years" is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

    Its the only Elan discussion site I've seen where the fighting and flame warring hasn't been a problem. That's a miracle. Sometimes miracles are forged. I'm not going to bother you guys except to say this. Peace